SaRa FF, Manmarzian [never ever leave me alone]… Prologue


Hi… ok I promised to write a serious ff.. so here I am… but I am not writing on NeSam or Ardhika and not even ArEil… It’s SaRa this time. This plot I thought is very much psychologically twisted… I twisted the story so there is no connection with the real story…
… Only the character and attitude of the characters are same…
And guess what it’s the first time there is no Neil in my story. Apart from Neil all are here… that means.. Mainly SaRa and little ArDhika and SamRrj.
Genre- psychological, tragedy, friendship, dark.
Situation- Sam and Radhika are childhood best friends.. They can’t leave without each other. People call them soul sister.

A 10 year old Radhika Mishra stood alone on road clutching her backpack. She was numb to the core… she could not feel herself. Her ears were buzzing… she was only seeing red… blood red.
Siren echoed in air and she smacked out of her numbness…she could make out some words people were discussing in the chaotic condition…
Ah.. Poor girl’
Oh my good so much blood… she is just a child.. God save her’

Be careful… She has hurt her leg badly… don’t move her… yes carefully put her on stretcher’
Clear out every one’
Need to call their parents’
Radhika saw they were strapping her to the stretcher and taking her somewhere…her feet involuntarily moved she could hear people telling her not to go in front but she can’t stop herself.
She reached in front of the stretcher and looked into her best friend’s soulless eyes…
Sam her best friend tried to raised her hand… Radhika also moved her hand to grab it…
Why did you leave me alone chasni… told you to not to… told you to stop… why left me alone!!’Sam’s word echoed in Radhika’s ear… she could never reached her hand… Just before she felt like she can grab her hand the paramedics took Sam in ambulance… And her hand met only emptiness.

I am sorry Sam… I will never ever leave you alone again’

Credit to: Tanu

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  1. So nice dr

  2. Nice start dear.

  3. Good start. 🙂

  4. What?! Why no Neil?! That’s k… I love the plot… Looking forward to it…

    Post soon.. Love you ??

    1. hi… well actually i am a huge shravan fan… actually i am known as by the username ‘shravanfan’ in other website. well for me there is no mmz without Neil… but now i thought to challenge my thinking ability and test it if it can actually think beyond Neil… this is the first ff i am writing for this site but i wrote few ff in other site where Neil is the center of story.. so trying something new.

  5. Thankyou everyone for liking it.

  6. Awesome , keep it up

  7. Hi when are you starting the next chapter. 🙂

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