Saraswatichandra 19th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 19th March 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 19th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kumud telling Saras about Kabir and Ghuman. Saras says I trust Kabir and why should I doubt him. He gets angry and does not listen to her. Its Kumud’s imagination. Saras asks what happened. Kumud says nothing, I was thinking about Kaka. She leaves to freshen up and comes back to see him working late. She asks him to sleep. He says I have lots of work. He says this is Danny’s work and you know I can’t disturb him tonight. She brings coffee for him. She helps him in his work and Saras takes a nap. She looks at him and smiles.

He wakes up and sees her working and says I slept for one hour. She says I did this work. He tells about Badimaa’s words and says thanks for always supporting me. Its morning, Saras gets up and panics seeing the time as he

has some work. He sees the work done by Kumud and everything ready. He says my wife is very efficient and smiles happily. Saras takes out the pen which Laxminandan gifted him and with which he signed his first deal. He says I will give this to Danny and he will sign with this for the first contract. Danny feels he is not doing right by hiding this from Saras. Ghuman asks Danny to work well as Laxminandan and says all the best.

Danny meets Saras. Saras says you are looking good and asks where is Kumud. Danny says maybe she went with Kusum. Saras tells him about the presentation and the meeting with investors. Danny thinks he has a meeting today. He tells Saras that he can’t go today as he has other commitment. Saras is shocked and says its dad’s project, you are the project head. Danny says I have important work. Saras gets angry and thinks about Kumud’s words. He says fine. Danny says tthanks for understanding and sorry.

Saras says Kumud worked all night for this work. Danny feels bad and leaves. He meets Kabir and tells him that he is feeling guilty and can’t hide this from Saras anymore. Saras thinks Danny is hiding anything, I know him. Saras also comes to the Desai house. Danny and Kabir see Saras and hide. Saras walks in the house.

Saras comes to meet everyone but no one is at home. Kalika says there is no one at home. Saras asks where did everyone go. Kalika says everyone went to see your dad. She says Kumud did not come here. She asks will you have tea. He says no, just water. He says she would have told me before leaving. He tries calling Kumud. A phone rings and Saras thinks whose phone is it. He says I think Kabir left his phone here.

Kabir comes and takes the phone. It was Ghuman’s call. Saras says I came to meet Kuud, I heard the phone ringing so came to see, I m sorry I should have not come like this in your room. Kabir says its fine. Saras says I don’t know where did Kumud go. She is not even here, her phone is also off, I will find her. Kabir says I will come with you, give me a min. Saras says I will wait outside. Kabir says wait for some time Ghuman, then my promise will be fulfilled. He smiles. Kumud is enquiring about Kabir at the hotel.

Danny comes for the meeting and the man praises him and says we are happy to work with you. Danny checks the samples and says perfect. The meeting is over and Danny thinks Saras will be proud of me today, I have managed such a big assignment alone. Kumud comes to Kabir’s room in the hotel and checks everything around. She gets paint accessories under the bed and looks at it.

Saras gets angry on Kumud and asks where did you go. She says I went to find something. He asks what.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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