Saraswatichandra 14th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Saraswatichandra 14th February 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 14th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kalika paying a man his money. He stops her and asks whats this, only Rs. 5000. She says I had this much. He says but I gave you much time. She says give me one chance, I will give you the money soon. He says next week, my men will come to take the money. He leaves. Kalika says one week, how will I arrange the money, even Yash does not give me money. She says I think I have to arrange it by some other means. Laxminandan is leaving thinking about Saras’s words. The tattooed guy follows him. Saras and Kumud are still celebrating the Valentines. Kusum calls Kumud and asks her to come home saying Laxminandan left. Saras asks what happened.

Kumud says lets go home. Saras asks what did Kusum say. Kumud says Nandu kaka keft. Saras is shocked and says

what should I do now. Kumud says take me home. Kumud thinks why did Kaka went, did he not trust me. Laxminandan stops his car to make a call. He says why is Ghuman’s phone not connecting. He calls the servant and asks about Ghuman, he says tell her I m coming tomorrow. The guy puts some nails on the road. Laxminandan’s car’s tyres go flat. His car stops. He gets out of the car to check what happened. He looks at the punctured tyres. The guy says your time is up Mr. Laxminandan Vyas. Laxminandan says how will I reach to airport on time. He knocks down Laxminandan. Laxminandan falls and bleeds. He looks at the guy who steps out of his car.

The guy says lots of blood here, let me clean it. He puts water on his face. He says you are alive, I won’t let you die so easily. He says top industrialist is on the road. The guy smiles and leaves. Laxminandan says Saras……… Saras and Kumud are leaving to go home. Saras is upset. He gets a call from Danny who tells him about Laxminandan’s accident. Saras is shocked. Danny asks him to reach city hospital soon. Kumud asks what happened Saras, tell me. Saras drives and says dad met with an accident, he is critical. Kumud gets worried.

Kumud says nothing will happen to him. Everyone are in the hospital. Danny cries seeing Laxminandan. The doctors says we have to do this operation soon, arrange the blood. Saras and Kumud come there. Danny tells Saras. Saras says don’t worry. Saras sees Laxminandan and cries. He thinks of his behavior with his dad. The operation starts. Danny hugs Saras and cries. Danny then hugs Kusum. Kumud comes to Saras. Everyone cry.

Yash calls Kalika and tells her everything. Kalika informs Yash’s mum and says Laxminandan is critical. Yash’s mum says this happened soon after Saras and Kumud’s marriage. Kalika says you stay here, I will go to do some work. Kalika thinks that Yash’s mum is alone at home, so its a golden chance for her. Kalika comes to Yash’s mum’s room and steals a necklace from her cupboard. She calls that man and says I took Rs. 1 lakh from you, but this time I will pay you Rs. 3 lakhs, I wnat to bet in India. Everyone wait outside the operation theatre.

Vidyachatur says he was very sad when he left from home, I wish nothing bad happens with him. Guniyal says nothing will happen, now Saras is also here. Yash asks how did this happen, the nurse said a man left him here. Badimaa asks where is Saras, do he know why did his dad left, he won’t be able to hold himself, go to him Kumud. Kumud comes to Saras. Saras says I m fine. Kumud says you are more afraid than us, don’t hide your fears, nothing will happen to Kaka, he will be fine. She holds his hands. The guy watches them sitting there.

Danny asks how is my dad. The doctor says he is critical.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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