Saraswatichandra 20th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Saraswatichandra 20th February 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 20th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Danny coming to Ghuman. He thinks did she go inside the room and check. He asks did you see the house. She says why do you have to stay here for lifetime, let me take a breath, I just came. Danny says good, I will clean the room for you. Ghuman looks around the house and says Kumud is everywhere here. She gets angry. Danny packs Kusum’s clothes and belongings in a bag and is tensed. He kisses Kusum’s photo and keeps it inside the bag. He puts the bag under the bed. Kusum is resting on Guniyal’s lap. Kalika thinks Kusum came again. Badimaa says its good Kumud went home with Saras, but what about Kusum. Vidyachatur says till Nandu tells Ghuman about Danny and Kusum’s marriage, Kusum will be here with us.

Ghuman was going to stay in hotel and

Danny convinced her to stay with him. Kusum is happy and says I m lucky to stay here. Kalika tells Yash’s mum see she came again in her Pihar, don’t know till when she will be here. She says Kumud will also come in few days, when will they go and their parents also don’t have any worry about them. Yash’s mum gets raised and says Vidyachatur till when will your daughters stay here. She says once a girl leaves from a parent’s house, she comes only on festivals. She says don’t spoil your daughters, else they will make the world laugh on us, like Badimaa did. Vidyachatur says don’t taunt Badimaa, I can’t bear it. He says if I send Kusum there, and Ghuman says no, what will we do, will the world not laugh then. Yash’s mum says you are ruining their lives, don’t lie too much. She leaves.

Danny brings Kusum’s saree. Ghuman is already in the room and asks whose bangle is this. Danny is tensed. She asks what about this saree, does anyone stay here with you. Danny says no mum, its Kumud’s. She says what is it doing in your room. He says Saras and Kumud had a short circuit in their room on first night, so they came in my room. Ghuman says great, darkness in the house after Kumud entered. Saras talks to the doctor. The doctor says he is stable and can take upto 5 months or 5 years too to come out of coma, lets hope for the best. Saras gets a call from Danny. Danny tells him everything how Kabir saved his life and also Ghuman from the goons. Saras asks how is she now. Danny says fine, I brought her home. Saras asks about Kusum. Danny says she is at Desai house. Saras says Kabir helped us again, I will call him and thank. Danny says I will msg his mobile.

Saras tells this to Kumud. Kumud says Kabir? Kabir looks at everyone’s models and knocks down Laxminandan. Saras calls him. Kabir smiles. He calls his goons at his home. Saras talks to him. Kabir asks about Laxminandan. Saras says he is stable, I called you to thank you. Kabir says not an issue, I was in same hotel. Saras says I told you when we met first time, that you are stranger but does not look so, you helped us again. Kabir says I also told you that everyone are linked either by love or hatred. The goons come and act as if they are ruining Kabir’s place. Saras hears the sounds and is worried. Kabir says don’t touch my paintings.

Kabir acts like he is beaten up by the goons. Saras asks Kumud to inform Danny and rushes to Kabir’s hotel. Saras comes and saves Kabir by beating the goons. The goons run away. Kabir asks how did you come here. Saras says I heard on phone, were these the same goons? Kabir nods yes. Saras sees everything ruined. Kabir says these are my paintings. He says I told them not to touch my paintings. Saras says I m sorry, you too that risk for my family and this happened. Kbair says its ok. Danny comes with Vidyachatur. Saras does Kabir’s dressing.

Saras says lets pack Kabir’s belongings. Kabir asks why. Saras says you will stay with me. Vidyachatur says I will take him with me, Badimaa will take care of him. If the goons come back and hurt you, we will be hurt. Saras says you helped us a lot, give us a chance. Kabir agrees. Kabir comes to the Desai house. Vidyachatur is happy with Kabir and says you don’t know anyone here, but once you enter, everyone will take care of you. Kabir looks at the house and smiles. Everyone are shocked seeing Kabir come with his baggage. Guniyal says welcome, Kumud told us everything, you are hurt, sit I will bring haldi milk for you. Saras says Kabir this is Desai family, think its yours.

Yash welcomes Kabir and thanks him. Badimaa says you don’t know us, but you are good to bring Laxminandan to the hospital. Badimaa says your parents gave you good values. Kusum says I have made a room ready for him. Kalika tells Yash’s mum, see they even bring the strangers home, we won’t get anything in this Dharamshala. Vidyachatur tells Kabir that this was Saras’s room before, now its yours. Kabir says I will pay the rent, I have to stay for long. Saras says we won’t take. Kabir says then I will go. Vidyachatur says ok, give us the rent, we will spend it in poor kid’s education. Saras asks him to call him if he need anything. Kabir sees the Desai house model and keeps himself in it. (How can Danny and Saras pack this and does not see!!) Kabir calls someone and tells he got an entry in the enemies house. Congrats for the first victory.

Ghuman taunts Kumud while having the breakfast. Kumud leaves but Saras holds her hand and stops her.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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