Saraswatichandra 18th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 18th February 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 18th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kabir leaving greeting everyone. Vidyachatur says when Ghuman comes to know about Danny and Kusum, don’t know what she will do. Yash’s mum says you should have thought of this before. Badimaa says this is not the right time to taunt. Guniyal says we will tell this later. Saras says I will talk to Dann. Saras calls Danny and explains him. Kumud cries thinking about Ghuman’s words. Saras comes to Kumud. Saras says I don’t care what Ghuman thinks, you should also not care about it. Kumud starts blaming herself. Saras says I can’t think you can do anything wrong. He says if you did not call him here, my hatred would have turned into love, you showed me that my father loves me, thanks.

Kabir hears them talking. Kumud and Saras see Kabir.

Kabir comes to them and says sorry this fell from your dad’s pocket when I was taking him to the hospital. Saras sees Laxminandan and Saraswati’c photo in his wallet. Kabir asks who is this woman. Saras says she is my mum. Kabir asks then who was she inside. Saras says my dad’s second wife. Kabir apologizes. Kabir hugs Saras. Saras thanks him for taking Laxminandan to the hospital on time. Kabir says I will leave now. Kumud says Saras, we should go to the hospital now. Saras says Ghuman asked us not to come. Kumud says I will manage. Saras says fine, lets go.

Ghuman is weeping looking at Laxminandan. Danny comes to her. Ghuman hugs him. She says I was much worried about you, you are alone here. Danny says I m not alone, I m fine. She says your dad is in coma, how would I be in this state. She asks what did the doctor say. Danny says they said nothing can be said when will dad come out of coma. She says Kumud, this happened because of you and your family. She thinks Kumud does not know what will happen with her now. Ghuman sees Kusum in the hospital and scolds her. Yash asks when did you come. Ghuman fumes.

Ghuman asks them to leave and tells everyone if anyone try to come to Laxminandan, they will see her such avatar which they have not seen before. She asks the doctor when will Laxminandan become conscious. The doctor says we can’t say. She says discharge him, we will take him to the best hospital the doctor refuses as Laxminandan is critical. Ghuman gets angry on him. She says how will he get treated in such a small hospital, we have to take him to Dubai. Kumud says no Maa. Ghuman says I m not your Maa, who are you to talk in our house matters. Kumud says your bahu. She says its my right to think about this, I don’t think we should take Kaka anywhere. Ghuman says shut up, remember now you are infront of Ghuman, shall I say what people say to girls like you.

Saras stands up for Kumud’s support and says don’t forget you are talking to my wife. He says I m his son, and its my decision he will be here till he is fine. Danny says mum you are taking a wrong decision in anger, relax please. Ghuman leaves. Her car does not start. Kabir comes to her. Ghuman asks what. He says shall I check. He says I have bit your husband. She gets angry on him and scolds him. She asks why did you do this. Kabir says see I don’t have any answers and I can’t change this, when I came to know he is your husband, I understood you will be hurt so I came to apologize.

Ghuman says how did you think I will forgive you and take your help. He says you don’t have any option. She says get lost. He says I m waiting here, let me know if you need help. Ghuman says I have to come back here only because of Kumud. Ghuman stands to take a taxi. She sees Kabir and walks to him. She asks why did you not go, go from here else I will call the police. Kabir walks away. She stops a taxi and Kabir is already in it. Ghuman sees him and says you.

Kabir asks his driver to drop Ghuman. She says I don’t want your help. He says you won’t get any taxi, your wish. He leaves. Ghuman sits in the car and leaves. She sees Kabir in the mirror. Danny says I did not do this right, I m hiding about my marriage from mum. Vidyachatur says we will tell her later, till Ghuman is here, Kusum will be with me. Kumud says yes, that will be good, Ghuman can turn bitter to this relation, we have to wait for the right time. Saras asks Danny and Kusum to go home and have rest. Kumud asks Yash to go. Vidyachatur says I will go and see Nandu.

Danny hugs Saras and leaves with Kusum. Kusum sees Danny worried. She asks Danny not to overthink. He says I did not see mum so disturbed till now, thats why she is behaving like this, I m sorry from her side. Danny says when I tell her about our marriage, how will I manage alone. She says its our tension, we are one. She pacifies him. Vidyachatur says lets leave now.

Yash’s mum tells Guniyal that her gold set is missing. Badimaa says you think about gold in such time. Yash’s mum says I don’t have many sets like you have, it was the only one who is stolen now. Guniyal says how can it be, you were at home. Kalika is dancing with the gold set. Yash’s mum comes to her and is shocked to see her with the set. Kalika gets tensed.

Some goons are beating and stabbing Danny. Ghuman, Kusum and Vidyachatur react seeing him.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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