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Saraswatichandra 1st July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saras working. Kumud looks at him. The bell rings. Kumud goes to see. Prashant is watching them by binoculars. Kumud says the food came. Prashant gets angry and shakes. He throws a stone at Saras’s balcony and the glass breaks. Saras is shocked and looks at the stone. Prashant hides. Kumud comes back and asks what happened Saras. Saras looks out. She asks who did this. Prashant says its just a sign which I gave, think what I can do with you. Anushka and Kusum give a normal plate to Raima. Raima finds it good. Kabir also tries to find the names of the girls. He calls someone Miss Kiran and she laughs. Danny says everyone did this mistake. A guy says I m Kiran. Danny says he has long hair too. Kusum and Anushka, and everyone are shocked.

Danny says this is Mr Kiran,

you know everyone called him my girlfriend, he spoiled my name in college. Kabir smiles and looks at the girls. Kumud says we will complain in society office tomorrow, kets go and have food. Saras says you go and eat, I m not hungry. She says I m sorry, you are right I agree, but don’t get angry on food. Prashant watches them. Saras says you always eat alone as I come late. He goes to the room. Prashant smiles and says this is what I want, fights…. Kumud you leave him and come to me.

Anushka tells Kiran that we got saved today else. Kusum says I m so bad, how did I doubt on Danny. Danny comes and asks did anyone take my name. He says I have to say this, you both made great food, my friends liked it, Kiran is very happy meeting you, he felt girls give only tension, but now he changed. I m lucky to have Kusum. He leaves. Kusum says Danny loves me so much and if Danny knew the truth, he would have felt bad. Anushka says its my idea. Kusum says its my mistake not to trust Danny, but I will tell him the truth and apologize.

Prashant sees the yellow dress Kumud selected. He touches it and says you will look very beautiful in this dress, you will be coming soon. Kumud asks Saras don’t you know me, I did not tell Prashant that I stay alone at home and get bored, I did not wish to go with him, but he insisted a lot. She says he is suffering so I helped him. He asks how do you know. She tells everything about his headache and so called disease. Saras says why did you not tell me before. She says I did not get chance, I called you but did not get a chance. O piya…………… plays.

He says you should tell me everything, a stranger telling me that my wife gets bored at home, as if I don’t know this.. She says its nothing like this. He says let me be alone. Kumud cries. Saras goes outside and leaves in his car. Kumud runs after his car calling Saras. The guard asks what happened madam. Kumud says nothing.

Kabir looks at the moon and thinks about Anushka. Badimaa comes and asks her name. Kabir says Anushka and she laughs. He says no one. She says tell her if you love her, why are you afraid. He says no, I don’t love her. Badimaa says so you did not accept. Kabir says you are mistaken. Badimaa says this happens in love, it takes time to understand each other, then a time comes when they understand each other without words, then they understand its love. You will come to me and says I was right, and then think why did I take so much time to understand.

Danny shows Kusum the pics Kiran posted. She feels bad and says I want to talk to you. She says I came to accept my mistake. He asks what. She says I called them intentionally to know about Kiran, as I was doubting Kiran to be a girl and you having an affair with her. Danny gets miffed. She says I know its my mistake, I followed you and saw his long hair. He says you could have asked me. She says how could I, if anyone have an affair, he would have lied. Danny says I thought my wife trusts me so much. She says I m really sorry. He says I was so happy, perfect couple, my wife does not trust me. He goes to sleep. She cries and says I won’t do this again.

Anushka comes to Kabir and does hmm…. Knocking the door. She asks may I come in. She smiles and says thanks for helping them in finding the real Kiran. He says I heard you and Kusum talking. She says double thanks then. She says help me in finding the file and ID. She says I will leave early then. Kabir thinks he does not want this. She sees a cockroach in his cupboard and panics. He checks it and her ID falls. He hides it. The file falls and she is shocked seeing it.

Anushka confronts Kabir why did he do this, she could go to Mumbai and could not submit it in time, I hate you. He holds her and says what did you say. She says I hate you Kabir. He says I did this, not to hurt you, as I did not want you to go from here. She says why. He says as I love you. She looks at him stunned. Saras comes somewhere. He thinks about Kumud’s words. He says I overreacted on a small thing. Kumud calls him and says Saras please take my call. She says this never happened between us before. Saras takes his phone and sees her missed calls. She waits for him crying. She messages him.

He reads it that even if she goes far, she gets closer to him. He says me too Kumud. He says sorry. Kumud says where are you Saras, shall I call home to tell, but what will they do being there. They will be worried. Someone holds her and she says Saras. She turns and is shocked to see Prashant.

Prashant says he came to support her. Kumud asks him to leave. Saras comes home and sees Kumud with Prashant.

Update Credit to: Amena

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