Saraswatichandra 10th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 10th July 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 10th July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with someone asking Badimaa and Guniyal to show the groom’s photo to Kumud. Budhudhan’s family sends the shagun. Yash’s mother says this is much more than expected. Guniyal shows the groom’s photo to Badimaa. Kumari takes Saras’s name and Kumud gets sad. Kumud does not see the photo. She says I have seen Saras and he cheated me, what should I do seeing this photo, my fate is decided.

Saras reaches India. He sees a family and thinks Kumud might have seen such dreams and I broke them, before Kumud forgets it, I will go to her. Saras comes to know that there is taxi strike. Saras says I have to go to Ratnagiri, he catches a bus. Kumud is thinking about Saras’s words. She is dresses in her bridal dress. She sees her engagement ring and throws it. The

ring goes to Vidyachatur, he sees it and pacifies Kumud. He says you did not ask anything and said yes to this proposal, only for my sake. He says your happiness in most important for me, should I talk to Laxminandan again. Kumud says no, Saras broke this relation, second time. She says now I want to hold your hand and walk, wherever you take me. She says she does not have any dream. She wants to keep her parents happy by obeying them. Vidyachatur smiles.

Vidyachatur says I m responsible for your happiness, but you are doing my part. Kumud says I have learnt this from you, and I want a dream from you. She says you are my strength, promise me that after I go, you won’t become weaker. Kumud hugs her dad. Saras is thinking about Kumud’s words while sitting in the bus looking at her photo. He says its looking tough tor each you, I hope you wait for me at that point where I left you. He brings his mum’s payal to give it to Kumud. The baaraat reaches the Desai household. Everyone welcome the groom and his family. Guniyal is tensed. Badimaa asks her to do the groom’s aarti. Guniyal does the tilak and the aarti. Badimaa says the groom that Guniyal will not pull your nose. They welcome the Budhidhan family inside.

Kumud is packing her clothes and sees a white cloth and thinks about Saras’s words. She says I have burnt every item showing your love, but I will take this with me, so that when I think about you, I should hate you. Saras reaches Ratnagiri and says I have faith that you are waiting for me, I’m coming Kumud. The pandit asks Vidyachatur to bring the groom and Kumud. Badimaa says the groom’s name is Pramad. Saras thinks where are so many people going, he says my happiness will be complete when I meet you. Saras gets Sunny’s call, Saras tells him he will call him after reaching the place.
Guniyal comes to Kumud and says pandit is calling you, are you ready. Kumud says yes. Guniyal praises Kumud. Kumud says I m your daughter, this house’s happiness and respect is most important for me. Guniyal and Kumud have a good scene. Guniyal says I know you will be keeping our name in your new household. Guniyal gives her some tips for a happy marriage an a happy life.

Kumud says she does not expect anything from anyone, lets go. Guniyal brings Kumud to the mandap. The groom looks at Kumud. They exchange the garlands. The pandit gives the couple instructions. Saras is on the way, someone asks him about Kumud’s house. Saras tells I;m going there, I will take you. The man informs him about Kumud’s marriage. Saras is shocked to know this.

Saras is coming running through the woods. Kumud’s and Pramad’s marriage is going on. Pramad holds Kumud’s hand and she feels bad and closes her eyes.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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