Saraswatichandra 10th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Saraswatichandra 10th February 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 10th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Saras asking Kumud why did you lie that Kumud Desai is not at home. She says I did not lie, there is no Kumud Desai, Kumud Saraswatichandra is here. Saras laughs. He says your earrings are nice. She says Badimaa brought this. He says this bangles. She says its Kusum’s choice. He says Kusum’s choice is good. He asks how is this ring which I gave you. She says very beautiful. He removes her jewellery one by one. She smiles feeling shy. He stares at her and gets closer. She closes her eyes. He blows on her face. Mann ke dor………… plays……………. He holds her chin and makes her look at him. She turns and brings the ghunghat in between. He touches her hand and music plays…………..

Its morning, Desai house is so silent with

the girls Kumud and Kusum. Kalika serves tea to everyone. Vidyachatur says the clock is making much noise today. Dada ji says it does the same daily. Badimaa talks about Kumud. Everyone talk about daily routine with Kumud’s presence. Kalika is annoyed and is happy about the fire incident on Saras’s house. Saras, Kumud, Kusum and Danny come to meet everyone. They all look happy. They greet everyone.

Everyone are happy together. Danny works with Yash. Saras signs Kumud. Kumud asks why are everyone looking at me like this. Badimaa says we were talking about you. Saras says we will be together always. Badimaa says I will bring the breakfast. Kusum brings tea again. She says it was already ready. Saras holds Kumud’s hand. Kalika sees the romance and thinks yesterday’s fire did not even had smoke. Kalika asks Kumud how was the night there, new room and new house, is everything fine. Kumud says yes, everything is good. Kalika wonders how can it be.

Laxminandan comes. Danny and Kusum greets him. Laxminandan talks to Danny. Saras looks upset. Laxminandan says women work daily, take a leave today, we will order food from restaurant today. Yash’s mum says no need. Kumud says I have one alternate way, the men will cook today. Yash’s mum says how can they make, it won’t look good. Laxminandan says are you afraid to eat the food made by us, we will show you by making great food.

He talks to Vidyachatur and everyone laughs. Danny says I will also cook today. Dada ji asks Saras to come with them. Saras says I don’t know cooking, so I won’t be able to do it. Vidyachatur says now you are in our team, don’t leave this chance to impress your wife. Everyone ask Saras to come with them. Saras agrees. The men are ready to cook and walk towards the kitchen. Everyone smile. Badimaa asks what did you do Kumud, I won’t be able to eat today. Kumud says this will bring Saras and Laxminandan closer, they may even hug.

The men discuss what to cook looking at the vegetables. They start cooking. Badimaa comes in the kitchen and looks at them. Badimaa says leave all this, this won’t look good, we will do it. Dada ji asks her to leave. Vidyachatur makes her go out saying I don’t know you. Vidyachatur asks Saras to work on the flour. Laxminandan goes to Saras and helps him.

The men does the work. Dada ji instructs everyone and says I will supervise. Yash’s mum comes and is shocked to see the kitche messed up. Danny sends her out. Kusum smiles seeing Danny. Vidyachatur asks Kusum to leave. Everyone cook together. Laxminandan says the potatoes are still raw and hard. Saras looks on. Vidyachatur asks Saras to think and find a solution. Saras says they will see our love not the taste of the food. Dada ji says right. Kumus looks on standing out. They fry the small puris. Kumud calls Vidyachatur and says I made this plan so that Saras and Laxminandan start talking. He says see what I do now. He goes to Saras and makes him work with Laxminandan.

Saras comes by Laxminandan’s side. Kumud sees this and is happy. Hot oil is about to fall completely on Laxminandan but Saras saves him by pushing him shouting dad….. Still hot oil falls on Saras and Laxminandan. Kumud runs to them and does their first aid. Badimaa and everyone comes and asks what happened. Vidyachatur says Saras has saved his dad. Everyone get worried. Laxminandan looks at Saras and smiles. Kumud says I should have not given this idea. Saras says it was no one’s mistake. Such accidents are in no one’s hands. Saras taunts Laxminandan. Everyone looks on.

Laxminandan says I m happy that your daughters will be with me now, I just hope Ghumaan understands this..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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