Saranyu (intro)

Note:this story is from ved and puran.
Told me by my late grandpa,who was master in vedas and purans.
He know all the stories from vedas and purans,so nothing is fictional.

You may find various stories in different purans,

I’m telling this story from Rig-Veda as told by my if you know any other can comment it below.

One day lord vishwakarma is designing some new buildings in his room.

Suddenly he saw that her daughter Sanjana had worked on beautiful statue of lord narayan.

He was impressed by her work.

He know her daughter is much more intelligent than himself.after she is daughter of goddess gayathri.

Sanjana is not just smart and intelligent but very beautiful with fair complexion and perfect body.
Even kamadev(god of love) can melt on her beauty.she has ability to control on anyone’s mind with her trickful questions.(just like lord shani dev).

Now vishwakarma is worried who will be the suitable groom for his daughter, to match with her ability and intelligence.

She prayed to lord narayan to show a rightful dev for her daughter.

Lord vishwakarma and other devs are in indrasabha for meeting.
Vishwakarma was absent by mind in Sabah.
Lord indra asked to him for his worries.

He told everything about Sanjana to lord indra.

Lord indra gave idea to meet his father rishi kashyap.

Vishwakarma met rishi kashyap and told about his problem to him.

Kashyap thought for few seconds and then smiled.

He told to vishwakarma that only one dev can match the ability of your daughter.

He is my son surya.


  1. 9168377356


    |Registered Member

    So, what kind of negative character is portraited about Lord ‘Surya’s wife in ‘Karmafaldata Shani’. Do they have no knowledge about Rigveda.

  2. Kamalanayani
  3. Aniket Mehta

    The makers of historical serials show the legends on which they base their serials above all other characters and this is wrong and misleading. As they have done in ‘karmafaldata shani’. They have shown Lord ‘shani’ more higher than Lord ‘ganesha’.

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