Saraswatichandra 19th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Saraswatichandra 19th February 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 19th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Yash’s mum being shocked to see Kalika. Kalika hides the gold set seeing her. Yash’s mum asks what are you hiding. Kalika says nothing. She says show me your hands. Kalika says her hands and asks why are you looking angry. Yash’s mum says I lost my precious thing. Kalika says how would I know your gold set is lost. Yash’s mum says how do you know. Kalika says I heard you telling everyone. Yash’s mum says I have seen every room, only your room is left. Kalika says fine, look at it, if you don’t get it, you will trust me even more, what else do I want. Kalika takes some clothes and hides the gold set in it. She leaves.

Some goons tease Ghuman seeing her walk on the road. Someone stops her. Ghuman gives them an angry stare. She is about

to slap them but they stop her holding her hand. The misbehave with her. Danny sees Ghuman with the goons. He comes for her help. Yash and Danny beat the goons. Kusum comes between the fight saving Danny and falls. Vidyachatur is hurt by the goons. The goons catch Danny and proceed to him with a shard knife. Everyone looks on. They are about to stab Danny. Ghuman and Kusum are shocked. Kabir saves Danny and beats the goons. The goons run away. Ghuman asks Danny are you fine. Vidyachatur thanks Kabir for saving Danny.

Danny thanks Kabir too. Danny says you are hurt. Kabir says I m fine. Ghuman asks what are you doing here. He says I stay in this hotel. Kabir says Ghuman has to stay somewhere else. Vidyachatur says yes, you should come home with us for Laxminandan’s sake. Danny says come with us. Ghuman says yes, but I will stay with Danny at his house. Vidyachatur says fine. Kabir says Danny you are hurt, come with me to my room and do the dressing.

Saras and Kumud are at the hospital. Saras asks Kumud is your head aching, did you have anything since morning. He says why do you do this, I told you eat on time, I will bring something. Kumud smiles. A woman is watching them. The nurse asks Saras to bring some medicines. The woman says love marriage. Kumud says yes. She says mine too. Saras gets call from work and says I have some emergency at home. The woman says he went to bring food, but did not bring. Kumud says maybe he forgot. The woman says men forget love after marriage. Kumud says he is not like that, I have to take care of him now.

Saras says I could only get sandwich there, have medicines too. Kumud shows it to the woman and smiles. Danny asks Ghuman are you ok. Ghuman says I m fine. Vidyachatur praises Kabir. Kabir says I have a chance to help you. Kusum does Danny’s dressing. Ghuman looks at Kabir. Ghuman walks out and Kabir looks at her. Ghuman sees his paintings. Kabir talks to her. Danny says mum, lets go. Vidyachatur asks Kabir to take care and call him if he needs anything. Ghuman says I will come by taxi, give me the address. Ghuman looks at Kabir and leaves. Kabir says take care and smiles.
Kabir touches the drawing on which Ghuman’s shadow came. Everyone come home. Vidyachatur asks Danny to take care of Ghuman. Kusum says Ghuman might be worried about Kaka. Danny says how will I stay without you. She says give me your phone. She takes their photo asking him to smile.
Now we will be together whenever you want. He says I will miss you Kusum. She says I will miss you too and hugs him. She says my clothes are there, go there before she reaches. Danny looks at her and hugs her again. She says go now. Danny leaves.

Saras comes to Laxminandan. The nurse asks Saras to leave or stay away from him. Saras says sorry and touches Laxminandan’s feet. He takes his blessings and sits far. Kumud sees Saras upset. Saras thinks about how he has hurt Laxminandan. Kumud says Saras. Saras says this happened since childhood, dad and I never came close. Kumud draws a smiley on his palm and says this have given me strength in my weak moments, It will give you also, smile will make everything fine. Saras holds her hand and gives her the smiley impression. He says we both need this smiley. They both look at Laxminandan.

Saras hears Kabir beaten up by some goons and is worried. Kabir is acting and they are his men.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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