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Saraswatichandra 12th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saras coming out of the godown and tries to get an auto. Prashant says sorry Kumud ji, you had to worry because of me. She says no, you helped me a lot. He says go and rest, we will go to police station in evening. She thanks him and goes. Prashant thinks today inspector saved you, but next time, you have to be mine. Saras tries to get a mobile to call Kumud. Kumud cries Saras’ pic and asks him to come back as she can’t live without him. She hugs the pic and says please come Saras. Prashant sees this through binoculars and says enough crying for him, now I won’t give you time to mourn for his death. Kumud sleeps.

Danny, Kabir and Anushka are on the way. She says we will reach in 30mins. Danny calls Kumud and can’t connect. He says her phone is off. She says

I feel something is wrong, Saras can’t do this. Kabir too says the same. Anushka says good happens with good people, don’t worry. Someone comes and opens the door walking towards Kumud while she is asleep. Kumud wakes up by the touch and sees Saras. Rahe na kuch bhi darmiyaan………..plays…………. She hugs him crying.

She sees the blood and asks what is this, what happened, how did you get hurt. He says first close all the curtains fast, hurry up. She says what. He says go. She does it and comes to him. Saras holds his aching head. She says I will bring juice for you. Saras sees the wall repaired again. She brings juice and he drinks it quickly. She asks where did you go. He says listen to me carefully……. Prashant talks to Mahesh. Mahesh says what will you do with Kumud, its big risk. Prashant says its my plan, she needs my support, she has broken and I m just helping her.

He says I want a small favor from her for this help. He tries to look through the binoculars and says why did she keep the curtains spread, what is happening. Kumud says Prashant? Did he fall so low? Saras tells her about Sanjana, who told her about Pooja. She says yes, guard told me, so I went to meet her but she said she did not meet you. Saras says maybe Prashant has threatened her. She asks why. He tells her everything what happened that day and that Pooja’s face matches her. He says when I met Sanjana and she went, I spoke to Pooja’s mum.

He says you said you saw a crack in this wall. She says yes. He says when we saw it in morning, the crack was not there. He says before I went, I broke this wall, Prashant has repaired this again. She asks why. He says you can’t imagine whats in this wall. She asks what. He says Pooja’s dead body and she is shocked. He says I m sure that’s Pooja and Prashant killed her and hidden here, I wanted to tell you and he has disconnected the phone, I reached there and he met me. He says how Mahesh and Prashant have attacked him and kidnapped him locking him in godown.

Saras says I m really sorry, I should have not leave you alone. She says whats all this, how can that man do this with a girl. Saras says that devil can do anything, come with me. Prashant tries to peep in the house and says there is someone with her. Mahesh says who can it be.

Saras says we will tell police about Prashant soon. He breaks the wall again. Kumud says there is nothing here. Saras says maybe Prashant has shifted it. She says we will punish him for what he did. He says don’t worry, he will be punished. The door bell rings. Saras says its Prashant, I will not leave him today. Kumud stops him. Vidyachatur asks about Saras. He says Kumud kept telling me that if she goes far, something bad happens, but we did not understand her. Yash’s mum says Lord will make everything fine. Yash says they have faced many problems and they have won always.

Kusum says Shiv ji chose Saras for Kumud, nothing will happen to him, he will come back. Badimaa says time has tested them a lot. We should trust their fate. Badimaa is herself worried and losing patience. She prays to Lord to send them back home safe. Prashant rings the bell and knocks calling Kumud, He tries to see through the glasses and gets tensed saying who is with her inside. He is about to use duplicate key, and just then Kumud opens the door. He hides the key. She says you. He says why did you open the door late. She says I was in bathroom. He sees inside.

She asks what happened. He asks is there anyone here, I went in balcony and saw a shadow, I m afraid and came to ask you is everything fine. He asks why is the curtains shut. She says I wanted to rest. He says I feel there is someone here. He goes inside and is shocked to see Danny and Kabir. He does not know them. Danny and Kabir walk to him. Prsahant says you. She says they are Saras’ brothers Danny and Kabir. Kumud thinks how she has stopped Saras saying they have to expose Prashant by plan, and she opens the door. Danny, Kabir and Anushka come in. Kumud tells Prashant that she called them here for Saras search. She says this is our landlord Prashant, he is a very good man. Danny says right, I heard a lot about you, thanks for what you did for them.

Prashant thinks why did they come now, my plan was going smoothly. He asks about Saras. Danny says don’t worry, he will be back. Kabir says he went on his own and will come back on his own, but he woould have called if he worries for Kumud. Danny and Kabir ask Kumud to take her report back. Prashant thinks now Kumud has to agree as they are saying it now. He says yes Kumud ji, he will be back by his wish. Danny says it may happen he comes back soon. Kabir says now you don’t worry about her, we are here now. Prashant thinks good, its good for me. He says I will leave. Danny asks him to have tea. Prashant says I m busy today, anytime later. He leaves. Saras and Anushka come out. Saras shows anger on his face and everyone looks at him.

Kumud says we have to get justice for Pooja. Saras says even Mahesh is involved. Danny says where is the proof. Kabir says he took off the skeleton also. Saras says now Pooja will make him admit his crime.

Update Credit to: Amena

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