Saraswatichandra 10th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 10th March 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 10th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kumud asking Saras not to apply holi to her. He says I have to, come to me else I will apply it myself. He says I m your husband, I have full right on you. She says don’t touch me, else I won’t talk to you. He says fine, I won’t touch you. He reminds her how he applied her haldi. She says yes, but I won’t come near the pool. She says forget it this time, no colored water, no throwing colors. She says tell me how will you keep up the love with me. He says my name is Saraswatichandra and I love Kumud Sundari a lot. he gets closer to her and says I will keep up my love. She smiles and runs away.

Kabir talks to a doctor about Laxminandan. The doctor says he won’t come to his senses so soon, tell me if I need to kill him. Kabir says no, make him

a alive dead body, let him be like this for some days. Kabir says this time my fate can’t cheat me, if Laxminandan comes to his senses, I will be ruined. Kusum runs from Danny. Danny catches her and throws color on her. Ghuman looks on. Saras beats the Dhol. Everyone come out and play holi. Kumud looks at Saras and smiles. O Piya…………..plays…………………… Kumud throws color on him. She roams around him. Saras and Danny play holi and hug each other. Kumud avoids the color and runs.

Saras and Kumud blow the color. Everyone are very happy. Vidyachatur wishes Guniyal happy holi and says its our 25th holi. Badimaa says not me. Kusum also comes to apply color to Badimaa. Badimaa says no. Everyone apply holi to Badimaa wishing happy holi. Saras hugs Badimaa. Ghuman watches him dance. Kabir smiles seeing Ghuman and comes to her. He applies color to her face and wishes happy holi. She shakes hands with him and he gives her something. Danny takes Kabir with him. Saras applies color to Kabir and hugs him. Kalika comes to color Ghuman but leaves seeing her. Ghuman leaves. Yash’s mum asks her mum to let him apply color. Vidyachatur says we will apply a small tika. Everyone color her and shouts.

Ghuman mixes the powder in a glass. Kumud sees her and the packet falls there. Kumud asks do you want anything. Ghuman lies. Kabir covers the packet to save Ghuman. He picks it up and gives it back to her. She says thanks. He says say again, its hardly said by you. Saras is still waiting for a chance to apply the color to Kumud. Kalika brings jalebi’s for Ghuman and asks her to have it. Danny gets closer to Kusum and she smiles. Kumud teases them and asks whats going on. She holds Danny’s ears. Kusum says thanks and runs. Kalika brings Phapdra for Ghuman and asks her to taste it. Ghuman does not. Kabir signs Ghuman. Ghuman mixes the powder again in the Bhaang.

Vidyachatur is happy seeing everyone happy. He asks everyone to come and have food. Ghuman asks Danny to take pictures and bring camera from home. Danny says I will bring and leaves. She smiles. Kabir says the countdown begins. She asks Kusum to take her as she has to wash her hands.
Kusum takes her.
Ghuman asks her to have Thandai with her. She gives that glass to Kusum. She talks sweetly with her. Ghuman makes her drink it and Kusum gets like drunk seeing four times the image. Kusum laughs and says am I behaving strange. Ghuman says no, you are fine. Ghuman says you did not apply color to Saras why. Kusum says don’t tell it to anyone, its my top secret. She says I have hurt Danny a lot, I won’t hurt him. Ghuman says what about Saras, he might be feeling bad. Kusum asks what should I do. Ghuman says go and apply holi to him. Kusum agrees and says I will tell him I m sorry. Ghuman smiles. Kusum says I will tell him that I love Danny a lot.

The kids come to Kumud and says Saras is hurt. Kumud gets worried and the kids laugh on her. Saras comes to her and smiles. She says you made the kids lie. He says I have to do this on love. He shows her the colors in his hands. She says no, move back, you said you….. he says yes, that I won’t apply color by hand. He gets closer to her and says fine, you can open your eyes. He says I kept my promise, I will not apply color by hands, but…… He applies holi to her by the color on his cheeks. Mann ke dor………… plays……………….. Kumud closes her eyes. She smiles. He says happy first holi Mrs. Saraswatichandra. He hugs her and she runs. He smiles.

Kusum comes looking for Saras saying I want to apply color to you and wish you happy holi. Ghuman follows her.

Update Credit to:Amena

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  1. Madhuri Venkat Rao.

    It is very nice to see kumud saras romance, well behaviour of Desai family,its impact on saraswatichandra,Danny.but why no change takes place in Kalika?Why Kabir is against Laxminandan? Is director,writer wants to show Ghuman as lady Macbeth?

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