Saraswatichandra 1st May 2013 Written Episode Update


Saraswatichandra 1st May 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 1st May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Laxminandan giving a small gift to Kumud. She becomes happy. Ghuman comes there. She says lets go, I have to talk about so many things. He asks where is Saras, he wants to talk to him. Kumud says wherever he is, I will bring him.

Sunny tells Saras why he did not meet his dad. Saras says he has come to meet Vidyachatur, not him. Saras says when we were staying in Dubai, he did to meet each other staying under the same roof. He says I don’t think he missed me. Kumud comes and says Nandu Kaka is calling him. Sunny says Kumud that Kusum told him that she was outside Saras’s room the whole night and the lantern is still outside the room. Saras hears and is shocked. Sunny taunts Saras and leaves.

Saras gives her the lantern, and says whatever happened yesterday,

it is not your mistake, so you don’t need to worry about me. She says she feels that his dad came to meet him. He says you might have called him as I did not talk to him. She says you love your dad a lot, then why did you hide. He says no one is interested in me, after my mother left me, Dad did not hug me once. Since then, he did not remember his mother, and did not speak to him as a father should. After going Dubai, he felt as if he is wandering alone amidst strangers, and his Dad did not try to search him.

She says maybe you don’t wanted to be searched for, as you want to be alone and away from everyone.
She says Kaka is waiting for you and leaves.

Badimaa is angry on seeing Laxminandan, he stands infront of his Lord, while Badimaa is there too. They see each other. Laxminandan says her sorry as the same thing happened before too from his side. She says Saras did not cheat anyone, there is a lots of difference.
She asks him to give Saras some time. Badimaa leaves.

Kumud’s mother says Badimaa that Vidyachatur had told everything to Laxminandan, and he even apologised. They prepare specially for Laxminandan, and everyone sit on the dining table. Laxminandan tells Kumud its your birthday tomorrow, right. We will celebrate it well as I have come now. Kumud and Vidyachatur smiles.

Ghuman comes there along with Saras. Kumud does not let Ghuman sit beside Laxminandan, and makes Saras sit beside him. Badimaa smiles with happiness as she sees Kumud is doing her part to bring Laxminandan and Saras closer. Kumud smiles. Badimaa serves Saras. Laxminandan says he eats less these days, and laughs. Kumud says he has to finish all the food today itself.

Ghuman is jealous seeing them happy and she feels like an outsider. Laxminandan sees Badimaa taking good care of Saras. He suddenly coughs, and Kumud asks Saras to give him water. Saras asks are you fine, he says yes. Vidyachatur and Kumud says Saras is like his father, both can’t eat spicy food. Laxminandan smiles. Ghuman notices that Kumud is bringing changes in their relations. Vidyachatur shares his childhood stories with everyone. Laxminandan and Vidyachatur decide to sleep outside the house. Ghuman says there are mosquitoes, Laxminandan says don’t worry, he used to live here before.

Kusum tells Saras that Kumud has set his bed outside the house, along with Laxminandan and Vidyachatur.
Laxminandan and Vidyachatur have a discussion. They miss their old days. Vidyachatur says he knew about his dreams, but he could not make him understand that he would have gone so far.

Laxminandan says he in indebted to him. Kumud tells Laxminandan that Vidyachatur feels unhealthy when he sleeps outside. Laxminandan asks him to take care of himself first, Kumud takes Vidyachatur and leave Saras with Laxminandan.

Vidycahtur tells his wife that Kumud brought him in, else he would have sat with Laxminandan for some time. She tells she feels that there is some tension between father and son, so Kumud wants to leave them alone. She asks do you know for how long will Laxminandan stay here, and what about Saras. Vidyachatur says he has to go someday.

Laxminandan talks to Saras. Saras feels somewhat closer to him. Laxminandan says after many days, he will sleep peacefully, and he has his son also with him. He says he was annoyed when he came to know that he said no to Kumud, but Kumud explained him about his decision. Kumud has forgiven him, so he has also forgiven him. He asks Saras why he said no to Kumud, why did not he obeyed him.
He has not understood his son and did not give me any chance to explain himself. He says some incident about Saras’s childhood, which made him proud. He asks him to think about Kumud one more time with a peaceful mind.

Saras sleeps, Laxminandan covers him with a blanket. Saras feels his love and thanks Kumud for bringing them closer. Kumud thinks Badimaa was right, anyone can change with love, and she can fulfill her promise now, Kumud becomes happy.

Everyone wish Kumud happy birthday, Saras comes to know about it.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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