Saraswatichandra 17th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Saraswatichandra 17th May 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 17th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with all the family sitting on the dining table, Laxminandan gets up from his chair and asks Vidyachatur to get up. Vidaychatur stands with his head low. Laxminandan says he should not have hide about the haveli info and I know why I didn’t let you. If I informed you, you would not have been hurt. People quarrel over hurting others but we quarrel for each other’s well being and says our friendship grew stronger( Well said Mr. Laxminandan). They smiles and make up. While they hug Ghuman is irked and Kumud, Saras, Badimaa and everybody smiles. Saras sadly looks at Kumud and they turn their faces on opposite sides while Piya re plays.

Kumud’s mother says it is Dwarkhanaath blessings that both of the friends hug forgetting everything. She says in some days they

might forget their anger’s but it is good. Badimaa asks about Laddoo being made for them. She says Jain bhai and bhabhi are coming for Sejal as they are coming after fixing up the alliance. Kumari gets excited on hearing about Sejal upcoming marriage. Badimaa reminds her that it is Sejal’s marriage and not yours. She laughingly asks her not to get ready much as people will think of her as a bride. Kusum says not to scold Kumari as it is not good nice. Badimaa asks Kumari to be like Kumud. Bhabhi says didn’t you saw fighting with Saras yesterday.

Kumud’s mother asks Kumud to say sorry to Saras but she says Saras started that fight. Her mom says her father and laxminandan didn’t thought who shall break the ice and met up. Kusum says my sister’s ego is big. Kumud expressions is shall I eat you kind…. Mom says no one gets small if ask for forgiveness. Her mom asks her to go and serve ladoo to Saras, but she politely declines.

Sunny comes there and asks can he have tantalising laddoos? Kumud mother gives him. Kusum and Kumari gets an idea and they head with the laddoos towards Sunny. They tells Sunny to have some more laddoos. They tells that they have to talk something important with him. Sunny asks what?

Meanwhile Laxminandan and Vidyachatur are together and Vidyachatur says dont worry about function food. Laxminandan gets a call and he gets busy. Vidyachatur tells Laxminandan to give all the business to Saras and settle here. Laxminandan says he is thinking to do it after 4-5 years. Ghuman sees then and thinks they are younger than their kids. Saras and Kumud are not looking at each other and it is call the real fight.

Laxminandan again gets a call and he informs the other person on the call about the marriage here and the decoration shall be good. Vidyachatur and Laxminandan laugh reminiscing his marriage. Ghuman comes and says this cant be happen now, Laxminandan can take 100 cars for taking the baarat. Vidyachatur says Jain’s daughter is like his own. She says to keep something for your daughter too and she immediately covers up saying keep your enthusiasm for the marriage. Laxminandan says they will show in the sangeet. Vidyachatur says they will get the rooms cleaned up. Saras comes there and says I am sorry for yesterday. I dont know what happened to me. He says sorry. Vidyachatur says you both happened the same and you and Kumud love your respective parents very much. He tells him to get Kumud here as ladies will come from Jain house. Laxminandan smiles.

Saras tells Kumari to tell Kumud that Vidya kaka is calling her. Kumari asks him to tells Kumud instead as she is busy. Saras tells to convey the message to Kumud after finishing her work.

Ladies come to Vidyachatur house and Badimaa and Kumud’s mother welcomes them. Sejal takes their blessings. Sejal mother tells Sejal that this house have become her maika( maternal home) now. Badimaa agrees and smiles.

Sejal’s mom says our house is small and her father thought of getting her married at her nani’s place but thanks to Laxminandan and Vidya bhai she will be married off from here. She thanks them. Kumud’s mother says she is like a daughter to them. Badimaa says they will get her marry in a grand way ( Nice thought of Badimaa).

Kumari asks Sejal whether he got her bridal dress from lalit bhai shop. she says yes. Kumari says she should have asked her once.

Saras and Sunny enters the hall. Meanwhile Kumari, Kusum and Kumud are talking about marriage attires. Sunny congratulates Sejal on upcoming marriage and says he can have the sweets daily. Saras and Kumud look at each other and gives angry looks. Sunny plays cupid and tells Saras to have some sweets. Saras move forward to get the sweets from Kumud but take back his hand. Kumud gets angry and says she dont want to force anybody and leaves. Kumari says they got even more angry. Sunny tells them something and they say done dona done.

Sunny says weather is good and asks Saras to come to the terrace, but Saras says his mood is not good and asks him to go if he wants. Kumari and Kusum asks Kumud to come along with them to the terrace but Kumud gives the same reply that her mood is not good and asks them to go.

Sunny pretends infront of Saras that network is not catching here and says he got a message from his girlfriend and she had a break up. He says she will not agree if he says he is in Ratnagiri so he asks Saras to come to the terrace and speaks to his first love. Saras finally agrees.

Kusum ask Kumud to see the dupatta thay they will be gifting to Sejal. They say it is on the terrace for drying. Kumud says if they wants her to see, then they shall bring it here. Kusum says it is still wet and if sejal sees it then there will be no surprise left. They pleads with her. Finally Kumud agrees. They smiles and takes her to the terrace where Saras and sunny are there. Saras asks sunny when will he gets his GF call?
Sunny says network is not catching here also. Saras decides to go and says whenever you gets a call, tell me.

Saras sees Kumud and stops. Kumari says did you come here for getting the cold air? sunny says yes, and Saras took me here.
Sunny says here weather seems to be good and just then he gets a call and he excuses himself leaving Saras with the girls. Saras tries to stop him but in vain. Kusum excuses herself saying she needs to fetch water and asks Kumari to show the dupatta to didi. Kumari says may be maa take the dupatta with her and excuses herself ( funny moment).

Saras and Kumud all alone now and They look at each other now. Kumud says she dont want to stand here. Saras says he dont want to come here and was sitting silently downstairs. Kumud says if he likes silence then why did he scene yesterday. Saras says whatever she did was a scene. Kumud says he started it, you gets angry. He says do I get angry, Kumud says do I get? She says yesterday night you was shouting at me, to which Saras says so did you kept silent. You was shouting more than me ( Really wonderful scene, must watch. it is like a husband wife knok jhok).

They hears their respective father’s voices and looks down to see them together and reminiscing their yesterday fight. They laughs. Kumud and Saras looks at each other. Saras holds his ears and asks for forgiveness from Kumud saying I should not have talked to you like that. Kumud softens up and holds her ears too and says firstly she wants to say sorry as she started the fight. Saras says dad and kaka forget about yesterday and he was still angry and showing her angst, it is wrong thing. Kumud says she too didnt forget the fight, first thing in the morning she should have apologize. Saras says Kumud new fight is starting up. Saras says lets finish up first fight. They laugh and release their hands from their respective ears and laughs ( they look cute in this one). Kumud laughs while Kusum and Kumari sees them laughing. Saras turns and smiles and then starts laughing. Kumud turns and sees him laughing while O piya re plays.

Episode ends on Kumud enjoying Saras laugh and staring at him. ( Really adorable).

Saras tells Sunny that he wants to live happily with Kumud for forever. he says I want to live life, with Kumud. Meanwhile Kumud is seen hugging Saras sketch in her room.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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