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Saraswatichandra 16th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kumud serving food to Prashant. Anushka gets ready as Pooja and wears a ring. She says I hope I look like Pooja as Saras told me. Kumud says its Badimaa’s call and talks to her. She says we did not find Saras but we are trying our best to find him. Badimaa asks is he there. She says yes, Prashant helped us a lot. We are lucky to get a neighbor like him. Badimaa says he is a devil. Kumud says yes, he is an angel. She asks him to talk to Badimaa as she wants to thank you. Prashant greets her and Badimaa talks to her very sweetly. Prashant is happy as Badimaa blesses him. He thanks her. Badimaa says I wish you get the rewards of your deeds in this birth.

He tells Kumud your Badimaa is very good. Kumud says she knows people very well. Kabir says expecially wrong people.

Prashant coughs and Kumud smiles. She asks what happened, was it spicy, take water. He drinks and says thanks. Prashant looks at the window and sees Pooja (not her face). He shouts and says there is someone there. Kumud asks what happened. He says see there. Anushka leaves. Kumud says there is no one. Danny says don’t joke with us. Kabir says you sit. Kumud says I think you have stress, take water. Kabir and Danny smile. Kumud says I think you are not well, you should take rest. He says yes, I will leave.

He leaves and they get happy. Anushka comes laughing. Prashant comes to his room and looks at the mirror. He thinks what all happened with him and Mahesh. He says is it Pooja’s soul ghost, no this can’t be, my mind is going mad because of Mahesh. He says I think I need some rest and lies down. Kumud comes to Saras and they talk about this problem. He says I think everything will be fine till tomorrow. Prashant and Mahesh will accept their crime till tomorrow, I m with you. She hugs him. Anushka sees this and smiles. She thinks how can anyone love each other so much, Lord always keep them together.

Danny talks to Badimaa and says what happened with Prashant. Badimaa says I have would have beaten him, don’t know how he killed Pooja, feeling sad for her parents. He says I will wake up Prashant now. He comes in Prashant’s room and makes some noise to wake him up. Prashant wakes up and says sound is coming from kitchen. The power goes and he looks for torch. He says who is it.

They scare Prashant and he asks who is it. Someone bangs the cupboard from inside and he tries to open it, but can’t, as Saras is holding it from the inside. Danny and Anushka scare Mahesh for killing her. Mahesh says Prashant killed you, I did not kill you. She says you supported him, now you die, She shows him a knife and Danny plays BG sounds. Danny laughs as Mahesh panics. Kabir takes Anushka and takes her at a corner. Mahesh runs to Prashant. Danny sees Kabir and Anushka together. He leaves them alone. Prashant asks who is it and is afraid.

He is shocked seeing a girl with a torch. Kumud fools him and says I m Pooja. Prashant is shocked. Kumud says you killed me and had hidden me in wall, my soul is still troubling me, I will not leave you alone. Saras comes there. Prashant gets a call and the phone falls. Kumud and Saras disappear. The call comes again and he asks who is it. Anushka talks and says she is Pooja, her soul wants freedom, you did not let anyone know about my death, my family did not do my Kiryakarm, you have to do it now, else I will wander here. He says no. She says I can do anything, I have black magic powers.

She says if you don’t do my Mukti, then I won’t let you become Mukt, our soul will also wander like this. Someone knocks at his door. She ends the call. Prashant asks who is it. He opens the door and its Mahesh. Mahesh says Pooja came to my house. Prashant says she came here also and spoke to me on phone, she said we have to do her Kiryakarm, else she will not leave me. Mahesh says we have to do something, else she will not leave us. Saras says not they have agreed she came and now they have to admit their crime. Kumud says I think they will go to get Pooja’s skeleton. Saras says then we will know where he has hidden it.

Prashant says we have to get rid of that skeleton and her ghost. Saras says we will catch them red handed and then they can’t be saved, we have to keep an eye on them, he will go to check godown in morning, I have to go there. I hope everything ends tomorrow and Prashant gets punished.

Kumud and Saras hold hands and talk. He holds her and says take care. She hugs him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Finally Prashaant’s chapter will be finished 🙂

  2. I really hope prashant doesn’t do anything to kumud, anushka, danny, kabir and saras after they caught him red handed

  3. arey wow danny ur face expression is superb yaar.just like same to same like ur bro cute.

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