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Saraswatichandra 21st July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Prashant saying he will kill even Kumud, if the need comes. He aims at Kumud. Saras asks him not to be mad, accept their crimes. Mahesh laughs and says he is threatening us being in our clutches. Saras throws something at Prashant and the gun falls. He fights with Mahesh and Prashant. He beats up Prashant. Prashant falls. Saras looks at Kumud and caresses her head. Danny and Kabir are on the way. Danny says where can Saras go. Kabir says don’t know. They get worried. Prashant smiles and gets up. He sees Saras and Kumud. Prashant says do anything Mr Vyas, Kumud ji is only mine, else she won’t be alive. Saras gets angry and closes his palms.

He beats Prashant further. The phone falls. Prashant starts bleeding. Saras says Kumud is only of Saras and will always be,

if you try to go to her, I will kill you here. Kumud says beat him more Saras and cries. Mahesh comes and catches Saras from behind. Saras beats him too. Mahesh and Prashant fall. Saras continues to bring his anger out on Prashant and gives him some good punches. Mahesh sees the gun and aims at Kumud, asking Saras to stop, if he wants to see his Kumud alive. He says if you act smart, then……… Saras says no please and moves back.

Prashant gets up smiling and takes a big metal rod. He says lets see Mr Vyas, how much you love your wife, how much pain can you bear for her. He starts beating Saras with the rod. Kumud says leave him Prashant, don’t beat him. Anushka calls Kabir and asks about Saras and Kumud. Kabir says we are finding them, are you fine, is the guard there, keep door closed. She says fine and ends the call. Danny says Prashant played a big game, Saras can be in problem. Prashant says sorry Kumud ji, Saras is making me helpless, he is coming in our way and he has to go. Kumud says leave him please.

Prashant says I love you and can’t be without you, he has to go. He beats Saras hard. Saras stands bearing the pain. Prashant says I love you a lot Kumud ji. She says leave Saras. Prashant gets angry seeing her cry for Saras and beats Saras more. Saras looks at Kumud and forwards his hand. She too tries to hold it, while her hand is tied to the chair. It’s a touching moment. Prashant beats him and Saras falls. Danny and Kabir look out everywhere. Prashant says I m sorry ji, I told you I can’t see him alive.

He says he is getting punished for loving you, now no one can separate us, you are only mine. Saras gets the phone on the ground and calls Danny. Danny says its Prashant’s call and receives it. Saras talks to make Danny hear it. Saras says the address and says Prashant, your plan won’t work. Danny says he got it and they rush there. Kumud says what you both did, you will be surely punished. Lord will not leave you. Mahesh slaps her. Prashant looks at him angrily.

Saras sees Kumud falling unconscious and holds her face. Prashant scolds Mahesh and says I will kill you, how dare you slap her. Saras is much angry and shakes his lips and cheeks showing his anger volcano. He beats Mahesh and Prashant with the same metal rod. Saras holds Mahesh’s neck and says how dare you touch Kumud and beats him. Prashant and Mahesh fall. Saras suddenly feels much pain in his leg and walks towards Kumud. Prashant and Mahesh get up and smile. Mahesh holds Saras and Prashant uses chloroform on Saras to make him unconscious. Saras closes his eyes. Mahesh asks what to do about them.

Prashant says Kumud will go with us, and I will tell you about him, lift him. They hold Saras’s hands and tale him inside the room. Prashant looks at the wall. Mahesh asks what to do now. Prashant says what we did with Pooja, no one will know he is alive or dead. Danny and Kabir are on the way. Kabir says no sound is coming now, did Prashant run from there, drive faster. Prashant and Mahesh make place for the wall breaking. Prashant says I will just come.

They break the wall. They drag Saras and put him inside the wall. Prashant says sleep well, don’t roam around, I will take good care of Kumud ji, like you used to keep, more than that. Prashant says lets go. They leave Saras there and leave. Dastaan Saraswatichandra Ki……………….plays…………… They shut the wall and paint it again to hide it. Prashant says one wall secret hidden in another wall, now no one can come in between me and Kumud, she is just mine. Kumud is still unconscious. Mahesh says now Kumud is only yours, the way is clear now. Prashant says bye Mr Saraswatichandra Vyas. He says lets keep the items on right place, no one will doubt. They keep the dressing table infront of the wall and lock the house.

Mahesh and Prashant were fleeing with Kumud, but stop seeing Danny and Kabir.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thank u!!!!

  2. Plz don’t kill Saras

  3. Unbelievable Danny driving slowly like going to walk
    When kabir said go fast then he took action….Amazing

  4. ars,hi forever

    This is not fair Sara’s must not die is this love story director pleaaase have some conscious ness plzzzzz don’t do this our hero must not die like this a hero doesn’t die like this a villain cannot win plzzzz don’t do this plzzzzz

  5. Saras won’t die he’ll surely comes to save his kumud…….

  6. Saras will die and karan singh grover will come in kumud life and like adi kumud will start loving karan

  7. Saras will die and karan singh grover will come in kumud life and like adi & ayesha
    kumud will start loving karan

  8. I love lokeshwari soooo much. .
    Plz accept my proposal
    May I sent u my pic????I want to marry with you darling….sweet heart. …mujay tumahra address pata chal gaya hy???

  9. I love lokeshwari soooo sooo much
    Mary me

    1. This is not a matrimonial site idiots….it is a public messenger so be in ur limits……air tum ansar sale tum postman hai kya bay Sab ke addresses patha karne ke liye…..bewkufs,naalayak.agar thuje shaadhi karne ke liye itna interest hai tho gharwalon ko batao…idiots agar dubara ladikiyon ko iss that a ke bathae kiya tho saala tera account trace karke police ko batha dhuunga…..naalayak neech kaminey

  10. This Story become Stupid day by day. I am not going to watch this any more. I don’t see any fun watching this serial. The Story Writer and Directors are so pessimists they don’t see any hope of light in their lives it seems. Big trash Story. I never responded before to any of serials like this…..

  11. Omg i just read that saras is gonna die.. wow… i just started to like this serial …they should just end this series..

  12. so …. Where r the love couples… Went to have s*x… Arman… Feeling sad that u lost the love of ur life… Lokeshwari feeling sad that u have no one to stop u frm leaving the site….
    All riki1 and riki 2 all went away… Darpoks

  13. u know having s*x،is wonderful…. Have s*x… Have s*x… See،porn…. Have phoe s*x car s*x and bed s*x and protected s*x

  14. saras and kumud fan

    Nooooo saras should not die
    kumud is only of saras and she could not love anyone else and saras is only of kumud
    I hate u writters, saras is the main hero and he cannot die
    saras should come back
    I think danny and Kabir will beat Prashant and he will spit out the truth

  15. i want to die….i hate this world…..

  16. guys i donot know u all. but plz be muslims…..allah will punish u for your deeds…..tum log akhrat ko ni jantay becaz tum hindu ho…..i have no right to say this…..but ya tumharay bhagwan jo bolna nai jantay tumari kya madad krn gay…khuda par iman lao aur ya besharmi chor do,,,,,mn tum logon say aur bat krnay ka koi tareeqa nai janti par mn apnay khuda par iman lati hun……abhi waqt hy socho ya but jo bol ni sktay tumhari kya madad krn gay…wo khuda hy….wo akela hay…and sun moon water ko poojnay ka kya faida guys…..

  17. ayesha..
    Whoever u r …. I dont give a damn.. This is a site to discuzz abt serials… Not religion… U re not allowed to promote any religion here… Pls… We r happy believing in our god.. U cant discriminate any religion.. And ur islam is not do grt too

  18. pls.. Shut the f**k up and get lost

  19. Guys
    have some manners
    aeysha im muslim too
    but it doesnt mean that u should be so rude with hindus
    if u give dawat like this
    they will never accept islam nd will go against it
    and u will be responsible
    if u are muslim show good character

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