Saraswatichandra 15th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 15th March 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 15th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Danny coming to Ghuman. Ghuman cries. Danny asks what happened, were you crying, tell me what is the matter. She says nothing, something went in my eye. He sees the Ghungroos and asks who brought this here. Ghuman takes it and keeps it in the cupboard. Danny asks again. Ghuman says don’t ask, I can’t give you more stress. She tells him to let it go. Danny asks again and again. Ghuman says Kusum. Danny is shocked. Ghuman says I don’t know why she said me this, she told me giving this Ghungroos that this is my identity. He says Vidyachatur told your dad how can I marry a dancer, I bear that insult, but now my son is my identity. She says Kusum gave me the Ghungroos and told me to dance. Danny hugs her and says enough mum.

Danny gets angry and goes

to Kusum. Ghuman says please don’t tell anything to Kusum. Danny shouts Kusum. Kusum comes and asks what happened. Danny asks did you give Ghungroos to mum. Kusum says yes. Danny asks why did you do this. Ghuman asks Danny not to be angry. Danny says not this time. Danny asks did you tell her its her identity. Kusum says yes, whats wrong in it. Danny says you insulted my mum. Kusum says I did not mean it. Kusum says she was…… She stops saying and thinks about Ghuman’s words. She says you are misunderstanding me. Ghuman says let it go. Danny says no, Kusum insulted you intentionally. Kusum says why would I do this, you are creating an issue. Danny says you have reminded her of her past, you are taking revenge. Saras and Kumud come home and are shocked to see their fight.

Ghuman asks Danny to stop it. Danny says don’t take my mum’s name now, you don’t deserve to take it. Saras scolds Danny. Danny says you don’t know what she did. Danny tells Kusum that he can fight with Ghuman for her sake and he can fight with her for Ghuman’s sake. Saras asks what happened. Danny says I can’t say, ask her. Danny leaves. Kusum cries and leaves. Ghuman stops Kumud and says did you see, I tried to stop Danny but he could not forgive Kusum this time, do you still trust their love, accept my challenge, fight with me alone. Kumud says you did this against them right. Ghuman smiles and says you got scared, Danny simply got angry which will turn into hatred.

She says I know you will try to save your sister, so the fight has begun, all the best. Saras comes to Kusum with Kumud and asks what happened. Kusum tells him everything. She says I wanted to tell her that she should dance if it gives her happiness and Danny misunderstood my words. Saras says why does Danny do this always, he does not give a chance to explain. Saras says he can’t do this always. Kumud stops Saras. Saras says Kusum is hurt, he can’t be angry on her always and make her cry. Kumud says he felt his wife has hurt his mum, he will not understand you now, he will realize his mistake, give him some time. He says bring him home without saying anything. Saras says fine and leaves.

Kumud hugs Kusum and pacifies her. Kusum asks will I always get punished for my mistakes, will Danny never trust me? Kumud says don’t blame yourself, trust me, whenever his doubt on you fails, his trust will become strong. Kumud cries and says I won’t let anyone come in between you both. Ghuman calls Danny and asks him to come home as Kusum is his wife. He ends the call and she smiles. She says before your wounds heal, I will make it deeper Kusum, I won’t give you a chance to come closer this time.

Ghuman gets a gift outside the house. Kabir calls her and asks did you get it. She asks why did you send. Kabir flirts with her. Kabir asks her to open it and see. Its a mirror. She looks at her image and smiles. Kabir says nice that you smiled. She looks around thinking is he watching her. She says if Danny knows this, then he won’t leave you. He laughs and says you will not tell him, else you would have told him.

Saras tries to stop Danny. Danny says I don’t want to see Kusum’s face. Saras says lets go home, you can get time. Danny says I need some peace which I can’t get at home. Saras convinces him to come home and asks him to be cool. He says everyone are tensed at home. Kumud and Kusum waits for Saras and Danny. Saras brings Danny. Kusum runs to him but Danny goes to his room. Kusum goes after him. Danny brings his pillow and blanket to sleep on the sofa. Kusum cries. Ghuman smiles and asks Kusum to leave Danny alone for some time. She says when he wakes up in morning, his mood will be fine, then talk to him. Saras looks at Ghuman.Danny goes to sleep.

Kumud comes to her room and thinks about Ghuman manipulating Danny. She thinks what to do now. Saras comes to her and says I m sorry. Kumud asks why. Saras says I brought you in this house stating I will keep you happy always, but I gave you only tension. He says we will not discuss whats going on, no tension will come in our married life. Kumud says it means our lives are connected now, can you be happy seeing Danny and Kusum like this. He says I won’t be happy either. Saras says why would you get punished for them. Kumud says we should have to be together and united to get over this. Saras thinks Kumud supported him in pains and sorrows and now its his turn.

Kusum and Danny have a talk. Danny says I come after you always even though I get annoyed with you, its only because of your love.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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