Saraswatichandra 12th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 12th July 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 12th July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kumud sensing Saras around her. Saras calls for help. He sees Kumud and shouts Kumud. Budhidhan’s daughter sees Saras fallen on the road. Her driver sees Saras and tells her the man is wounded.

Kumud’s parents and Badimaa are crying because Kumud left. Badimaa says Kumud took this’s shine with her. Badimaa gets sad, she says we still have two daughters. Kumari comes and asks Badimaa to make her eat food. Badimaa takes her and leaves. Guniyal says I wish I could make Kumud eat today with my hands. She left our house and went to a new house, how will she manage in a new house. Vidyachatur says our blessings are with her, it will work for her. We should pray that she gets much happiness in her new life and Saras should not come infront of her. Budhidhan’s

daughter says we have to serve the people, take this man home, we will call the doctor at home. They take Saras with them. She looks at Saras.

Kumud is crying by looking at the payal. Budhidhan’s wife welcomes Kumud at her house. She does the couple’s tilak and follows some rituals. She asks Kumud to hit the kalash and come inside. Kumud comes inside the house. Even Saras enters the house. He is taken to guests room. Kumud turns and sees no one. Budhidhan’s daughter says her mum that someone was wounded by a accident, I will later everything later. Kumari and Kusum are getting emotional as they are missing Kumud. Kumari says no one wanted to laugh today. Kusum cries along with Kumari. Kusum asks Kumari to be with her in this room.

Kusum says Kumud does not know those people, how will she manage. Saras did not do right. Kumari says forget him, we should not see his face again. Saras is being treated by a doctor. Budhidhan’s daughter asks the doctor how he is. The doctor says he is fine, if he need medical attention, bring him tomorrow at the hospital. She asks someone to be with Saras.
Kumud is in her room alone crying. She still has the payal in her hands. A servant comes and asks can he come in, he gives her luggage and leaves. Kumud gets up from the bed and undo her belongings. She sees the white cloth and thinks of Saras. She smiles thinking of him. She then thinks about Saras’s bitter words that he is breaking his relation with her, she cries. She thinks you were not mine, you broke my heart second time. She thinks now she has to go with time.

Kumud keeps the white cloth inside the cupboard. Saras is in guests room. Kumud sits back on the bed with her ghunghat covering her. She looks at the watch and waits for the groom.
Its two o’clock and she is feeling sleepy. Pramad enters the room in a drunken state. He comes to her and lifts her ghunghat. Kumud looks at him. He stares at her and smiles. Kumud gets the wine’s smell from him and turns. He says now we have to be together so we should know each other. He holds her hand and says come and pulls her out of the bed. He says come with me and pulls her. He makes her sit in the car and takes her somewhere. Kumud is tensed. He drives in a drunken state. He brings him somewhere and tells her I’m like this. Look at me and understand. I did not marry you, I had to marry you against my wish. My dad has chosen you for me. So you are his bahu, but not my wife. Kumud gets shocked.
He says for me you are like a waste item, whom I would never touch. He says items do not speak, so shut your mouth always and never question me. I don’t answer anyone. He says be away from me and never expect me to become your husband. Kumud moves backwards and is about to fall, he holds her hand and saves her. He says if you move backwards, it will be a problem you, he wishes her happy wedding and laughs loudly. Kumud is speechless.

Pramad comes to the room with Kumud and throws a pillow on her face and asks her to sleep. He sleeps and Kumud stands sad.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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