Saraswatichandra 20th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 20th March 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 20th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kabir asking Saras to sit in the car and he will drive. They leave to look out for Kumud. Saaras is worried. Kabir says we will get Kumud, I feel happy seeing your care and worry for her. He says I have not loved anyone like this. He says how can she be so special to you, can I know your love story. Saras says its very long. He says dad fixed our marriage and I did not believe in marriage, so I write no to her in letter. She replied me to come and tell no infrront of everyone. We had a video chat in which I could not see her but feel her. When I came here, we saw each other after a long time and fell in love. Then our marriage was fixed, but my fear overtook me, I felt whomever I love will go away from me, like my mum. Kabir applies brakes. Saras asks what happened.

Kabir says nothing, school came. Saras goes to see.

Danny is excited and says Saras will be happy knowing this and Kusum will be so proud of me, I will take everyone out today. He says I have the news to Kabir too. He opens the suitcase and there is no samples but some drugs packets. Danny is shocked and reopens it. Saras tells Kabir that Kumud did not come to school today and tries calling her. Vidyachatur calls Saras and says Kalika told me you came here for Kumud, Ghuman said no one is at home. Saras says yes, she is nowhere, I checked everywhere. He says Kabir is with me, I will find her and let you know. He says Kabir, lets go to market. Saras looks for Kumud.

Saras tells Kabir she is nowhere. Kabir says don’t worry. Saras says lets go to police station. Kumud calls Saras. Saras asks where are you, are you fine. She says yes, I came home just now. Saras gets angry. She says I will tell you everything, come home. Saras tells Kabir don’t worry, Kumud came home. Saras comes home and hugs Kumud. He says how can you go without telling everyone, I was worried and was going to police station now. He gets annoyed. He asks where did you go. She says I went to find something. He asks what. She says Ka… Kabir enters and she stops saying. She says I had to go to school. Saras says but you did not go to school today. Kumud lies.

Saras says why did you not wake me up today. She says I thought I will be back soon but…. Kabir says now I will leave. Saras says thanks and tells Kumud that Kabir helped him a lot. Kumud says I m sorry. Saras says he postponed the meeting as she was missing. She asks about Danny. He says Danny said no, as he had other commitment. She says what. He says I feel Danny is hiding something from me. Kumud says don’t worry, I will talk to him. Saras says I worry about him. He says I will meet the investors and come. He leaves.

Kumud thinks she lied to Saras as she did not get any proof against Kabir. She thinks she has to found out about Kabir and Ghuman’s plan. Danny comes home. Kumud stops him and asks why do you look so worried. Danny says I m tried and need rest. Ghuman asks Danny about his meeting. Danny says we will talk later. He leaves with the suitcase saying I want to be alone, I m sorry I need some rest. Ghuman calls Kabir and asks what happened, Danny is upset. Kabir says you will get the good news. He says don’t ask anything, trust me. He says if you want your son, see him in pain for few days. He says everything is happening as you want. Ghuman thinks she can trust but not blindly, what is he doing with my Danny.

Danny comes in his room and hides the bag. Danny messes up the room finding something. Kumud comes to him and looks at the room. She asks Danny what happened. Danny says nothing. She says then whats all this. She says please tell me. He says nothing happened. She asks why did you not go for factory meeting.
Kumud asks Danny again and again and asks him to share everything with her. She says we are one family and have to face every problem united. Danny says how should I tell you, I m trapped. She says don’t hide anything, take your family’s support. She says tell me everything. Danny tells her that Kabir brought a project for him when Saras rejected his ideas. Danny tells her everything and says there was drugs in the bag. Kumud is shocked. He says I don’t know what to do now, I came here. He tells her that he asked the man what is this joke. The man gave Danny two options, to take some money and do as they say else say no and go to jail. He says we have taken pictures of you with this bag, don’t tell to Kabir. The man threatened Danny and says we want good people for this business so we caught you.

Danny says he kept drugs in our house also. Kumud says nothing will happen, we will tell everything to police, don’t be scared. Danny says I can’t do that you all will be hurt. Kumud says he is scaring you, you should have not brought this bag here. He says I was scared. Kumud says maybe he lied and you brought drugs at home. Danny says what should I do now. Kumud says Kabir …. Kabir says he does not have anything to do with this. Kumud thinks Danny and Saras won’t doubt on Kabir without any proof.

Kumud says inform the police. She says I m sure he will believe you, trust me and Saras. She says Saras won’t let you get into trouble. We have to tell him. Saras says no, let his meeting finish, I will tell him later. Ghuman comes and asks what? She looks at the room and asks whats going on here. Kumud says Danny lost his file so I was helping him. Danny lies and leaves.

Ghuman says how dare you do this with Danny, you trapped him in drug scandal, he won’t be in jail. Kabir says he will come home till evening, but this being Saras’s step brother.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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