Saraswatichandra 16th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 16th July 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 16th July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kumud cooking something in the kitchen. A little boy comes and Budhidhan’s wife introduces him as Pramad’s brother. Kanika comes there in the kitchen and sees Kumud cooking Dalya. Kumud says its for the man who was found on the road. Kanika says it means I have to make tea for Pramad. Kanika says Pramad does not like cold things. She says she will take care of everything, I know your husband more than you, I will go and give tea to Pramad. Kumud looks at her. Kanika says Pramad needs tea to start his day. Kumud leaves from the kitchen. Kumud brings Dalya for Saras. He turns and she sees his back. She enters the room and looks at him. She could not see his face. She tries to see but could not. Saras is sleeping. She covers his leg with the blanket. She feels

something, some unexplained feeling runs on her. She leaves from there.

Kumud comes to her room and sees Kanika and Pramad getting intimate. Kanika makes Pramad drink tea by her own hands. Pramad and Kanika see Kumud, Kanika gets up from the bed and smiles. (Shameless!!) Pramad says I thought you left, but you are still here. Kanika says Kumud was serving your parents. Kumud says I have come here, you can leave now. Pramad says Kanika will wait here till I finish my tea. He says Kanika takes care of him. Kanika leaves smiling. Pramad looks at Kanika while she is going away.

Murakh Das comes to Saras. Saras asks who made this Dalya. Murakh Das says leave it, anyone would make it. He says I bring everything at home and someone cooks it. Its because of me. Saras asks for water, Murkh Das asks which type of water should I bring. Saras eats the Dalya. Kumud gets a call from home. Guniyal talks to Kumud and asks her about her welfare. Kumud asks how are they, Guniyal says we miss you, we wanted to call you since morning, but we thought it won’t look good, so we called now. Guniyal asks about Pramad. Kumud says he is very good and cries. Badimaa talks to Kumud and asks how she is. Kumud controls her tears. Badimaa too asks about Pramad. Kumud says he takes good care of her, she lies to Badimaa. Badimaa becomes happy.

Kumud pretends like someone is calling her and tells Badimaa that she has to leave. Badimaa blesses her. Kumari says even I had to talk. Badimaa says her mum-in-law was calling her, talk to her later. Guniyal is satisfied after talking to Kumud. Pramad tells Kumud to say her parents whats the truth. He taunts her. Kumud says I did not come here to go back. He stares at her. He throws his tea cup in anger. Kumud fears him.

Budhidhan’s son-in-law comes and greets him. He shows him his work and shows him the map. He hopes the plan works. Palak argues with her husband. He says 100 crores will be required for the project. Saras comes and says 73.3 crores. Everyone look upto him. Saras makes a good entry showing his knowledge. Saras gives the actual estimation. Palak introduces Saras to Budhidhan. Saras greets Budhidhan and thanks them for taking care of him. Saras says he wants to see the blue print. Saras studies the plan and says his opinion. He impresses Budhidhan with his skills.

Palak says Saras is right, I have checked it on Internet. Budhidhan asks his son-in-law as how did he made this plan. His son-in-law says I will talk to the engineer. Budhidhan asks him to rework. Saras says his name is Naveen Chandra. Budhidhan asks how did you get wounded. Someone comes and Budhidhan leaves with them. Palak says lets go inside and talk. Kumud is coming from other end, Saras walks with Palak. Kumud misses to see him. Saras talks with Palak, she thanks him and asks him how he is now. He says I m fine. Kumud and Saras face towards each other, but still could not see themselves.

Saras turns towards Kumud but Kumud goes till then.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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