Saraswatichandra 1st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 1st March 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 1st March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Danny cursing himself for making Kusum go. Saras says yes, you are right, this happened because of you. Saras says Ghuman made her realize her mistake again, she taunted her on her character, what did you do, why did you not support Kusum. Danny asks is it so easy, if you have to choose between Saraswati Maa and Kumud, who would you choose. Saras says I would choose the one who is right, not my wife and not my mum. I won’t support the wrong. Saras asks Danny to support the truth. Danny says fine, I will bring my wife back in this house. Ghuman says no need. Saras says don’t try to stop Danny. Ghuman says thats not needed. She brings Kusum back.

Everyone are shocked to know that Ghuman brought her back. Ghuman brings her saying she can’t see Danny upset.

Kusum was happy to know that Danny was waiting for her and he loves her a lot. Kusum hugs Ghuman and comes with her. Danny is happy to see Kusum. Danny thanks Ghuman and hugs her. Danny says don’t punish me like this again mom. You are my family, I can’t choose any one. Ghuman thinks you have to choose Danny.

Guniyal tells Vidyachatur that Ghuman took Kusum to her home happily and gives the sweets. Badi maa doesn’t believe it. Kalika fears what will happen if Ghuman tells about her truth to everyone. Her phone rings. She thinks he might be calling to ask money. Guniyal asks Badi maa to eat the food. Badi maa gets tensed. Saras recalls about Ghuman’s words about Kusum.
Kumud comes and asks him, what you are thinking? Saras says nothing. Kumud says, I can’t believe that Maa accepted Kusum. Saras says, I can’t believe her. I know her more than anyone else. I can trust her. How she can change so suddenly. Kumud says, she was against our marriage. Now she is thinking like a mother. Saras says, she is very selfish. She tried to seperate Dad with me. Kumud says, you trusted Kabir being a stranger and gave him a chance to rectify his mistake. Why don’t you give a chance to Maa. Saras says, I am not asking you to doubt her but I don’t trust her. Kumud asks him to have milk. She says, we have to go to meet Kaka in the hospital.

Kumud feels pain in his head. Saras sits by her side and massages her head. Saras says, I forgot to tell her about Satyamev Jayate. We will watch it together. Kumud sleeps.

Ghuman is jogging and gets disturbed recalling Danny’s words. She asks the vendor to give her coconut water. Kabir comes and takes coconut for him. He says, I don’t have change you have to pay for me. Ghuman gives the money. Kabir thanks her for agreeing to his talk. Ghuman says, I don’t understand how you reach everywhere to help me? Kabir says, I don’t understand about the connection between us. She starts sneezing. Kabir gives tissue but Ghuman says not needed. Kabir asks, what is your problem with me? Ghuman asks, what do you mean? She says, you are crazy. He asks her to drop her home. Ghuman asks him not to waste his time on her. Ghuman leaves. Kabir says, I am making good use of my time.

Kumud and Kusum call their husbands for breakfast. Both of them start eating the rotis fast. Kusum says, both are similar. Danny says, that’s why married the sisters. Saras says, they will go to the office after meeting Dad. Ghuman comes and asks, what is going on? Everyone are ready to go to office. I was thinking to have lunch together. Kumud says, idea is good and says we will all come. Ghuman says ok. She says, I want to eat the food made by Kusum. For me, this is Kusum’s first day at home. Kusum agrees to make food and asks them to come home fast. Danny says, we will stay back home. Saras tells Kusum to call him if any problem. Kusum says, today is the day of happiness. Ghuman looks on.

Ghuman asks Kusum to dry her wet clothes. Kusum agrees. Ghuman comes to the kitchen and throws the cooking oil in the wash basin. She says oil is finished, you have to make food with my oil. Danny is allergic to this oil but sorry Danny. Kusum is cooking in the kitchen. Ghuman says, shall I help you. Kusum asks her to rest. Ghuman eyes the oil. She asks her to make delicious food. She sees Kusum using the oil in the dish, which she has brought. Saras asks Kusum, did Ghuman say anything? Kusum praises her. Ghuman comes and says food is looking tasty. Danny says, it is made with love. Ghuman asks her to serve Danny first. Kumud asks her to eat as well. Ghuman looks worried as Danny eats the food.

Danny starts coughing. Saras asks, what happened? Danny says, allergy…Kusum says, you are allergic to which thing? Danny says peanuts. Kusum says, she cooked the food in peanuts oil. Ghuman shouts, what?

VidyaChatur tells his family that Nandu is recovering and soon he will get consciousness. Badi says, when? VidyaChatur says, Dr said we don’t have to wait longer. Kabir eyes evilly.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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