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Saraswatichandra 15th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kabir damaging Prashant’s car. He hides seeing Prashant come. Prashant’s car does not start and he checks the engine. He sees the wires open and joins them. Kabir comes and beats him with the bonnet. Prashant says who is it, stop. He shouts getting under it. Kabir runs and Prashant looks around. His face gets black marks and he gets hurt too. He asks who is here. Kabir smiles seeing him. Prashant thinks about Mahesh’s words about Pooja. He says come infront of me, I will kill you, wo is here. He fixes the wires and leaves in his car. Saras comes there and Kabir says he run away being afraid. Saras says another pain is waiting for him at home, you go first, I will come later, how is Kumud and Anushka. Kabir says fine.

Saras asks and you. Kabir says what will

happen to me, I m fine. Saras says I understood, don’t forget no one can take you from what’s written in your fate. He hugs Kabir. He says someone should learn from you how to hide pain, till I m alive, don’t think you are alone. Kumud thanks the Lord as she has not let her trust break, we want to get justice for Pooja, but that man can fall to any level, protect my Saras, support him. She wipes her tears. Anushka comes and says Danny is doing his work. She says you love Saras a lot, even after marriage, he is so lucky. Kumud says he loves me more than I do, so I m more lucky. She says he is my strength.

Anushka says you are made for each other. The door bell rings. Kumud asks her to hide. Its Kabir. Anushka asks is it done. He says yes but you missed a lot, he was mad. She says he will be mad ahead. Kumud sees Prashant coming and asks what happened, come with me. He says I will go home and rest. Danny comes and holds his back with force. Prashant says aah, I have back pain. Danny says I have good treatment for back pain, please come in, you helped Bhabhi so much, come. Kumud says please come, I will make tea. Prashant says I think I should go home.

Kabir asks what happened to you, looks like someone has beaten you. Prashant says no, bonnet fell on me. Kabir says how. Kumud smiles. Kabir says I think we should make Kada for him. Prashant says no. Kumud says no, you have to, I will make it. Danny says I will give you a good massage. Prashant is glad. Danny starts beating him hard acting as if it’s a massage. Prashant screams and says no. Danny pulls his shoulders, hands, and he screams. Kabir says Danny go on. Danny says pain kills pain, bear some. Kumud brings Kada. Prashant says thanks.

Kumud says I made it form my hands. Kabir insists. Kumud uses her charming smile and Prashant agrees. He drinks it and holds his mouth not to vomit. They smile. She asks what happened, is it not good. He says very good. She says then have more. Prashant says thanks Kumud ji for helping me and runs. They laugh. Danny says he will not get rid of this massage pain for one week. Kabir says Iw sihed to put hot water on his face. Kumud says what will happen when he goes home. Kabir smiles.

Prashant comes home and says they both are dangerous, was like taking revenge. He wipes his face and red color gets on his face. He sees it in mirror and throws the towel. He sees blood on his pic and is tensed. He reads the message I m back Prashant to take revenge from you. His leg touches Danny’s phone. Kumud gets a call from Kusum, who asks where is Danny, I m calling him and he is not taking my call. Kumud asks Danny why is he not taking Kusum’s call. He looks for the phone and says where is it. Anushka says did you leave it at Prashant’s flat, oh God. Danny holds his head and says oh no.

Kumud tells Kusum she will call later. Kusum asks but what happened. Kumud gets tensed and says what will happen now. She says how can you do such a big mistake. Danny says I don’t know how I forgot. Anushka says our plan may flop. Kumud says no, we have to bring the phone back. Kabir says I will bring. Kumud says I will do something. Prashant says this can’t be Pooja’s ghost, no. The door bell rings. He opens the door and Kumud asks what happened to your face, are you hurt, I will call doctor. He says no, I m fine, come in. She looks for the phone.

He goes to wash his face and she comes to his room looking for the phone. She gets the phone and goes out before he comes. She stands in the hall and says you are not hurt,then how that blood. He says no, my friend’s son came and he did this. She says I m seeing, you look worried, are you fine. He says yes. She says you will have food with us today, we will be happy, especially me. He says then I will surely come. She says thanks and leaves smiling. He calls Mahesh and says come here, I have to talk something. Kumud brings the phone back. Saras comes and asks how is Prashant. Danny says he is mad and don’t know whats happening. Anushka says our first plan was hit.

Saras says don’t be happy, first we have make him sure that Pooja is back to take revenge. Kumud says yes, she will take revenge. Kabir says lets start plan no. 2. Anushka says don’t worry, everything is done. Mahesh tells Prashant that Pooja is back and she is doing this. Prashant says just shut up, what kiddish, nothing like this, I think someone is playing game with us. He asks did he tell anyone. Mahesh says why will I. Prashant says but Saras is locked there. We are missing something.

Prashant comes on dinner and says it can’t happen that you call me and I don’t come. Danny gets angry and Kabir holds him to calm him down. Danny asks how is his back. Prashant says I m fine now. Kumud serves the food. Danny thinkg next time I will break your neck.

Anushka gets ready as Pooja and smiles being ready to scare Prashant.

Update Credit to: Amena

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