Saraswatichandra 22nd February 2014 Written Episode Update


Saraswatichandra 22nd February 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 22nd February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Saras hugging Kabir and thanking him. Kabir asks are you fine. Saras says yes. Saras says do one thing, why don’t you come our home for lunch. Kumud says yes its a good idea, my husband says I make Rajma Chawal very well, you have it and tell me does he lie to me. Kabir says I will come some day else. Saras says why not today. Kabir says fine, I will come. Saras says I will tell Danny, lets meet. Saras says we will go now to the hospital. Vidyachatur hugs Kabir and blesses him. Saras talks to Laxminandan about Kabir. He says I felt he is someone we know, he says he gave me lift on my engagement day, if he had not give me lift, I would have not reached home, you will be very happy meeting him. Saras says get well soon, there is so much to talk to you.

Kalika does the puja of TV and wishes she wins this bet.

Kalika sees the cricket match and does not understand the english commentary. She thinks she is winning. Danny is also watching cricket at home and thinks about Kusum. Kumud asks Guniyal when will dad come. Guniyal says don’t know, he said he will go to Karkhana. Kusum thinks about Danny and smiles. Everyone see her and smile. Kumud goes to her and says Kusum. She laughs on her and asks where are you. Ghuman asks Danny where is the milk, I have to make coffee. Danny says it might be over, I will bring it. She says call and order on phone. He says this is a village, who will deliver. He leaves. Guniyal says even Danny might be thinking about her. Kusum says I m not thinking about Danny. Guniyal says when did I take Danny’s name.

Kumud decides what to make in dinner. Danny comes to meet Kusum. She is happy to see him and runs to him. She holds his hand and hugs him. Kumud looks on. Kusum says I missed you a lot. Danny says even I missed you so much, I was thinking about you watching cricket. She says I was also sad without you. Kumud asks whats going on and smiles. She says I m very happy seeing you both in love. Kumud says Saras called Kabir for dinner tonight. She says sorry but you have to take me now. Danny says I have to take milk too. Kumud says we will take it from here, I will bring. Kalika is still watching the match. She comes to know India lost and is shocked. She says it means I lost, how can this happen..
Kalika says from where will I bring so much money. Ghuman gets hurt while applying kajal to her eyes. Kabir sees her and walks in her room. He comes to her and says I will see. She asks how did you come in my room, get out. He blows in her eyes. He says I know you don’t need any help from anyone, but you are crazy. She says crazy? He says yes, you are. Ghuman looks at him. She asks what are you doing. He says helping. She asks what are you doing here. He says Saras invited me for dinner. She says no one told me. She stops him and gives him his Rs 20 which he paid for coconut water. He says this is Dirham, I will keep this safe. Danny comes there and sees Kabir.

Kabir says I was looking out for washroom. Danny says no problem, I will show you. Danny says come mum, dinner is ready. Ghuman says no one told me about this dinner. Danny says it was sudden. Ghuman says your dad is in coma and you invited the one who did the accident. Danny says he has helped us by taking dad to the hospital and the goons attacked Kabir again, Saras saved him. Kabir is still feeling guilty, we are not celebrating, we are thanking him. Ghuman asks why is he doing this for us. Danny says as he is a good human being. Saras talks to Vidyachatur on phone and says I will reach the hospital after dinner.

Saras tells Kumud that Kaka wants to stay with dad today. Kabir says its good, you can rest toda. Ghuman comes there. Danny says mom sit. Ghuman says I can’t eat this oily food. Kumud says I knew it, I made soup and salad for you. Danny asks Ghuman to sit as Kumud made the soup with love and Gujarati spices. Kumud serves curd to Kabir. Kabir says I don’t eat curd. Kumud says even Saras does not like it. She says you take whatever you like.

Danny gets a msg from Kusum. She asks him to have food. He replies that I m not feeling to eat. She insists and says if you don’t eat, I will also not have food. Danny writes I m having my first bite, I love you. Danny asks for pickles. Saras asks Kabir about his business. Kabir says I deal with quality check of export trade. Danny asks which products. Kabir says everything, paintings etc. Kabir says people tell me that I m expert in clothes and paintings. Kumud asks for what you came to Ratnagiri. Kabir says a old deal was pending. Ghuman looks on.

Kabir is talking to Laxminandan saying I m paying for the sins you did. I won’t let you die without making you regret. Kumud asks paying for whose sins? Kabir is stunned seeing her.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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