Saraswatichandra 1st July 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 1st July 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 1st July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Badimaa scolding Kumari. Danny says she was with me, I did not know any shop here, so I took her with me. Badimaa says you should have told me, he says I’m sorry, I should have told you. Badimaa says its ok, she asks Kumari to come in the kitchen. Kumari says sorry to Danny, he says I don’t want thanks and sorry from strangers, Kumari says strangers? He says shall we become friends, Kumari and Danny become friends, she says now you forgive me, he says I did.

Scene shifts to Kumud and Saras:

Mann ke dor.. plays in the background.. Saras caresses her hair, they both have some romantic moments together. Kumud makes him eat food, he says it was spicy, she is about to go to bring water for him, he stops her and says don’t go anywhere. She says ok,

I won’t go, but you should not leave me, else I will be torn apart like these pearls. He says I will not let it happen. Kumud tastes the food, and says it is spicy. He says why did you do this, she says I will support you in every situation. They both promise themselves that they will be together always. They look at each other. Saras’s phone is ringing.

Scene shifts to Laxminandan:

Sunny says Saras is not taking my call. Laxminandan is shocked. Ghuman smiles as her plan is working. The clients talks to Laxminandan about the merger formalities. Laxminandan says we are waiting for Saras. The clients say if he does not come in another 15 mins, I will leave from here as you cannot waste my time. Ghuman says what will we do if Saras do not come, Laxminandan gets angry on Saras.

Scene shifts to Kumud and Saras:

Guniyal and Kusum are calling Kumud, but Kumud are Saras are hiding. Kusum sees Saras with Kumud and reacts. (Why is this Kusum always after them!!) Kumud signs Kusum not to tell her mum. Kusum makes an excuse and takes her mum with her. (Thank God!!) Kusum waves bye to Kumud and leaves form the terrace. Kumud and Saras gets closer. (They both look awesome and looks really cute when they come an extra bit closer) Saras looks at Kumud with so much love in his eyes. (He has adorable eyes!!) O piya.. plays..

Scene shifts to Laxminandan:

Laxminandan is tensed, the clients are keeping an eye on the watch. Sunny is still trying Saras’s phone. The clients say the 15 mins are over, we have to go now.

Scene shifts to Kumud and Saras:

Kumud tells him not to leave, he says I have to go, because tomorrow is a big day for me, I want to see the happiness on my dad’d face.

Scene shifts to Laxminandan:

Laxminandan requests the client to wait, but the client says your son is careless, the presentation was good, but I was wrong, your son showed us how important is the nerger for him. The clients say there are many people who wants to merge with us, so I cannot watse my time here.

Scene shifts to Kumud and Saras:

Kumud says time passes when you are here, take me with you. He says no, not like this, let me be more successful, so that when I come to take you, you should be proud of me, I’m waiting for the day, when you will be ready for me in the bride’s attire. He praises her beauty. (Few good lines from Saras, we need more!!) Kumud smiles.

Scene shifts to Laxminandan:

Laxminandan tells the client that my son have worked hard for this merger, he requests the client to postpone the merger. The client says we cannot wait, and says we don’t have trust on your son now.

Scene shifts to Kumud and Saras:

Saras and Kumud are still together, he says I have to go, I have to reach Dubai today. The client speaks loudly and calls unprofessional to Saras and Laxminandan. The clients leaves, as Laxminandan gets angry.

Kumud and Saras hold hands, he says I will come soon, be ready, she says take care Saras.
He hugs her. (At last wow!!) Music plays in the background. He touches her face and says I love you a lot, she says even I love you. He says now I have to come not to get separated forever, give me the permit to leave. He says I will miss you and moves away from her. They leave their hands and feel the distance tearing them apart. Saras leaves. Kumud cries seeing him going.

Ghuman thinks she has succeeded, the merger failed, and the father-son relation will be worse.

Laxminandan is drinking wine, Ghuman is doing her bit thinking everything is happening as per her plan. Ghuman tells him to stop drinking, he says I got insulted because of Saras. He is furious and asks her to call Saras. She tells him that Saras went to meet Kumud. Laxminandan is shocked. He says he left the merger for Kumud. She says he is in love, now you, and your company does not matter to him. She says you might be happy, Kumud has linked him with his life, he is living his life. Laxminandan says even I was in love and I married you, but I took my business to new heights. Ghuman speaks against Saras. She says he always wanted to prove himself, now he is living his life like never before, no one matters to him other than Kumud. He does not care about your business. Laxminandan agrees and says I cannot trust him anymore. He says I’m ashamed of Saras. Ghuman adds fuel and makes him more angry.

Laxminandan says everything is finished, and he recollects what the client said him. Ghuman is planning something else too.

Saras gets her mother’s letter, he reads it and is shocked. He stares at Laxminandan, and shows him the letter.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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