Saraswatichandra 11th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 11th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saras looking around some way to go out off the godown. He tries to open the door and beats it. He is already hurt and is pain. He thinks about Prashant’s words that Kumud is only mine. He hits the door and falls near it. Its morning, Kumud talks to Prashant and asks is she here. He nods yes. Kumud rings the bell. She meets Sanjana and says I have to ask you something. She asks did she meet Saras that day. Prashant looks at her. Sanjana lies and says I did not meet him. Kumud shows pic and asks again. Sanjana looks at Prashant. He acts and asks her to see well and say. Kumud says by watchman said you met Saras. Sanjana says I did not se him before and shuts the door.

Kumud says how can this happen Prashant ji. He goes into flashback and thinks how he met Sanjana

and threatened her not to come in his way, as many accidents happen in Mumbai. She asks what do you mean. He says forget Pooja, you don’t know me and Pooja, if you tell anyone then you won’t be alive, now tell me will you say anyone. She says no. He says good ad leaves. He comes in present and Kumud asks why is she saying this, why did she deny. Prashant says maybe Saras did not talk to her, or some other girl, or guard just said that, lets go home and see what can be done.

Badimaa brings breakfast fro Vidyachatur. He asks about Saras. Everyone insists him to have food. He says I won’t touch food till I get to know about him. Badimaa says trust Lord, we will get Saras, and Danny and Kabir will also reach there. He says its my mistake to send them there, call Kumud. Badimaa says no, she will doubt that something happened here. He says he won’t eat. Saraas opens his eyes. He hears Prashant and Mahesh come. Mahesh asks him whats his plan now. Saras hears them talk. Prashant says tonight, the plan is Kumud will become mine tonight, forever.

Mahesh asks him what is he doing, did he think well. Prashant says yes, she has made me wait a lot. Saras thinks what will he do with Kumud, I have to reach home. Prashant opens the door and sees Saras tied and unconscious. Mahesh says check him, did he die. Prashant says he is alive, unconscious. Mahesh asks did you give anything to eat, he will die. Prashant says he won’t die. Mahesh asks whats the use to keep him alive, he can be dangerous for us. Prashant says it’s a special reason for this, which I will tell you later, but you bring food for him, as I will get busy with Kumud. He smiles and says she trusts me a lot. They leave. Saras opens his eyes seeing them go. He unties himself and gets up.

Kumud gets Danny’s call and talks to him. Badimaa calls him and asks about Saras. Kumud cries and Badimaa asks her to be strong. She says I know Saras can’t leave me like this. Badimaa says even we can’t accept this. She says nothing will happen to Saras. She asks her to trust her love and Lord. Prashant comes to Kumud and says I went to market and some people told me about an accident, don’t worry don’t know he is Mr Vyas. She says no, this can’t happen. He says he was not keeping well, I think we should go and see that man once. He thinks I m playing final game, it will end in some time and I will get Kumud forever. She takes her phone and leaves with him. Saras finds the way out.

Prashant brings Kumud there and she asks about the accident and did anyone see Saras. Piya………….plays………. She asks many people. Prashant also does some acting. Prashant thinks so time more…… He sees a red marks on the stone and goes to see. He calls Kumud to see that. She is shocked and panics. She says this blood? She is about to faint and he holds her. He says we will get him, we will find him. He thinks you won’t get anything except his blood, you have to move on with me now. Just keep walking with me. She cries. He says lets go and see further, maybe we will get some clue.

Inspector comes and asks them why are the here. Kumud tells what Prashant said. He says no accident happened here. Prashant says some people told me this in the market. Kumud says there is blood stain also and says come I will show you. Inspector sees it and says see madam, there did not happen any accident here, go home, if we get any info, we will inform you. They thank him. Prashant holds Kumud and takes her to the car. He says maybe I heard wrong road name, I was tensed. They leave from there. Saras takes out the screws of the door and pulls the door out. He gets through that door.

Kumud talks to Saras’ pic and cries. He sees her and says don’t cry for him, I won’t give you time to mourn for his death.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Pls update fast

  2. Thank u amena

  3. come on saras u have to get to kumud. prashant is such a violent monster

  4. its soo boring now, more than 2 weeks the story is going in such a way for just lagging or for more episodes

  5. SARASWATICHANDRA was a very good love story, but now its really too bad and boring, no movement in the story,

  6. if SaMud loves soo much, then y they are quarrelling for small reasons…. they should trust and understand each other………………………………

  7. this show is going down the hill day by day. I luv anushka kabir. Who agrees wid me????????????? I agree wid aaby. Fights are natural but this much…. I luv yhm

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