Saraswatichandra 11th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 11th March 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 11th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kusum looking out for Saras. She says I have to apply color to you, where are you. Ghuman follows her. Kusum asks the kids about Saras. Kusum comes to Yash and asks for Saras. Yash says I have not seen him. Badimaa asks Kusum whom are you finding. Kusum says Saras. Badimaa says he went to terrace. Kusum sees Danny and applies color to him. She says you are here, don’t go away from me, be with me, I miss you. Ghuman is shocked that Kusum is saying this to Saras. She thinks Kusum is really mad about Saras, I will bring Danny. Kusum says I love you. Danny says I love you too. Ghuman is shocked to see Kusum hugging Danny. Kumud takes their photo and teases them.

Kumud says I will show this photo to everyone. Kumud sees Ghuman and says you here. Ghuman says

I have some work with Kusum. She asks Danny what is he doing here, you went to take camera. Danny says Kumud said Saras already brought the camera. Danny asks Kumud to give the camera to Ghuman. Kusum says I m happy and fine. She sees the photo and shows it to Danny. Saras comes there calling Kumud. Kusum applies holi to Saras. Saras says whats wrong, did you make her drink Bhaang. Danny says I did not. Saras says its wrong Kumud. Kumud says even I did not. Saras says then who made her drink. Kusum laughs. Kumud says Saras did you do this. Danny says I can’t doubt Saras.

Saras asks Danny to take care of Kusum as she is his wife. Ghuman gets jealous seeing everyone happy. She says Kumud will keep the relations intact but I will take my son with me, its my promise. Ghuman hears Kalika talking to that loan giver guy. Kalika is shocked to see Ghuman. Kusum wishes happy holi to Saras. Saras says this is the 26th time. Kusum laughs a lot. Kumud and Danny hold her and take her to the room. Kusum says we all are flying, I won’t go up. Saras smiles. The scene is very cute. Kumud looks at Ghuman and smiles. Ghuman thinks I will prove what I want to.

Danny and Kusum come in their room. Kusum says I don’t have any Bhaang effect. Danny says closse your eyes, I m with you. He says see its our room. She says yes, you are a magician, we came home, come lets go to moon. He says we will go tomorrow, now you take rest. Danny says I will bring lemon water for you. She holds his hand and says when I see you with love, you look very sweet and when you are stubborn, you look more sweet and cute. She says don’t go please. She says I want to see you in dream. She says I love you Danny. She closes her eyes. He says when you say this, it looks like you are telling for the first time. She sleeps.

Saras and Kumud are together. Saras says don’t worry about Kusum, she is fine. Kumud thinks if I tell him about Ghuman, he will go to ask her and things will get complicated. Saras gets closer to Kumud. Mann ke Dor………….. plays………….. He says I told you the color of my love will not fade so soon. She smiles.

Kabir comes to meet Danny and asks about Kusum. Danny says she is fine now, sleeping. Danny says its good you came, I need to talk to you. Saras comes and says I was thinking about you. Kabir brings sweets. Kabir looks at Ghuman. Kumud sees them staring at each other in mirror. Kabir acts sweet and says I won’t go till your dad becomes fine, I m thinking to stay. Saras says so stay, I felt the same when I met you for the first time, I felt we are related. Kabir asks now you say, what work is there. Saras talks to him and asks him to join him. Kabir looks on.

Saras says our worker left, and we need someone. Kabir says only I know when he will be back. Saras says will you support us in business, you are already a part of our family. Kumud looks at Kabir. Saras says I know your answer will be yes, am I right. Kabir says when do I have to join. Saras says you joined, I meet you in afternoon. He asks Kabir to have breakfast and says I m so glad that you are joining us. Saras talks to Danny saying dad will be so proud of you. Saras leaves. Danny tells Kabir its good you joined factory, Danny tells Kabir that he will not do anything without Saras, cancel the deal.

Kabir says I invested already and the meeting is tomorrow. Danny says I m sorry. Kabir says I took loan, you can’t do this, I will manage on my own. Danny says fine, are you sure. Danny thinks why should Kabir bear a big loss, I will talk to Saras, he will understand. Danny says I will do the project, I will talk to Saras. Kabir smiles. Danny asks about the meeting. Kabir says its tomorrow. Danny lies to Kumud.

Ghuman sends Kusum to the temple saying she has forgottten the Chadava.

Update Credit to: Amena

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