Saraswatichandra 21st February 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 21st February 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 21st February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Badimaa asking Kalika to cook something good as Kabir has come here for the first time. Kalika is angry and tells Yash’s mum I can’t bear all this, I m not like you. Yash’s mum asks what happened. Kalika says now I have to look after the new guest, did anyone ask you whether to keep him in the house or not, does anyone value you in this house. She leaves. Yash’s mum gets raised by her words. Saras gives tea to Vidyachatur. He says I now this is tough time for us, but its important for this consignment to reach on time, we can;t ignore this, sign on this documents. Vidyachatur signs. Saras says I will check the samples for formality. Kabir hears this. Vidyachatur says come Kabir.

Kabir says I m not getting sleep. Vidyachatur says

maybe because this is a new place. Kabir asks Saras how is your dad. Saras says same, he will be fine soon. Saras says Kaka I will go to hospital, Kumud is alone there. Saras says you take care first. Vidyachatur says I sleep every night thinking Laxminandan will come home. Kabir thinks not so soon, I made him sleep such which is worst than death. Ghuman talks to Danny seeing him do Saras’s work. She asks are you his slave. Danny says you must be happy, that I became responsible. Ghuman says you are ironing someone’s clothes and you think I should be happy. Danny says I m ironing my brother’s clothes. Ghuman says he is no one to us. Danny says its not his mistake.

Ghuman says it means it was ours? Danny says sorry mum. Ghuman says you are not the old Danny now, I m thankful to Lord that you did not marry any village girl here, before you do, I will take you from here. Kumud and Saras come. Ghuman says if you want, clean their slippers too. Danny says mum’s mood if off since morning. Kumud says it will take some time for her. Its morning, Ghuman does jogging and a black cat crosses the way. A woman stops her and says don’t proceed. Ghuman says I m from Dubai. The woman says it can affect your family too. Ghuman stops. Kabir comes to her.

Ghuman says you… He says now the cat also forgot that it has cut the way. Till when will you stand here. Ghuman says till someone else crosses. Kabir crosses the way. She says he is a strange guy. Ghuman drinks coconut water but she does not have change to pay the man. She says keep Rs 500. The man says I can’t keep it. Kabir comes to pay and says allow me. Ghuman says no need. Kabir pays. He ass how is your husband now. She says thanks to you, he is in coma. Few guys look at Ghuman. Ghuman says will you not beat them today. He says no, they were just seeing you, you are amazing. She says my son is of their age. He says they don’t know that, you look half your age. He says see you soon and leaves.

Ghuman comes home. Kumud greets her saying Good morning Maa, I made oats for you in breakfast. Ghuman says you are beautiful, innocent face and smile and a long neck, thats why you trapped Saras twice. Kmumud says what are you saying. Ghuman taunts Kumud. Kumud is hurt and leaves from there. Saras stops Kumud holding her hand. He looks at Ghuma angrily. He says what did you say Kumud. Ghuman smiles. Kumud says nothing Saras. Saras asks Ghuman again. He walks to Ghuman. Kumud comes in between them and says she was praising me. She says its our saas bahu matter. Saras leaves. Ghuman looks on.

Kumud comes to Saras and says Saras…… He says I know you are hiding it from me, but we won’t bear any injustice, so please don’t hide anything. Kumud says I m not hiding, we have to give time to every relation. He says what relation, she is no one to me. She says you know me, I value every relation, I will manage. He says my Kumud should not be hurt. Kumud says if her Saras is with her, her pain is not a pain. Danny comes and says the client have rejected all samples saying there is no match. Saras says impossible, I have checked myself.

He asks Danny to double check. Vidyachatur talks to the manager and panics. He tells Saras that the man does not want to talk. Kumud says how can they cancel the order, they have to reply us. He says they are big businessman and we started now. Saras says it will be a big loss, we won’t be able to pay the workers and without payment they won’t work. Vidyachatur gets worried.

Kabir sees the samples and likes them. He says beautiful. Everyone looks on. He says my business is of import and export, I can help you in selling this consignment. Everyone are happy. Saras asks are you sure. Kabir says yes, will you send the whole order together. Vidyachatur says yes, we will. Vidyachatur says the Lord him to our house. He says if Laxminandan was here, he would also he happy seeing this. Saras thanks Kabir and says its another favor me me. Saras says I know you can’t hurt anyone intentionally.

Kabir sees Ghuman getting ready. She gets hurt and he enters her room and blows in her eyes.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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