Saraswatichandra 13th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 13th March 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 13th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kumud tellung Kusum that Ghuman has not accepted you by heart. Kusum talks in Ghuman’s support and says don’t doubt on her. She says the situation is bad that makes her like this, but I know she has accepted me, I felt this. Kumud says listen to me but Kuusm does not. Ghuman asks Danny to have food as she has packed the tiffin for hospital. Kusum smiles. Saras asks Kumud what happened, why are you not eating. Kumud says I will eat later.

Danny asks Saras to go and he will come later. Danny is worried. He goes to Saras and hugs him. Saras asks what happened. Danny says there is no problem. Saras says you know I can do anything for you, tell me if there is anything. Danny gets Kabir’s message and says nothing. Saras says we will have lunch together,

call me after your work ends. Danny says fine. Saras leaves for factory. Danny comes for the meeting. The man shows him some samples. Danny checks it well pulling and burning the threads. He says your quality is perfect, whats the price. The man tells him his last quote. Danny bargains and gives his quote for the deal. The man says ok the deal is done, you have good sense in clothes, I m glad to see young lot like you. Danny says nice meeting you and leaves.

Kusum tells Vidyachatur that she is coming to his house. She tellls Ghuman and Kumud that she is going. Kumud looks at Ghuman and stops her. Kumud argues with her. Kumud says you are trying to break Danny’s marriage, what were you doing with Kalika. You have sent Kalika in Kusum’s clothes so that Danny thinks Kusum went to see Saras at the site, but the Lord flopped your game. How can any mum be so selfish to ruin her son’s life, why are you playing with his life. Ghuman gets angry and says till I get my son back. She says he is my blood, you both can’t be important to him, he can’t ruin his life here in this village, I have the answer, its yes, I have did all this.

She says what will you do knowing the truth, even Danny and Kusum won’t believe you, now you have only Saras to support you. She says if you trust Kusum’s love, then fight with me without anyone’s help alone. Tell me do you have guts? Kumud comes to her room and thinks Ghuman challenged me to fight, but its about their lives, I have to tell Saras everything. Saras comes and says you look tired, sit here. He says I m seeing you are worried since some days, I m sorry, I m unable to give you time. She says we always loved each other being far, I don’t have any complaints. He says you should have, now we are husband and wife, you have right on me. He says I promise I will give you my time.

He says get ready, we are going out, don’t worry about work, Kabir joined us, he will manage. She says I need to talk to you. He does not listen and says get ready. Ghuman comes to meet Kabir. Kabir smiles and they have a talk. He says I came to give you good news, Danny’s first meeting was successful, congrats. She says what I want did not happen. He says it will take time. She says Danny is falling in Kusum’s love and Kumud keeps an eye on him. He says so make Kumud stay away. She says will you be able to do that. He says yes. He flirts with her. She says you are flirting. He says no, I was praising your beauty.
Kumud gets busy and Saras leaves. The principal calls Kumud and says someone arranged picnic for our school kids and we have to go today as there is handicrafts exhibition, the kids and their parents are very happy. Kumud says today? Fine, I m coming. Kumud tells this to Saras. Saras is upset. Kusum says don’t worry about home, I m here. Ghuman says I m here for Kusum. Kumud says Saras listen to me. He says I don’t want to. She says its important. He says fine say. Someone rings the door bell and its a bus driver who asks Kumud to come soon.

Kumud asks Saras to wait for her. Saras says ok teacher. He says I wish I was her student. Kusum hears this and laughs. Ghuman says I m impressed Kabir, this idea is great. She smiles thinking she is using Kabir. Saras talks to himself and says I cancelled my meeting to take her out but she went on picnic.

Ghuman asks Kusum to cut some fruits for her. Kusum says take rest, I will bring fruits to your room. Ghuman asks when will Kumud come. Kusum says don’t know. Ghuman shares about Danny’s school picnic where Laxminandan came to surprise her and Danny. Kusum says I did not think he was so romantic. Kusum comes to Saras and sees him upset. She says tea. Saras says thanks, I needed it. She gives him Ghuman’s idea to go to Kumud and follow her buy car to take her on date. Saras says no, kids are there, it won’t look good. Kusum says its great idea, go and surprise her. He says yes, thanks and leaves. Kusum smiles.

Ghuman asks Kabir to stop Danny for sometime. Kabir says she is Laxminandan’s wife but today she will show her real face.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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