Saraswatichandra 18th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 18th March 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 18th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Saras and Kumud decorating Kusum and Danny’s room. Saras puts flowers on the bed and smiles seeing her. She keeps some flowers in the vase and he shows her his decorations and shows her what she did. She says thank you. They smile. He says our gift will bring a new morning for Danny and Kusum. He says why don’t you think of such ideas for us. She opens her hair loose and Saaras stares at her. He comes to her and holds her hand. The wind blows and she smiles. They get closer and he stops her from going. Mann ke dor………. plays……………… Saras pins her hair. The scene becomes romantic. They hold hands and Saras adorns her beauty. She gets shy and leaves. Saras smiles. Piya re………. plays………….

Kumud sees Ghuman leaving and says

where is she going. She goes after her. Ghuman comes to a pandit and greets him. He asks her how can he serve her. She asks him for future prediction. She says this has your Dakshina and my address. My son’s name is Danny and his wife is Kusum, come home and tell everyone that if they come closer, some elder person will have risk of life. The pandit agrees and asks when should I come. She says at 6pm. She leaves. Kumud hears and see everything. She can’t believe Ghuman can fall so low.

Dada ji says now I m fine and would like to leave as Gyaan is waiting for me there. Vidyachatur asks him to stay more. He says I will call Saras. Dada ji says no need, my kids are waiting for me there, whenever you miss me, tell Saras to bring you there. Yash says lets leave now. Dada ji says I m giving all the responsibilities to Guniyal, my work is over now, keep me informed about Laxminandan’s health. He says Vidyachatur and blesses everyone. Saras stops Danny and Kusum from going to their room. Danny asks what happened. Saras says I m changing the house wiring. Danny says I have some important papers. Saras says everything is safe. Saras waits for Kumud.

Ghuman says good you both came, the pandit will be coming now. She says I called him to ask him any solution or puja to do for your happiness. Danny gets happy. Kumud comes home. Ghuman looks at her. Saras sees Kumud and wants to talk to her, but Danny stops him and shows Kusum’s gift. Saras says so sweet. Kumud comes to her room and thinks I have written what Maa asked that pandit to say, I will show this chit to Danny and Kusum before he tells them anything. Badimaa misses Gyaan, Chandrika, Kumari, Kusum and Kumud, and Dada ji.

Ghuman welcomes the pandit. The pandit tells everything opposite to what Ghuman told him. He praises their jodi and says their married life will be prosperous and they will soon have a baby which will make their relation more strong. The pandit tells Ghuman that a guy came and asked me to do this. Ghuman thinks who is he. Kabir comes and she tells him about Danny’s promise. He shows her that Kumud saw her meeting the pandit.

Ghuman is shocked. He says I did all this to save you. He says I knew she will follow you everywhere, if I did not see her, Danny would have went against you. She says I will manage, I m worried about tonight which will bring Danny and Kusum together. He says I will see that. She asks what will you do. He says let the night pass, the morning will be ours. Kumud sees them talking and is shocked. Ghuman leaves. Kumud thinks whats the link between them.

Kumud gets Saras’s call. She tries to tell her. He says Danny and Kusum saw the room and are very happy. He asks her to reach the hospital. She thinks what should I do, he trusts Kabir a lot. She says I m coming home now. She ends the call. She says Saras did not trust me before, if I tell him again, he won’t trust me again. Ghuman is angry thinking how strong is Kumud’s luck. She says I don’t have any option than Kabir.

Kumud tells Saras about Ghuman and Kabir talking in the market. Saras says maybe they met suddenly. He gets angry as she doubts on Kabir.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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