Saraswatichandra 12th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 12th March 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 12th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Saras on the site talking to the site manager. He gets Kumud’s call aand asks what happened. Kumud says I need to talk to you, you asked Kabir to work with you. I feel you are trusting him much soon. he says Kabir is talented. She says his face changes, I can’t trust him, it seems he has something in his mind. Saras says I don’t doubt on him. Saras gets annoyed. Ghuman hears Kumud talking. Kumud says I m going home for some hours. Ghuman smiles. Danny thinks about Saras’s words. He thinks about Kabir’s words that he took loan for this project. Ghuman comes and asks where is Kusum. Danny says she has head ache so she is resting. Ghuman says give this tiffin to Saras, he has not eaten anything, Kumud is also not at home. Danny is happy that Ghuman cares

for Saras. He says I will inform Kusum. She says let her rest, I will tell her. Danny smiles and leaves happily.

Ghuman comes to Kusum and asks how are you now. Kusum says I have headache, I don’t remember when I had the Bhaang. Ghuman says lets go to mandir for aarti, I have made Mannay for you and Danny. Kusum smiles. Ghuman takes a saree and asks her to change. Kusum says I will just come. Ghuman takes her phone and keeps it under the pillow. She calls Kalika and asks her is it done. Kalika says I m ready. Ghuman says good, we are also ready. Ghuman and Kusum are going to the temple. Kusum says I don’t know where I kept my phone. Ghuman says don’t worry, I will make you talk to Danny. She says I forgot the Chadava at home, I will bring it. Kusum says I will bring. Ghuman says no, its your mannat, go to the temple, I will bring it.

Danny comes to the school site with the tiffin and calls Kusum. He says it seems she is still sleeping. he thinks of her words. He sees someone in Kusum’s saree and thinks its Kusum. He says maybe mom said I came on site. He calls Ghuman and says did you tell Kusum that I came on site. She says no, why. He says did she tell you where did she go. Ghuman ends the call. Danny says Kusum is lying to me, no it can’t be, she can’t lie to me, why will she. He sees the woman hiding her face and leaving. He says why is she hiding the face, why did she meet Saras like this, whats going on. He starts doubting on Saras and Kusum again. He says everything is a cheat. He sees the woman getting picked by some goons. Ghuman calls Danny and he says I will call you later, some goons caught Kusum.

Danny comes to rescue Kalika thinking she is Kusum. Danny sees Saras coming from outside. He says whom did Kusum come to meet. He sees its Kalika. The goons say that she has taken money from us, give us money and take her. Ghuman comes and comes to rescue Danny. The goons asks for money. Ghuman gives them money. The goons leave. Danny’s misunderstanding got clear. Danny says I m fine, why did you give money to them. Ghuman says they were dangerous, if anything happened to you then. Saras asks Kalika who were they and why did she take money from them. Kalika thinks how to telk them about my betting. Danny asks what were you doing here. Saras asks Kalika to tell the truth.

Ghuman saves her and says ask her later. Saras asks what are you doing here. Ghuman says Danny told me that Kusum is caught by goons, Kusum went to temple so I came here. Danny asks Kalika why are you wearing Kusum’s saree. Kalika says its not Kusum, its like her, I bought it. She says I was going from here, so I stopped to see the work going on. She lies and says I gave them money back. Saras asks why did you take money from them. Ghuman takes Kalika and leaves. Saras says she is lying, there is something wrong. Danny looks at Saras and thinks I again doubted on Kusum and Saras, how could I, what happened to me.

Kusum waits for Ghuman outside the temple. She sees Danny coming. Danny comes to her and she smiles seeing him. Danny feels guilty. She says you here, what happened. She says lets go home and talk. Danny says I don’t deserve you love, he says I doubted on you and hurt you so much, I m ashamed to apologize. She says I don’t think so. She says when everyone did not believe me, you believed me, I would have not rectified by mistake, I m happy with you, don’t think this again.

Ghuman scolds Kalika. Kumud sees Kalika with Ghuman talking. Kalika apologizes to Ghuman and says give me once more chance. Ghuman asks her to get out and not tell anyone about this. Kumud thinks why is Kalika wearing Kusum’s clothes, what is Maa doing with her. Kalika leaves. Kumud comes home and Saras sees her. Saras sees her mood spoiled and says sorry. He says I know I should have not spoke like that, I m sorry. He says the day was strange. He tells her everything what happened, Kalika came on site and etc. Kumud is shocked. He says its good Danny and I were there, else the goons would have not left her.

Ghuman says my plan flopped, don’t know Kabir will really help or not. Kabir calls her and says I have long age, you were thinking about me right. He says its Danny’s first meeting of the business which he is doing without Saras. He says once Saras knows about it, Danny will be away from him and come to you. He says once your work is over, then you can praise me, then fulfill your promise. She asks what do you want. He says let the work happen, then I will ask what I want. He says red suits you a lot as she holds a red saree. She is shocked and looks around. He says anyways take care, bye.


Kumud tells Kusum that Ghuman does not want to accept you so she is creating misunderstanding between you and Danny.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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    But why did u marry an ugly guy real life / KSG?
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