Saraswatichandra 21st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 21st March 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 21st March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Danny thinking he will say everything to Kabir. He drives somewhere and is stooped by the police check. He gets tensed. He takes the car back but is stuck. The inspector knocks on his window. They check his car. They ask his name. Danny says Danny. They get the suitcase with drugs. Danny says its not mine, I was coming to you, I will tell you everything. The inspector says our information was right. Danny says I will tell you. The inspector says we should shoot people like you and arrests him. Danny cries.

Kumud is worried about Danny. Saras comes home. She says Danny….. and gets a call from Danny. Danny says police caught me. Kumud is shocked. He says they stopped me on the way, checked my car and arrested me. She tells Saras that Danny is arrested.

Saras is shocked. Ghuman asks how can it be, he went to factory. Saras talks to Danny and asks are you fine. Danny says I did not do anything. Saras asks what did you do. Danny says I started the project which you asked me not to, they cheated me and put drugs instead of samples. Saras says how can you do such stupid thing. They take Danny’s phone. Saras calls back and says I have to talk to Danny. The inspector says he is in lock up, you can’t talk. Saras says I have to go to police station.

Saras gets angry for not telling him before. He says how can Kabir do such a big mistake. Kabir calls Saras. Saras puts on speaker. Kabir says I m sorry, there is big problem. Saras says I know, why did you not tell me about this project. Kabir says I did not know that Danny did not tell you. Kabir says I have found out from my sources about that man, he have contacts with police also. He says once we lose that man, it will be tough to save Danny. He says we should inform police about him. Saras says we can’t take risk, tell me his location. Saras tells Kumud to go to police station and he will go to get that man. He leaves. Ghuman thinks about Kabir’s words. She stops Kumud and says I will also come with you.

Ghuman calls Kabir and says how dare you do this with Danny, you trapped him in drugs scandal, police took him. Kabir says trust me. Ghuman says I don’t want to know your plan, my son won’t be in jail, go and bring him. Kabir says Danny will come home till evening, but as Saras’s step brother and your son. Ghuman cools down. Saras comes to the cottage and gets the man. The man runs and Saras tries to catch him. The man misleads Saras and calls Kabir. He says I have done your work. Kabir talks to someone and says I will get you out of jail soon. He brings him to police station. Kumud and Ghuman looks on.

Kabir says he is the man who has kept drugs in Danny’s bag. Danny says yes, he has trapped me and took my photo to blackmail me. The man admits that its true and gets arrested. Danny is released. Ghuman hugs him. Danny asks where is Saras. Kabir says I know he should be with you, but its fine, I m like your brother. Ghuman fills Danny’s ears. She says where is your brother today? Danny feels sad. Kumud says Saras went to bring that man. Ghuman says but Kabir brought him, he tried not to come in this case. Ghuman says this is called being a step brother. Danny thinks about Saras’s words. Ghuman says I will do whatever I can to get you free, Saras will not come to get into problem. Danny looks at Kumud and leaves. Ghuman and Kabir go with him.

Ghuman asks Danny not to worry as Kabir saved him. Saras comes home and is happy seeing Danny. Danny stops him. Ghuman smiles. Danny says be away. Saras says what happened to you. Kusum comes and asks what happened. Danny says I got arrested my police as someone kept drugs in my bad, but my elder brother did not come to see me. Kusum says drugs, police station, why did anyone not tell me. Danny is angry on Saras and says why would you help me. He misunderstands Saras. Saras says listen to me, don’t you understand why I said no for it.

Saras explains to Danny. Danny claps and says you are lying good. Danny says you don’t care about me, Kabir saved me. He asks why did you not come to take me, where were you. Saras says how can you think so. Danny says as I was in police station, I was scared being alone. Danny says I felt my elder brother will come and take me, I was wrong. Danny says i always felt secure with you, as I know you will understand and protect me. Saras hugs him. Both the brothers cry. Danny says people called Ram and Laxman, then why did you do this. Saras says listen to me. He asks Kumud to tell Danny. Danny says you are my step brother. Kumud says what are you saying. Danny says enough Bhabhi. Ghuman is happy seeing this. Danny asks Ghuman and Kusum to pack their bags as they are leaving. ‘

Saras tells Danny you don’t need to go, Kumud and I will leave this house.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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