Saraswatichandra 11th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Saraswatichandra 11th October 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 11th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Pramad leaving with Kumud. He asks Kumud are you happy. Saras comes to Budhidhan and Budhidhan says you should have not come here. Pramad’s mum says my son has a big heart that he has forgiven you. Budhidhan and his wife asks Saras to leave. Budhidhan says I trusted you blindly but you ditched me. He says leave from here. Alak sees Saras.

Pramad and Kumud are on the way. Pramad messages Kalika that Saras has come and should not reach him. Saras thinks where could he find Kumud. Saras says I want to meet Kumud or Pramad. Alak supports him and says even I don’t know how Pramad changed suddenly. Saras says why can’t your parents understand this. Alak says they sacrificed me for Pramad’s sake and forced me to marry Inkesh. She says they

are blind in Pramad’s love. She says Pramad took Kumud with him and no one knows where. She helps him and gives him the car’s keys and asks him to follow them. Saras thanks her.

Saras meets Kalika on the way and asks him where did Pramad took Kumud. Kalika says stop Pramad, else he will kill Kumud. Saras says why are you saying me, you also wanted to kill Kumud. She says yes, because I went mad, I can’t live without Pramad. She says if he kills Kumud, he will he hanged and I will die. She says I m helping you for Pramad’s sake. She gives him the address where Pramad took Kumud and asks him to go soon. Saras stops her and says you also come with me. She says I can’t come there, if Pramad sees me, he will kill me. Saras says if you don’t come with me, I will kill you. He takes her with him.

Pramad brings Kumud to a hotel. Kumud sees the room and looks at him. He speaks sweetly and welcomes her in the room. He stops Kumud and says I will be back. The bed is decorated with flowers. Kumud is tensed seeing all that. He throws flowers on the floor and makes a way. He says come now. He closes the door. Kumud smiles and walks on the flowers. He makes her sit and says I will be back Kumud.

Saras and Kalika are on the way. Kalika says we will reach soon. Pramad calls Kalila and she cuts the call. Kalika thinks how to inform Pramad that she is with Saras. Saras stops the car and asks Kalika to step out. He asks stop this drama and tell me where he took Kumud. Kalika says Kumud would have gone far from you till now. Saras hurts Kalika and asks tell me where are they. Kalika says I will tell you. He puts her back in the car with anger and drives. Pramad calls Kalika again. Saras takes her phone and throws it outside. Pramad thinks why is Kalika cutting his call.

Pramad comes to Kumud and says why are you tensed Kumud, is everything fine, I will bring water for you. The water falls and Pramad says you sit, I will clean it up. He says we are together for some days but today I feel I did not see a beautiful girl like you. He touches her hair and Kumud starts getting nervous….. He lifts her in his arms and makes her rest on the bed. Pramad goes closer to her and Kumud thinks how he once misbehaved with her. He makes her recollect what he did with her before. As he gets closer, Kumud stops him and turns. He asks what happened. She says Pramad, I won’t be able to …. He says give yourself to me, as we have only tonight.

Saras is still on the way. Kalika tries to jump from the car. Saras asks for directions and she misleads him. Pramad asks Kumud to become his wife and be dutiful towards him. Kumud says sorry Pramad, but I can’t do this, I still need time. Pramad says I know who is stopping you. She says no one, but you. She says what happened last time, I m unable to forget, so I need some time. He says if I can forget everything for you, then why can’t you. He says you don’t want to come closer to me, as you still love Saraswatichandra, I can see it in your eyes. He burns the curtains and says if you can’t become my wife and can’t love me, you don’t have any right to live. He shows his true side to her and uses abusive language. Kumud is shocked.

He says what do you think, I m mad to forgive you. He burns the whole room. He says what did you think, Kalila ran on her own, I made her run so that you trust me. He says I left Kalika and wine, so that when I kill you, no one doubts on me. Kumud is shocked. He says everyone will think that Saras has killed you as you did not become his. Pramad laughs. Kumud sees the fire and cries. Pramad signs bye and laughs and leaves. Kumud shouts Pramad…. Kumud cries and says this is the punishment for not trusting you, forgive me Saras. Pramad looks at Kumud from outside the door. Saras comes (superb timing!!) and hits Pramad and breaks the door. Pramad falls. (He falls as if he was made of cotton, so light LOL!!) He sees Kumud in the fire and is shocked. (Saras’s expressions are mind blowing, the way he feels Kumud’s pain reflects on his face!!)

Kumud sees Saras and Pramad gets up and fights with Saras. Saras beats Pramad (with much intensity!!) Pramad falls again. Saras runs to Kumud and says don’t worry, I have come. Saras’s shirt catches fire. He removes it. Kumud gets hurt and shouts Aah…. He covers her with a blanket and Kuch na Kahe…. Bas Chup Rahe…. plays while the lovers look at each other. Kumud cries and looks at Saras. (Saras looks dashing in the black vest!!) Saras rescues Kumud and sees she is fainting. He lifts her and steps over Pramad and brings her out. Pramad wakes up.

Pramad shoots Saras and Saras falls. Saras asks Kumud to go. Kumud is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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