Saraswatichandra 13th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Saraswatichandra 13th February 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 13th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Saras and Kumud finding the life partner of the bird. Saras makes sounds to attract the bird. They look around for the love bird. Saras says I think we are overthinking, maybe he is alone. Kumud says think, if I was not with you today. Saras says don’t say this, I can’t think of living without you. The bird makes sounds. Saras and Kumud talk to the bird and laughs. Saras says lets find his Kumud. Kumud says lets see, sound is coming. They look around following the sound.

Danny comes home from office tired. Kusum asks him about the valentine’s surprise. He says sorry Kusum, I m tired, bring my pink shirt from the terrace, I have to go for the meeting. She says wear something else, why this. She is annoyed and says I m mad to dream since morning.

Danny smiles. Kusum says look at Saras, he did not remember about his valentines and still took Kumud out. She comes on the terrace and is happy seeing the surprise. The terrace is decorated well. She smiles and says Danny.

Danny comes to her and says at your service madam, sit. He offers her food which he made himself watching the recipe on net. She asks when did you do this. He says when you were angry on me. She asks when did you come home and decorate. He says I came here when Saras jumped in Kumud’s room’s window. He says I got a gift and you will get, before that close your eyes. She closes her eyes. He makes her wear a diamond ring. Kusum is much happy. He says I promise, I will give you diamonds on every valentine. He wishes her happy valentine’s day.

Saras and Kumud are still looking out for the bird. They finally find it with a bird catcher. Kumud asks him to give her the bird. She says don’t trap them, leave them free. Saras says its valentine’s day today, make them free, they are love birds. He says give that one to me. Kumud says we have saved him. Saras says you want money, I will pay you. Saras says why will we give money, its illegal, I will call the police. The man says call them and asks them to leave else he will kick them in any river. Saras says lets go Kumud. Kumud says I will inform the police.

Kumud says what happened to you Saras, I know you are not afraid. Saras says we will unite them, one min. He says come with me silently, as the man moves, we will take the cage and run. The man rests turning, Saras puts the man in the net. Kumud takes the other bird. The man says I need food for my kids and I need money. Saras says do work then. He says no one gives work to illiterate people. Saras gives him his card and says you will get a job there, come tomorrow to my factory. The man gets happy. Kumud says promise you won’t catch birds again. The man apologizes to Saras and thanks them. They have a laugh.

Danny makes her eat by his hands. He holds her hands. Laxminandan is leaving. He gets a call from unknown number. The tattaooed guy taunts Laxminandan and ends the call. Laxminandan is worried that its the same man who has sent the letter. The guy says I will come back soon. He puts red ink on Laxminandan’s photo.

Saras says let the birds celebrate their valentines. They free the birds and they fly. Kumud and Saras smile. Saras says lets go now. Kusum is happily having lunch with Danny. They eat from the same plate. She teases him. She takes the pulao from him. He says even I need it.Laxminandan tells Vidyachatur what does that guy want. Vidyachatur asks Laxminandan to stay for some days. Dada ji says you should stay here. Saras will accept you one day. Laxminandan says Saras did not forget about his mum’s death, his mood spoils seeing me, I don’t want to see him in pain. I want to see Kumud and Saras happy.

Dada ji says their family is incomplete without you. Laxminandan says I m not worried about Saras, as I m leaving him here with all of you. Vidyachatur says your wish, Saras’s love will bring you back. Laxminandan shows a family drawing which Saras made. He asks Vidyachatur to give him to Saras. He says this is new company’s papers for Danny and Saras, give him. He says I m living both of my sons as your responsibility. And this letter which I wrote for Saras. Give him, I will leave now. Vidyachatur cries and hugs him. Laxminandan leaves.

Saras and Kumud spend their time near a lake. Saras says we should have lunch, I organized a special lunch in hotel. She says lets sit here, its so peaceful. He says walk till the car. She asks why. He says will tell you, come. He gives her a gift an wishes her happy valentine’s day. Piya……….. plays…….. She opens the gift and its a bag. She smiles and says my bag got old, this is veru beautiful. He says everything will be new in our life now. He asks where is my gift. She says close your eyes. He says fine, closed. She gifts him. He opens the gift and its their drawing.

She says I always made your single photo, today first time I saw us together and made this drawing. Saras touches it. She says now I m sure this is our new beginning and we will always be together and happy. Saras says I will always keep this safe, its very nice. He says we did a good start right. She smiles and says very nice, look there. They see the love birds and smile. Saras hugs her.

The tattooed guy hits Laxminandan by his car. Laxminandan is badly hurt and bleeds fallen on the ground. He tries to look at that guy.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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