Saraswatichandra 11th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 11th July 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 11th July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Saras getting shocked to know about Kumud’s marriage. He comes to know that Kumud is getting married in a very rich family. He runs towards the Desai house. The marriage is going on and the mantra are being told. Saras is shown running through the woods. Kumud’s attention is not completely in the mantras but she tries to focus as the pandit gives her instructions. Saras is still running. He falls mid way, he gets up and runs again. The marriage mantras are proceeding. Kumud is feeling something as it looks from her eyes. Saras reaches the Desai house and is shocked to see the house decorated and Kumud’s name with Pramad. He runs inside the house. The knot is tied between the groom and the bride. Saras is being stopped by Umesh and his goons. Umesh says

you are invited in your bride’s marriage. They stop Saras from going inside. The pheras start.

The groom holds Kumud’s hands and starts taking the fire’s rounds. Everyone throws flowers on the couple. Umesh says you took Kumari from my marriage, now I will show you Kumud’s marriage infront of your eyes. Saras says let me go inside. They beat Saras. Umesh says how will my revenge complete if I allow you inside. Kumud looks around. Saras stares at Umesh. Umesh asks his goons to beat Saras. The fight sequence is shown. Guniyal asks Kumud to take the rounds. Kumud steps forward to take the remaining rounds. Kumud closes her eyes and feels something is wrong. She feels Saras’s presence it seems. Umesh hits Saras’s head and he falls. Umesh and his goons leave from there.

Kumud sits in the mandap for the further proceedings. The pandit asks the groom to fill the bride’s maang with Sindoor. Saras says Kumud and tries to get up. Umesh and his goons come back to beat Saras again. Saras falls unconcious. Saras is very much wounded, he still tires to move. Umesh beats him further. Kumud is sensing something bad is happening with Saras. The groom fills Kumud’s maang. The pandit asks the groom to put the mangalsutra around the bride’s neck. The groom puts it. The marriage is completed. Kumud is about to cry.

Kumari’s dad comes and says Umesh what have you done. He says people are seeing this, lift him and throw him somewhere. Saras’s mum’s payal falls there. Umesh and Kumari’s dad take Saras with them.

Kumud’s bidaai is going on. Vidyachatur, Guniyal, Badimaa and others get emotional and cry along with Kumud. Guniyal tells groom’s mum that she is giving her daughter to her. She says don’t worry, she is my daughter now. Badimaa says now you won’t be infront of me, so that I can read your face, you give your welfare by calling us. Badimaa says forgive me. Yash’s mother blesses Kumud and smiles. The sisters hug Kumud and cry. Kumari asks Kumud to call them daily. Kumud asks Kusum to take care of Vidyachatur. Lastly comes Chandrika’s turn. She asks Kumud to take care. Yash cries too. Kumud starts going near the car and she sees the payal on the ground. She picks it up and thinks about Saras’s presence. Saras is thrown somewhere in the woods. Kumud looks around. The groom’s mum asks Kumud to sit in the car. Kumud sits and leaves. She cries seeing her family going away from them.

Saras gets up. Kumud sees the payal and cries. Saras is unable to stand. Kumud feels him and gets worried. The cars passes from Saras. He shouts for help.

Few people pick up Saras and take him with them.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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