Saraswatichandra 17th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 17th March 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 17th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with a romantic scene between Kumud and Saras. Saras asks her to make mud pots. She smiles seeing the wheel and asks him to support her as their love is complete now. Saras smiles look at her smile. They together make the pot. Music plays…………… Saras holds her hand and they shape the pot. Mann ke Dor……………. plays………… Kumud shows him the pot and smiles. He says its complete like our love and looks more beautiful than before. He says this art is good, if you were not a school teacher, I would have made an art gallery for you and you would have made pots. She says you are world’s best husband, thanks. He says welcome.

Ghuman comes to Kusum and says I know, Danny over reacted yesterday. I m sorry on his behalf, don’t be sad now. She

says I don”t have any problem with you. She says Danny will come to you to say sorry in some time. Kusum smiles. Ghuman says keep smiling and be happy always. Danny comes and sees Kusum. He signs no and she leaves. Ghuman asks Danny not to be annoyed and says Kusum forgot everything, she was singing song in kitchen, learn anything from her. Danny says I don’t want to talk about this. Kumud and Saras come down in the hall talking to each other. Kumud says the pot if not good, lets throw it. Saras says its beautiful, ask Danny. Danny says Saras is right, its beautiful. Kumud says you will support Saras, this is the worst work. I should not make pots.

Danny says you make pots like professionals. I saw your designs, you should leave teahcing and make this your profession, this can become your identity. Kumud scolds him and says how can you insult this. She says I did not expect this from you. She leaves. Danny asks what happened. Saras says you should have not said this. Danny goes after Kumud. Saras signs Kusum that everything is fine. Ghuman thinks whats Kumud doing. Kumud tells Danny no one made fun of me. Danny says I did not mean this, what did you tell me. Saras looks on.

Kumud says you have hurt me a lot. Danny says you are misunderstanding me, I was appreciating you as you would get happiness. Kumud says even Kusum did the same, she saw Ghuman dancing and she appreciated her art, not her profession. Kumud says Danny, I want to explain you what you did. She tells him everything how Kusum helped Ghuman and made the Ghungroos right. She says Kusum gave her ghungroos to respect her art, what did she do wrong in this. She says how can you think Kusumm insulted Ghuman. Danny says you are right, I doubted on Kusum again, but why did mom tell me that. Kumud says you love Kusum so much, then why did you think so.

Saras tells Danny that we will not forgive you again and again. Danny says I will tell sorry to Kusum. Saras says go on your knees and apologize saying you will never hurt her in future. Danny leaves. Saras asks Kumud from where do you get so good ideas. Kumud says my husband is smart. Saras says if we make a team, we can solve big problems. They smiles. Kumud thinks you did not know why this fight happened, it was my duty to solve this. Ghuman thinks now I understand what Kumud did. She thinks Danny and Kusum should not talk.

Ghuman asks Kusum to go to her room as Danny is annoyed. Danny comes to Kusum. Ghuman scolds Danny and asks Kusum to go and she will talk to Danny. Danny says stop Kusum. He says I started it and I will end it. He says I m sorry Kusum. Kumud and Saras looks on. Danny sits on his knees and says I m very sorry, I have hurt you a lot in past few days, I need a chance, I promise I will not doubt on you, if you can’t forgive me, I will accept. Kusum says no Danny, don’t tell this again, don’t go away from me. She cries and says I m ready to get scolding from you daily, but don’t be annoyed. Danny says I promise I will not hurt you, never. He hugs her. Kumud and Saras smile seeing them. Ghuman is shocked.

Ghuman acts sweet to Kusum infront of Danny. Danny says the credit goes to Kumud and Saras. They explained me that I was wrong. Kumud smiles. Saras says what did you think, your work is not over, you have to take Kusum out. Danny smiles and says yes. Kusum gets happy. Ghuman gets angry seeing them leave. Kusum and Danny spend some time together. Kusum says I m afraid, we try to understand each other but hurt each other. Danny holds her hand and says I will come back to you even though I get annoyed, because of your love. She gives him a gift. He opens it and its their photo. He hugs the photo and hugs her. He takes a pic with her and they smile. He says now I won’t fight, if you do then I will frame this photo and gift you.

Ghuman says how can Danny promise this to Kusum. Kumud says why not. Ghuman looks at her. Kumud says I told you that truth is bigger than lies. She says they won. Ghuman says I did not lose yet. Kumud says you played many dirty games, go and see how happy is Danny with Kusum, think about his happiness. Ghuman says I can give him much happiness, I will make him away from Kusum. Kumud says you are selfish, so I accept your challenge now. Its a fight between selfishness and love. I will bring Danny and Kusum together. We did not make them have their suhaagraat, so Saras and I are going to decorate their suhaag Sejh. Kumud thinks Ghuman will make some wrong move in anger and Danny will see her real face. Ghuman gets much angry.

Saras and Kumud get closer. He pins her hair. She turns to look at him smiling. Piya re……… plays…………

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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