Saraswatichandra 14th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 14th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saras and Anushka coming out. Danny says I would have killed Prashant if you did not stop me, I was angry seeing him. Saras says even I wanted to, but Kumud is right, we have to punish him by getting the proof. Kumud says don’t know what happened with that girl, we have to punish him. Saras says I spoke to Pooja’s mum, she thinks she is alive, don’t know how will she accept this truth. Kumud says we have to get justice for Pooja. Anushka says he has to go to jail. Saras says not only him, his friend too, who has hit me on behind. Danny says where will we get proof. Kabir says he was taken the big proof which was the skeleton. Saras says Pooja, now she will make Prashant admit his crime.

Danny asks how, I did not understand. Anushka says what is he saying. Saras

says even Prashant won’t know it now, now he will lose his senses. Yash asks Vidyachatur to have something. Everyone insists and he refuses. He says till I get some info about Saras, I won’t. Kumud calls him and he asks did Saras come. Saras talks to him and says where would I go then Kaka. Everyone is glad that Saras is back. He asks where did you go without telling anyone. Saras says sorry Kaka. Badimaa says ask him what happened. Saras says tell everyone we both are fine, Danny, Kabir and Anushka also came here. Vidyachatur thanks the Lord.

Badimaa takes the phone and asks how can you go like this, we are shocked. Saras says I m fine. Badimaa says nothing is fine, else you would have not gone leaving Kumud alone. He says now I m back, everything is fine. She says I will go to temple today. Vidyachatur says Saras, you come home and I will beat you, we all were not eating, I had a bet with Lord that I die or you come home. Saras asks him to have food and he asks Guniyal to give food. He says see I m eating being happy. Saras smiles and gives phone to Kumud.

Kumud says I m annoyed, don’t do this again, else I won’t talk to you. Vidyachatur says no. Saras takes the phone back and says we will be back but one thing is left, we have to complete it. Vidyachatur says keep in touch. Saras says nothing will happen to us till your blessings are with us. He ends the call. Kumud comes to Saras and sees him thinking. They hold hands. She cries and he wipes her tears. She touches his neck and he irks by pain. O piya…………..plays…………… She applies ointment to his wounds. She blows on his neck and he looks at her. Kumud cries holding him and feeling his pain. She apologizes for all this wounds.

He says you did not know about Prashant’s bad sights. You did not know this, he acted infront of me and you. She says you tried to tell me and I did not believe you. He consoles her and says even I did many mistakes, you know I trust you more than myself. He hugs her. Danny comes and sees them hugging and crying. He knocks the door. Saras says come. Danny asks will this work and shows a stone. Saras says yes.

Prashant wakes up as someone rings the door bell. He says who will be it at night, and smiles thinking its Kumud. He goes to see and surprised seeing Mahesh. He asks what happened. Mahesh says I saw Pooja. Prashant says what, you are mad with fear, you know she is dead. Mahesh says I saw her same clothes, eyes. I m saying the truth, she was Pooja. He thinks how someone threw a stone on his window. The FB scene shows Mahesh seeing out of the window and seeing a girl in black gown. He is shocked seeing her and says how it can be Pooja and runs to Prashant.

Prashant says this is your imagination, you might have seen someone else. He asks where is Bhabhi. Mahesh says she is not at home, but at her Maayka. Prashant says so you got scared. Mahesh says it was Pooja. Prashant says there is no ghost type thing. Mahesh says trust me, it was Pooja. Prashant says I will drop you home, come with me, relax, Pooja is dead, you know this, go and try to sleep, I will meet you in morning. Kabir sees this and goes in Prashant’s flat. Prashant comes back and rests on his bed saying Mahesh is a coward and an idiot. He sees a note on the mirror that Prashant I m back to reveal your secrets. Prashant reads it and wipes it.

Prashant says who will dare to scare me in my home, Mr Vyas, no he can’t be, did he run from there. He says no one else knows this thing. He says I will go and check in morning. Kumud comes to Prashant in morning and asks her to come with her to police station to take the complaint back. He says I have some work, can you go with your brother in law. She says they don’t know Mumbai. He says I will finish my work soon and come. He comes to the godown and sees Saras lying on the ground, saying water please…………. He thinks if Saras is here, then who is trying to scare me and Mahesh, who is it.

Anushka asks Danny not to chill as Prashant will come anytime. They are at Prashant’s home. Danny says no, he will be shocked seeing Saras. Anushka says yes, daring man, he is doing very well. Danny says yes, Kabir made the extra key from his home, then wrote a message on the mirror. Kabir looked for the house keys and got their impression. Danny says Kabir is expert in thief things. She asks are you complimenting or insulting him. He asks did you feel bad. She says no. he says I was saying he is very smart. She says lets do our work fast. Kabir opens Prashant’s car’s bonnet and damages it. Prashant walks towards him.

Anushka tells Danny he forgot his phone at Prashant’s flat. Prashant’s feet touches it and he looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. WOW epi ws great I just hope tht their plan has to work out or else tht DAME PRASHANT will be free outside planning to make another victim like POOJA 😐

    1. Its jus a serial .. Y to take Si much tension ! Don’t worry Saras Wil fight dishum dishum wid Prashanth k baby 😀

  2. can’t wait for tomorrow

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