Saraswatichandra 19th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Saraswatichandra 19th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Danny and Kabir being on the way. Anushka calls Kabir and he asks is she at home, did anyone come. She says relax, I m fine, I called to ask find you get Kumud. Kabir says no, I will call you as we find her. She asks where are you finding her. He says we all are finding her, he messaged wrong address. She says even I want to find her. Kabir says no, you be at home and take rest. She says please. Kabir says if you come here and anything happens to you then……….. He says I will call as we get to know about Kumud, bye. He ends the call. Vidyachatur, Guniyal and Badimaa are tensed. Vidyachatur is eager to talk to Saras. He says let me call him once. Badimaa says fine, first take medicines. Yash also says the same and he takes the medicines.

Badimaa calls Saras and

hopes Prashant might be arrested till now. She gets Saras’ phone off. Guniyal says try again. Yash says maybe there is not battery, I will call Danny. Yash calls Danny. Danny says he might have called to ask about Saras and Kumud. Kabir asks him not to answer. Yash says he is not taking my call. Vidyachatur says call Kabir. Kabir tells Danny that its call from home and does not answer. Everyone get worried. Badimaa says I will call Anushka now. Anushka says call on landline, is it from Ratnagiri, if I take the call, everyone will know, what to do.

She takes the call and Vidyachatur takes the phone from Badimaa, asking is everything fine, did Prashant get arrested. She says no, police is finding him. He asks about Saras and Kumud. She says they might be coming now. He says tell me the truth, your voice shows there is something, swear on me and say. Anushka says actually Prashant has kidnapped Kumud. He is shocked and Yash cares for him. Badimaa takes the phone and asks Anushka what happened. Anushka tells her everything and Badimaa too is shocked.

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Guniyal asks Vidyachatur what happened. He says my Kumud. She says tell me what happened to Kumud. Badimaa too shakes with worry. Saras asks Mahesh to drive faster. Mahesh says I saw the first man who is eager to die. Mahesh says Prashant can kill you, go from here, why will you die for a girl. He killed Pooja. Saras says if Kumud was not with him, I would have killed you here. Prashant calls Mahesh and asks did you get Saras. Mahesh says yes, sitting beside me, I m bringing him. Saras takes the call and scolds Prashant asking him not t hurt Kumud.

Prashant says how can I hurt her, I love her and did all this to get her love, ask her if you don’t believe me. He asks Kumud to talk to Saras. Saras says I m coming to take you. She says don’t come, they will kill you. Saras says I will kill you Prashant and gets angry. Vidyachatur says I have to go to Mumbai. Guniyal asks him to rest. He says they are alone there and Kumud is in problem. Yash says don’t take stress, please rest. Guniyal worries a lot and says I need you here. Yash says Danny and Kabir are there to see Saras, don’t worry. Badimaa says nothing will happen to our Kumud, Prashant can’t hurt her. She says Lord has sent Kumud and Saras to Prashant, to punish him. He cries and she consoles him.

Danny asks Kabir to call Saras and they worry as Saras’ phone is off. Danny says now I understand, why he asked us to go apart and he went alone, as Prashant called him alone, he messaged Saras asking him to come alone, that is why his phone is off. They worry for Saras. They talk to the inspector and tell about Saras getting Prashant’s message. Inspector says Mr Vyas should have told this to us, we would have arrested him. Danny says Kumud’s life is in danger, so he did not tell us. He says we will try.

Prashant asks Mahesh to bring Saras in. Kumud says leave Saras. Prashant says Saras has come, see him for the last time, then you will have to see me forever. Mahesh comes and throws Saras on the ground. Prashant says not bad, you fell on my feet. Saraas frees Kumud’s mouth and she says Saras go, they will kill you. He sas no, I will take you from here and holds her. Prashant gets angry and pushes Saras. He aims a gun at Saras and Kumud cries saying no. Prashant says what a love, true love, but you don’t worry, after you go, I will love Kumud more than this, and for this you have to die.

Kumud says please don’t do this Prashant, leave my Saras. Prashant says I wish Kumud ji, I could agree to this, but I m sorry, he has to go, as you will accept me after he goes. He says I m doing this for you only, Mr. Vyas has to die. Saras looks at him. Saras says what do you think, Kumud will be yours after I die, this is your misunderstanding, I will take her from here. Prashant asks him to move away and not touch Kumud, as she is his now. He says whoever comes in between us, he has to die. He says I can do anything in anger. He says I can kill anyone, like I killed Pooja in anger.

He says I killed Pooja, you know it Mr Vyas, I stopped her, she was dancing with someone else in the party, I did not bear it if anyone touched it, I loved her, and she was only mine, that night we fought on this matter, I did not wish to kill her, I slapped her and her head struck the table, maybe she died as she lost much blood, then I did not had any option and I have hidden her dead body in the wall. The FB scene shows how Prashant and Mahesh has kept the dead body in the wall and they concealed the wall. Prashant says now no one will know we have hidden the body here. Mahesh says we should not give this flat on rent at any cost. The current scene shows Prashant threatening them that he will kill Kumud, Saras and himself if she does not agree to love him. He aims at Kumud and says if you are not mine, I won’t let you become anyone else’s. Saras looks at him shocked. Kumud cries shaking with fear.

Prashant touches Kumud’s wound while she is unconscious and says Saras is dead now Kumud ji, now we have to go very far from here, where there will be only you and me. He smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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