Saraswatichandra 21st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Saraswatichandra 21st October 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 21st October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Vidyachatur telling everyone that everyone burnt, we don’t have time, we have to make the order complete tomorrow morning. Kumud says you used to say that we are your strength, we will work all night and will fulfill the order. Vidyachatur asks what about the machines. Saras says we will work without the machines. Kumud says yes. Badimaa says even I can do it. Vidyachatur says this can be done and praises his children. Everyone smiles. He asks everyone to start working. Saras tells Kumud you have done it. Kumud says not today, tell this tomorrow. Saras says you can do it if you decide. She says I broke my marriage and came here, and today our factory burned, my dad will break up if anything bad happens now. Saras says if such thing happens, I m sure you

will be his strength. Kumud says yes, and you mine.

Pramad talks to Kalika and asks her to find out whats going on in Desai house. Kalika says be calm, do you trust Kumud more than me. Pramad says find out soon. Pramad’s mum talks to Pramad and asks him to give divorce to Kumud as she wants to step out of this marriage. Pramad says no, Its my habit to hurt her, even if she begs, I won’t leave her till she dies. Everyone are working in the Desai house.

Saras comes to Kusum and takes flowers. She gets hurt by rose and he takes care. Kusum smiles. Saras bumps into Kumud and they have an eyelock. Kumud sees a petal in her hair and Saras smiles. Kumud takes it off. They colour the clothes. Kalika comes there in amma’s attire. She sees that the work is being done pretty fast. Kumud sees her and asks who are you. Danny says she is amma, our maid, and she came to help us. Kumud says its good, I will take you to my Badimaa, help her. Vidyachatur is relieved that the samples are ready. He says he is proud of Kumud and praises her.

Kumud says don’t be proud of me, you always told me not to bear injustice but I had to bear it without informing you but now I will rectify my mistake as you all are with me. Kusum says we all will fight with you, Pramad can’t do anything now. Kalika comes to a room and sees the samples in a box kept near the mandir. She has something with her and says this color will vanish your face’s color Kumud. Kumud comes there and prays to the Lord that to rectify my mistake, I took my first step today Kanha ji, bless me always. Kalika hides behind the idol. Kumud prays and starts leaving. She halts and then leaves. Kalika spoils the samples by putting color on it. She smiles after her work is done.

Kumud thinks how Pramad tried to burn her and is unable to sleep. Badimaa comes to her and Kumud hugs her. Badimaa says Kumud, its not easy to forget everything, but with time everything will be fine, our fate is similar, sometimes I feel Kumari’s dad will come and take away Kumari. Kumud says how will I come out of all this. Badimaa says you will, with time. She asks her to start a new life after getting divorce from Pramad.

Kumud asks Badimaa why did she not give her life another chance. Badimaa says yes, I did not, I was a mother, I had to think about my daughter, but you have no one with you, you have to give your life a chance, I will think its my victory in yours. She asks Kumud to sleep as she has to go to school tomorrow. The next morning, Kumud calls our everyone. She says see the order box is missing. Vidyachatur says I kept it there. Kumud says I saw it right here at night. Everyone are worried. Kumari asks Danny where is Saras. Danny says why will anyone steal it. Kumud says someone did this who are part of the family. Saras asks about the amma. Danny says we got her two days back. Kumud says did you see her face. Danny says no.

Everyone doubts in her. Kumud says she was Kalika. Vidyachatur says how will we find her. Danny gets the client’s call and he tells everyone that the client is making home to take the consignment. Vidyachatur says now nothing can happen, we will tell them the samples are not ready. Kumud says let Saras come. Badimaa says what will he do. Kumud says he will do something.

Kalika tells Pramad why did you ask me to bring the box after I had put the colors, don’t you trust me. The client comes and Vidyachatur and Danny welcomes him. He says can I see the samples. Everyone are tensed. Pramad tells Kalika that I promised Kumud that I will ruin her, so I can’t trust you, where is the box. Kalika says in the car. Danny tries to make the client busy. The client says I m in hurry so please….. Kumud says fasten up Saras. Danny asks the client to try food. The client insists for the samples. He asks are the samples ready or not. Pramad sees the box, Kalika smiles. Pramad is about to burn it. The client asks tell me the samples are ready or not. Everyone are tensed.

Pramad sees there are papers in the bpx. Kalika is shocked. Saras brings the samples box and says sorry to the client for coming late. Kumud smiles. Danny shows the clients to the client. Saras tells Vidyachatur that he knew Pramad would do something, so I changed the box. Pramad scolds Kalika and is angry. Kumud asks Saras why his phone was off. He says it was not charged. He says sorry. Kumud says its fine, thanks for making everything fine. Saras and Kumud smile seeing each other.

Kusum praises Saras and tells Kumud that Saras saved her house by selling the land he bought for his mum. Kumud is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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