Saraswatichandra 14th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 14th October 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 14th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Pramad getting up. He shouts Saras and shoots Saras. Kumud is shocked as Saras falls. Kumud says Saras and cries, she says get up Saras. Pramad comes to them. Saras asks Kumud to leave. Kumud says no. Saras is badly wounded and lies unconscious. The next morning, Danny gives the documents to Vidyachatur and asks him to sign on the papers which states this house is their now. Vidyachatur says Saras does not know what he did for me, he has saved my house, this is my ancestral house, I don’t know how to thank him. Danny says you don’t have to thank your sons. Badimaa asks Danny how is Saras. Danny says he is fine.

Vidyachatur asks Danny to call Saras so that he can apologize to him. Danny says I will make you talk when he receives my call. Pramad

is running after Saras and Kumud. Saras and Kumud are trying to escape via the jungle. Pramad is looking out for them. Pramad says how long will you run, its your last day today. Kumud ties a cloth on Saras’s wound and cries. Saras says Kumud, he won’t be able to do anything to you. Kumud says us.. Saras looks at Kumud. Saras says lets go.

Kumud’s Mangalsutra gets stuck in a tree and Saras and Kumud tries to take it. Kumud breaks if off her neck and says lets go. Pramad sees that mangalsutra and comes to know Kumud was there at this spot. He says the bullet has hit someone, maybe Saras. He says Kumud won’t be alive now. Saras’s blood is oozing out. Kumud is worried, Saras says I will die but would not let anything happen to you. Kumud says look at me, nothing will happen to you. Danny calls Saras and Saras is about to take the call. Pramad hears the ringtone and is close by. Kumud and Saras has escaped. Pramad gets the phone. Pramad says where will you run now, I won’t leave you both.

Kumari asks Danny why is he worried. Danny says Pramad has not changed, he is cheating Kumud, Saras has heard Pramad and Kalika talking, and Kumud is not listening to Saras so Sars went to explain her. Kumari is shocked. Badimaa comes and asks what happened. Saras asks Kumud to leave soon, as Pramad might be coming. Kumud says I won’t go leaving you, nothing will happen to you. Pramad comes and finds them. He says Kumud is right, nothing will happen to you, as I will decide about your death.

Badimaa says such a cheat, Pramad, he was acting infront of us. She asks him to call Saras. Danny says I tried calling but he is not receiving. Badimaa asks him to try again. Danny calls them again and Pramad has the phone. Pramad laughs and says its Danny. Pramad talks to Danny and says your brother Saraswatichandra has died. Badimaa, Danny and Kumari are shocked.

Pramad taunts Saras and Kumud sees his true face. Pramad says you both will die together. Pramad aims at them with the gun. He says don’t be worried Kumud, he is still alive. Pramad tells Kumud about his plan to kill Kumud. He says now you see how Kumud dies infront of your eyes. Kumud thinks about Saras’s words and how Pramad cheated her. She sees a weapon and picks it up. She shouts Pramad and says you can’t touch Saras as I? m still alive, if you have guts, shoot me. Some women see them and Kumud warns Pramad and says today you will see my anger. She says I slapped Saras because of you and you tried to kill me. She says I will kill you if you hurt Saras. The women come and Pramad is caught. The women support Kumud and Pramad says I m going now Kumud, but remember I won’t leave you both. Pramad leaves. Kumud asks Saras to get up.

The women bring Saras and Kumud with them. Saras is unconscious. Kumud tries to wake him up and puts water on his face. He gets up. Kumud says look at me, I m safe. Saras asks Pramad. She says Pramad left, nothing happened to us. Saras asks Kumud to go home. She says I won’t leave you alone. She says listen to me, I have to take the bullet out of your hand, will you help me. Saras nods yes. Kumud gets a knife and goes to him. Kumud id nervous and Saras says look at me Kumud, you can do it Kumud. Kumari and Dannu try calling Saras and Kumud. Kumari says we should inform police. Badimaa says we don’t know whats happening there. Danny says it was Pramad’s voice. Badimaa says don’t hurry up, Pramad is Kumud’s husband. Danny says my brother’s life is at risk. Badimaa says you can’t go alone.

Kumud tries to remove the bullet and the song Rahe na Kuch bhi Darmiyaan ….. plays.. Kumud removes the bullet and Saras is dying with pain. He looks at Kumud and she smiles. Kumud hears some sound and they get worried. She says I will see and asks Saras to rest. She goes at the window with the weapon in her hand. She looks outside the window and its no one there. She comes back to Saras and Saras says listen to me Kumud, go home. Pramad can come anytime. Kumud says you listen to me, we will stay here for the night and think what to do in the morning. She cries. Saras sleeps.

Budhidhan tells Pramad’s mum that you know Pramad and Kumud will need some time, don’t call them, they will come soon. She says its morning now, they should have called us. Alak says they are not kids, talk to them when they come. Pramad comes home with some fake wounds. His mum rushed to him. Alak asks where is Kumud. Pramad says she ran away with her lover Saraswatichandra. Everyone are shocked.

Pramad speaks ill about Kumud’s character. Few people gather and asks Kumud to give Agni pariksha. Kumud says I won’t give Agni parikshar for this Ravan.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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