Saraswatichandra 17th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Saraswatichandra 17th February 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 17th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Saras coming to his room crying bring shattered. He throws the things around in frustation. Kumud comes to him and sees him hurting himself. She says what are you doing, look at me. She says I know you are tensed, but trust me, he will be fine, nothing will happen to him. She pacifies him. Saras sees a drawing which he made in his childhood. She says you made this right. He says yes. She says Kaka gave this to dad, for you, he has preserved this like my dad had kept that doll for me. She says I dolt you father’s can’t show love but they actually do. Saras hugs the drawing. He sees a document. She says Kaka has given you his property. Saras says for me and Danny. He also finds a letter and reads it.

Laxminandan writes he is going and tells him

about the drawing he made. He says you always wished a family which I could not give you. I wanted to give you happiness, but after your mum left, everything ended. I accept my sin and ready to get punished. I m going back to Dubai, you will always be my son, my Saraswatichandra. He writes further that my love and blessings will always be with you. Saras hugs the letter. Kumud hugs him and cries. Kalika is watching cricket match at home and happy that she won. She says I have become a Lakhpati now. She calls the betting man and says I told you I will the double amount which I lost. She says I want to bet on tomorrow’s match. She says keep 1 lakh due on me. She thinks she will be a millionaire soon.

She says this is wrong, but one more bet then I will leave everything. Everyone are waiting outside the ICU. Kusum and Yash asks everyone to leave and take rest at home. Danny looks on. Vidyachatur consoles Danny and the elders leave. Vidyachatur comes to meet Saras. Saras says this happened because of me. He came to India for me, apologized to me and I did not even take his blessings, he might have got hurt, so he wanted to leave. He wanted to talk to me, but now he is silent. He says now what I want to tell him, he won’t be able to hear that. I want to tell him that dad I love you so much. Vidyachatur says he was not annoyed with you, he can never be. He said that you won’t be able to forgive him easily, he understands you. He was going to wait for you.

Vidyachatur says now his wait will be over, he will be fine soon. Saras hugs Vidyachatur and cries. Vidyachatur says come with me to my home, stay with me for some time. The inspector comes with Kabir at Desai house. Vidyachatur comes and asks what happened. The inspector says the medical reports showed that Laxminandan was drunk when he was driving the car, so Kabir is not the reason of this accident. Vidyachatur says this can’t happen. Saras says I m sure this can’t happen. The inspector says he was surely drunk. Kabir says its my mistake too, I should have been more careful. I understood he was drunk seeing the way he was driving, but I could not control my car’s speed. I m sorry.

Saras asks why did you not tell this yesterday. Kabir says as I knew he is your dad. He says I know what relations matter to you. He says I came to know he is critical so I could not say so. The inspector says its not Kabir’s mistake, so we have to close this case. The inspector leaves. Vidyachatur says I can’t believe Laxminandan can do this, I don’t think its Kabir’s mistake. Ghuman says there is a mistake. Everyone are shocked to see Ghuman.

Ghuman says its Kumud’s mistake for calling Laxminandan here. She blames Kumud. She says yes Kumud, this is the second time this happened because of you. She says Saras came to meet you here and missed the meeting, he ruined Laxminandan’s name because of you. She says I am amazed to see your guts, you married Saras against his back and invited him calling on phone. She says you wanted to see how Saras insults him. Kalika smiles. Saras says enough. He says I told Kumud that I have broken my relations with you all. She is my wife and its her goodness that she invited Laxminandan on our marriage.

He says Kumud does not need to reply you. Ghuman says but you have to answer me. Ghuman says are you not responsible for this, he is fighting with himself since you have gone, I have seen him, when Kumud called, he came to life thinking to meet him, but I was sure, you would kill him. She says you did not see him how he is, you won’t care even if he dies today. She asks Vidyachatur what did you do, took away his son from him. She asks about Danny. She asks did you make him yours too. Kalika thinks what will Ghuman do when she knows about Danny and Kusum.

Kalika is about to tell about Danny and Kusum, but Kumud gives her an angry stare. Kalika thinks its not the right time to break the news. Ghuman asks are you all playing a game with my Danny. Ghuman calls Danny and asks where are you. Everyone are tensed. She says I m coming to the hospital now. She says don’t dare to come to the hospital, I don’t want your shadow on my husband. She leaves. Kumud cries.

Ghuman is shocked to see Kusum in the hospital and asks her to leave. Danny looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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