Saraswatichandra 1st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Saraswatichandra 1st October 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 1st October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Saras getting a call. He comes to his senses and out of his memories. Saras says its a call from Vidya Kaka’s house. He picks it and its Badimaa. She asks did you send Danny. He says yes. She asks did you send money in bank account. He says yes. She asks why, he says its my duty, I know I did a mistake, punish me but don’t turn from me. She asks is this money your dad’s. He says no, its mine, and you have right on it. He says its from a son to you. She says I wish you get free from all this. Chandrika comes and Badimaa asks is Danny there outside. She says ask him to get his belongings inside the house.

Budhidhan praises Pramad as he gave a good suggestion.(Its actually Saras’s suggestion) Pramad could not believe that he has some wits.

Budhidhan says you are giving Rs. 100000 donation, its good. Pramad thinks about his cheque. Pramad wonders whats happening. Budhidhan hugs him and his mum says its good and blesses Pramad. Saras comes to Kumud and they have a talk. She says I know the Lord will understand that we are helpless.

She says you have given the suggestion and Budhidhan liked it and I gave the donation also. She thanks him. He says for what and to whom, Naveen or Saras, because you have done Saraswatichandra’s Shraath. Kumud’s puja thaali falls. Pramad is in his room. Murakh Das brings the wood that was left over from the haven. Pramad comes to Kumud and Saras on the terrace and says you are also here Naveen, its good because I wanted to talk to both of you. He says I met Kalika today. Kumud and Saras are shocked. He says I mean I bumped into Kalika in the market and she did not change.

He says its true that she is a thief and she can’t change but Kalika said Kumud and Sarawatichandra are still together, as he is in your heart Kumud and I made you do the Sraath coming in her talk. He says I broke the limit today, I don’t deserve you and to be your husband. Pramad leaves. Saras thinks why did Kalika meet him and how come she did not tell him the truth.

Vidyachatur sees Danny sleeping in the hall. Danny wakes up and sees Vidyachatur. (The scene is funny!!) Kumud had blood on her hand and says Pramad…. Saras asks what did he do, tell me. Kumud cries… Pramad comes and says I have hurt her, again and again. Saras gets angry. Pramad accepts his mistake. Pramad says I can’t forgive myself for this, so I will hurt myself equal to the wounds I gave to Kumud. Saras sees that Pramad wrote sorry with blood. Saras says is this the way to say sorry. Pramad says I don’t know anything and asks Saras to tell him how did he keep her happy. Saras is shocked thinking Pramad is telling about Kumud, he turns and sees Kusum and is relieved.

Pramad asks Kusum how did you trust Naveen’s love, what was the way? Kusum says he did not need to showcase his love, he made me feel it. Saras says did you not see how much Kumud got afraid, stop giving her pain and remember heart’s wounds don’t heal. Saras and Kusum leave. Vidyachatur asks Badimaa why did you ask Danny to come inside the house. Badimaa says because he wants to help us and even we need….. Vidyachatur says I can take care of this house on my own. Guniyal says we agree but no one returned from our house being sad. Vidyachatur leaves. Danny says he is hungry and Badimaa says you will get food when its ready. She says I have forgiven you but won’t trust you blindly.

Saras tells Kusum we can’t trust Pramad, see what he did. Is he really regretting or is it something else. Kusum says I know you want Kumud to be happy and if anyone is asking your help to go closer to her, how will you bear this. Saras says I will bear everything and support Pramad for Kumud’s happiness but I want to be sure about him, I don’t trust him. Kusum says Kumud have faith that Pramad will change.

Danny comes semi nude infront of everyone. The women laugh seeing him. Yash’s mum says he is shameless. Badimaa says I asked you to go to guests room and asks him to leave. Danny takes his clothes and runs. His towel falls and they laugh. Yash’s mum says we smiled today because of him, Badimaa says even we cried because of them.

Kumud applies ointment on Pramad’s hand. Pramad says you might be thinking how I changed suddenly. She says I don’t have any complains. He holds her hand and asks her to sit. She sits and he gifts her a bangle. She thinks how he made her wear it last time by hurting her.

Pramad says I won’t repeat my mistake but rectify the past mistakes. He acts sweet and says I m returning your self respect today. I took Rs. 10000 today and bought this… She says its very beautiful. He says I will come with you and thought another gift and hope to see your big smile. Kumud smiles. Chandrika asks Kumari to take rest. Danny comes and they laugh seeing him. Kumari says the food is not ready yet. Kumari tells Chandrika that Guniyal was calling you and she leaves. Danny thanks Kumari and says Saras paid the installment but still there is the loan, try to find out so that we can help him. Pramad’s tells his parents what he thought and Budhidhan gets happy and says Kumud will be really happy knowing this. Budhidhan calls Vidyachatur. Vidyachatur tells Guniyal that we have to pay the next installment till Navratri. Budhidhan talks to Vidyachatur and informs him that Kumud and Pramad want to celebrate Navratri with you at your house. Vidyachatur is shocked. Pramad smiles looking at Kumud.

Kumud tries to stay at Pramad’s house knowing her dad’s financial problem. Pramad’s mum asks her to go to her dad’s place. Pramad asks Saras to come with them. Danny meets Saras and they have a talk.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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