Saraswatichandra 18th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 18th July 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 18th July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kumud and Saras being at some distance, and still could not meet. Saras is introduced to the women. He says he is better than before. Kumud walks away and music plays… They walk past each other, but could not see..
Sunny is trying to talk to Saras. Sunny calls Kumud’s home. Kumari receives the call. Sunny asks for Saras. Sunny asks what happened, Kumari says he said no to marriage, we won’t remember him, as he cheated us. Sunny us about to tell her that Saras left Dubai, but Kumari cuts the call. Sunny thinks where is Saras, if he is not there.

Scene shifts to Vidyachatur:

Guniyal and Vidyachatur are at home, some guest comes and says he has to go for some work, so he came now to meet them. He asks did Kumud go to Dubai. Vidyachatur says

no, she went to Sundar nagar. He says whatever happened was for the good. She went to Budhidhan’s house. Vidyachatur comes to know about Pramad. He praises Budhidhan. The man says Budhidhan do good work, but not his son. The man thinks he has sent Kumud to hell. The man does not speak the truth. Vidyachatur is happy for Kumud, he is unaware of Pramad.

Scene shifts to Kumud:

Pramad looks at Kumud. She dresses up in a green saree. She turns. Pramad comes close to her and holds her. He says you have some spark and touches her. He asks her to leave from the room as he has to get ready. Kumud leaves. Pramad laughs.

Scene shifts to Vidyachatur:

Vidyachatur is thinking about Kumud. Guniyal comes to him and asks what are you thinking. He says about Kumud. She asks what. He says she did not call once from morning, she was crying when she was going from here, and see now she is not even remembering us. Kumud is happy at her house. Guniyal says what else do we want. Guniyal asks him to talk to Budhidhan. He says they have Kuldevi prayer at their house, it might be grand. He says do you remember, when we started our life, we did not had anything except this house, but we had love. Guniyal says you took care of me, we shared happiness. He says I wish the same for Kumud. Kumud and Pramad should connect well with love, trust and respect.

Scene shifts to Kumud:

Budhidhan and his entire family comes for the puja. Saras walks behind Kumud. They are so close, yet so far. They sit for the puja. Kumud and Pramad head the puja. The pandit does the tilak and recite the mantras. Saras comes and stands behind Kumud at some distance. Kumud feels his presence, then focuses on the puja.

The pandit asks everyone to attend the puja. Saras stands in a queue. The queue is decreasing. Saras comes closer to the puja place. Kumud closes her eyes and prays. Saras sits near the fire. Budhidhan signs Saras to do the puja. He gives the Ahuti. He sits infront of Kumud but looks down. Kumud and Saras do the puja together and say Swaha. They hear each other’s voice and are shocked to see each other. (Yippee, now the serial would be fun to watch!!) They stare at each other with tears in their eyes. There happens an never ending eye lock. Saras sees her sindoor and mangalsutra. He then looks at Pramad. He looks at Kumud crying. Kumud controls herself. He gets up and goes away. Kumud looks at him.

The pandit says the puja is completed, now you can pray. Kumud stands up and looks at Saras. Some men are seen are keeping an eye on Budhidhan’s family and planning something. Kumud and Saras talk by eyes, he says sorry to her, she cries. He too cries and turns. Music plays… Both of them go through lots of pain. They share their pain and cry together. The Episode ends on the lover’s tears.

Saras saves Kumud as a pillar is about to fall on her.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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