Saraswatichandra 17th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Saraswatichandra 17th October 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 17th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Saras unpacking his clothes. He sees a envelope with a smiley and says Kumud’s letter. He reads it. Kumud writes that I have the answer, she says you came to me after I said no, you stayed in my in laws house after I said no. She says can’t you stay in our house without my saying. He says if you stopped me, I would have not gone. He touches the smiley and smiles. Pramad’s mum speaks against Kumud infront of Budhidhan and Alak. Budhidhan supports Kumud. She says you should have understood Pramad. Alak says you have made my life hell for Pramad’s sake and now please don’t make Kumud’s life like it,Alak asks Budhidhan to free Kumud from Pramad.

Kumud talks to Budhidhan and thanks him. The next morning, Vidyachatur says Kumud, think again,

you can’t trust Pramad, Kumud says I can trust Budhidhan, he promised that he will make Pramad give divorce. They leave from the Desai house. Kumari calls Danny and tells him. Danny comes to Saras and tells him everything. Saras is shocked. Saras rushes and comes to Kumud’s house. Kusum sees him. Budhidhan is waiting in the police station for Pramad. Pramad’s mum is happy to see him and asks him how he is. Pramad says I m fine, I knew it that you will bring me out. Budhidhan says Kumud made you free. Alak says Kumud is asking for her freedom and she is lucky to get a chance like this. Pramad looks on.

Saras asks Kusum why did you not stop Kumud. Kusum says because Kumud is getting her life back. Saras says Pramad will not change and will be after Kumud. Kusum says even you did not change, Kumud has forgiven you but you left her again. She says Kumud is lucky to see this love, you both have love and trust between you. He says there is also pain in this love. He says I have given her suffering for the whole life. Kusum says you both can be together again. Saras looks at her. Vidyachatur comes. Saras says atleast you should have stopped her. Saras asks where is Kumud. Vidyachatur says she dropped by in the market as she had to buy something. Saras comes to her and says why did you do this. She says I got what I wanted, my freedom. He says you should have asked me. She says where were you. He says Pramad will try to hurt you. She says yes, I know.

I knew nothing will happen to me in that house, you know why. Saras says I should leave. Kumud says for always. Kumud says I should do everything asking you and you will make your decisions, will you decide that I need you or not. She says you did not ask me before leaving me. She says you did not go even when I slapped you, but today you are leaving without asking me. I want you to be with you, support me, so stay with us. Vidyachatur and Badimaa comes to Budhidhan’s house. Pramad welcomes them and greets them. Vidyachatur looks at him angrily. Pramad says so Kumud needs divorce from me, show me the papers. Saras comes with the papers and says its here.

Saras greets Budhidhan. Pramad says how dare you come here. Saras says what did you think, I will let my family come here alone, he asks him to sign the papers. Pramad takes the papers. Vidyachatur asks Budhidhan to take the money back from Kumud.

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