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Saraswatichandra 17th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saras seeing Kumud’s hand hury and asking how did this happen. She says it’s a small scratch. He says come with me, I will do first aid. They go to the room. Danny says its so move in them. Anushka says yes. Kabir teases her calling her a ghost and she taunts him back. Danny holds his head seeing them argue and laughs. She leaves. Its morning, Saras tells Badimaa not to worry, as they are being careful and Danny Kabir has repaired the wall. Badimaa says you are hurting him, the man who can kill a girl, and hide the dead body, and kidnap you, he can do anything. Saras says I will manage everything, don’t tell this to Kaka. She says yes, he should not know this. Vidyachatur comes and asks with whom is she talking. She says Saras.

He talks to Saras and asks is

everything fine. Saras says yes. Vidyachatur says tell me truly, are you fine. He says yes. Vidyachatur asks where did you go for two days and what you wrote on internet. Saras says someone hacked my account and joked, even Kumud got worried by that. Badimaa says he has to go for work and is getting late and takes the phone. Saras says I m going now and ends the call. Kumud asks Saras to have breakfast. Saras says no, I have to reach before Prashant.

She says my heart says everything will before today. They make each other their strength and asks to take care. She hugs him. Danny brings his jacket and does uhmm. Saras holds Kumud’s face and says I will come. She makes him wear the jacket. He asks Danny to take care of her. Saras opens the door and turns to see Kumud. Saras dons the hood and leaves. Kumud sees Prashant coming and stops him. She asks where is he going. He says I m in hurry. She says I will make tea. He says I will come later, thanks, I m in hurry. Kumud tells Danny and Kabir that Prashant left. Danny says yes and Saras is also going from the gate. They look at them through the window.

Prashant walks after Saras and does not see him. He then sees Saras’ back and says excuse me. Saras hears him and speeds up. Kabir says oh no, Prashant saw Saras. Prashant runs after Saras and Danny stops him. Danny says I came to talk to you about Kumud, she is being much worried, she is not understanding us, if you talk to her once. Prashant says I will come later. Danny says I told her Saras will come back, but she is not listening, she respects you a lot, so I came to talk to you.

Prashant asks how do you know she respects me. Danny says she talks about you day and night how you helped her. Prashant says I will come, but now I have to go. He follows the jacket man and holds him. Its Kabir. Prashant says I thought its my friend and called to stop. Kabir says I was listening music so did not hear you. Saras leaves in an auto. Danny and Kabir think they got saved today.

Saras comes in the godown and removes his jacket. He sees some stains on the floor. Prashant reaches there. Saras hides the jacket and cleans the stains on the floor. He hears Prashant opening the lock. Prashant comes in and sees Saras lying on the ground. He checks his breath and says you are still alive without having any food. Prashant gets a call from Mahesh. He says I m going to do Kiryakarm of Pooja’s skeleton. Saras hears this. Prashant locks the door and leaves. Saraas removes the ropes and calls Danny saying Prashant left, are you guys down, I m coming bye.

Danny and Kabir are in the car and see Prashant leaving. Saras joins his brothers and they follow Prashant. Kabir says we should call police. Saras says not now, we should follow him first. Kumud prays for Vyas guys safety. Prashant comes somewhere and there is a guard outside. Saras says I think he has hidden the skeleton here. Danny says shall we go in. Saras says no, it will be a problem if he sees us, his car is here, we will wait for him. Kumud and Anushka pray for their success to get justice for Pooja.

Anushka gets a call. Danny says I will go and see, its long time now. Saras says be careful, go. The guard stops and Danny asks about Prashant. The guard lies to him that Prashant left after taking a file. Saras and Kabir also go there to see. The guard says its another car at the other side of this godown, he has many cars there, he left from there. Saras says it means he knows we were following him. Kabir says where did he go then. Saras says he went home, come lets go fast.

Kumud gets a call that our car met with an accident and is shocked. She says this number is with Prashant. She cries and the door bell rings. Prashant comes to her and asks her did she get Saras’ message. She looks at him stunned. He says don’t be afraid, tell me did you got the message. She says yes. He walks in the home. She says you were going somewhere right. He says nothing important than you. He takes her phone and sees Saras’ message.

He says I have sent this message, you are lying to me. He says you came in my house to scare me as a ghost. She asks what are you saying. He sees the wound on her hand and says see this, ghosts does not bleed. He says I understood your brother in law’s tricks as I saw Saras going in the auto. She says yes, we all know your truth and everyone will know it soon, this time you won’t be able to save yourself, leave my hand. He says I will not let you go this time, I waited a lot for you. Anushka comes and says leave her hand. He says who are you, oh, you are the one who tried to scare me behind the curtain and my friend too.

He pushes Anushka. Kumud calls out Saras and says Prashant leave me. Saras calls Kumud and Prashant ends the call. He turns off the phone. Saras says did Prashant reach home.

Prashant kidnaps Kumud and calls Saras. Saras says where are you, tell me, I will not leave you alive. Prashant says Kumud is with me, show me if you love Kumud.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  3. I mean gautam rode….

  4. yeah I also heard tht vivian desena will be replaced as Saras.. n is it true tht SARAS will die?? 😮

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  6. harshitha reddy

    yaaah………even i read it…………….dat saras zz gonna die in d show…………nd vivian wuld b d new guy in kumud’s life…………….yaar ab yeh swc ka sabse bada aur ganda twist hoga……………….

  7. what is going on, kumud got kidnapped then saras and now kumud agian. This is driving me mad!

  8. now its again become boring

  9. Hey girls may be Karan Singh Grover will replace…or Vivian dsena…

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