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Saraswatichandra 10th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saras trying to free himself. He looks around the place. Prashant walks on and smiles seeing him. He says I want to tell you something, I made Kumud have food, I felt really good seeing her, only me and her. Prashant says I felt Kumud is only mine. Saras gets angry. He says you might be hungry too, just few days more, then Kumud will be mine, only mine, then you go up and have food, count your days now Mr Vyas. Kabir beats the punching bag and thinks about Anushka’s denial to love, not him. Anushka comes to him and knocks the door. She says Kabir, sorry to disturb you, I came here to tell you I m going back to Mumbai tomorrow, I m sorry. He says its ok Anushka, I loved you, it does not mean you also love me, its ok.

She says you went from here because of me right.

He says no, for myself, trust me I m feeling better, you chill, I know the smiling Anushka, be always like this, you changed me, thanks. She says you are sad because of me as I broke you heart. He says no. She says glad to meet you Kabir and shakes hand. He says pleasure is all mine. She says add me in social networking site, we have to be in touch, now itself, come. She takes his laptop and he sit there to add her. He is shocked to see Saras’ status. She asks what happened. They read it. She says OMG. Kabir says how can he go like this and Kumud Bhabhi did not tell anything.

He says Danny might be knowing this. He goes to Danny and everyone in the living room and shows Saras’s tweet. Danny gets worried reading it. Vidyachatur asks what happened, is Saras fine. Danny says no, he wrote a strange thing. Vidyachatur says tell us. Danny says that he wants to spend some time alone and don’t know when he will come back. Everyone is shocked. Vidyachatur says Saras left home and my Kumud…….. Kusum says Saras can’t do this. Danny says he can’t update such on social sites, no way. Kabir says even I m sure. Guniyal says why did Kumud not tell us anything.

Badimaa says I spoke to her in morning, she was upset, I asked her many times, she did not tell me, maybe she did not want us to worry. Yash asks Danny to call Kumud, we will know what happened there. Kusum says yes, call her. Danny calls Kumud and asks where is she. Kumud says I m at home. Danny asks about Saras. She says he is in office. Everyone hear her on speaker. Danny says we know he left home. Kumud is shocked. Everyone cry at Desai house. Danny says please tell us what happened. Kumud says Saras did not come home, and tells them everything in detail.

Everyone is shocked hearing everything. Kumud cries. Danny says stop crying, Kabir and I are coming there today. Guniyal gives courage to Kumud. Danny says Kabir, lets get ready to leave for Mumbai. Vidyachatur faints and everyone get worried for him. They out water on him and asks him to open his eyes. Kusum asks Danny to check his pulse.

The guard comes and gives a courier to Kumud, saying I received it as you were not there, did he come, check his phone, you will know did he have an affair with anyone. She asks him to leave. He says I was helping you, I have seen him, I know everything. She asks what. He says he was talking to a girl, who was talking to you saying Pooja. He says that girl spoke to him for much time, maybe he took her number, then he came to me and asked for you, then he went to take his car and left, I m sure he went to meet her. He leaves. Kumud says Saras, that girl. He thinks about that girl. She says maybe he was trying to tell me about her.

She calls the guard and asks him about that girl’s entry, give me her address and phone number. Saras is struggling to get free and he sits. He looks around for some help. He moves towards the corner with much difficulty. Vidyachatur says I m fine. Everyone stand looking at him. Kusum hugs him crying. He says I m fine Kusum, don’t worry. He asks Danny and Kabir to go to Kumud, and bring Saras and Kumud back. Danny says Kabir will be here, I will go Mumbai. Yash says don’t worry Danny, I m here for Kaka. Anushka says we three will go Mumbai, I will book our tickets.

Vidyachatur says my Saras can never leave Kumud alone, this can’t happen, I m sure something wrong happened, you go and find out. Danny says don’t worry, nothing will happen to him. Vidyachatur says bring them back. Kabir promises him. He says lets go Danny. Danny says we will go and come. They leave from his room. Kumud says why is this Sanjana not taking my call, I should go her home. She opens the door and Prashant comes. He asks where is he going. She tells him about Sanjana, who met me and Saras, she called me Pooja, she said Pooja’s face met with me and she lived here. I m going to meet her, maybe she will know about Saras.

He says you stay here, I will go and get her, I don’t want society people to gossip about you. Where does she live. Kumud gives him the address. He thinks looking at it. Guniyal asks Vidyachatur to have khichdi. He says no, I just want to see Kumud and Saras. He says even Kumud might be hungry there, I don’t want to eat. Everyone insists. Kusum makes him eat. Badimaa thinks why does Saras and Kumud get apart, why is Lord doing this with my children. Saras breaks his hand ropes by crossing it against the sharp edge. He then frees his legs by opening the ropes and stands holding his wounded neck. Hurray, Saras finally freed himself. He says Kumud………… Music plays………

Kumud asks Sanjana did she meet her husband and shows Saras’ pic. Prashant looks at Sanjana.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. this is too boring nope saras will lose memory how can writer extend dis ~~;;;;

  2. Agree… this show is going down hill and fast. The writers need to do something to bring their fans back..

  3. i thnk that sanjana wil say no i dn’t knw saras to kumud.

    1. I also think she will say no as prashaant will threaten her

  4. saras and kumud fan

    I think till then saras will come back

  5. wht the hell is going on this show?? nw noone will see this show its becoming so boring the writers ar making round n round why saras always become the poor man??

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