Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 8th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 8th October 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 8th October 2013 Written Update

Rachna and Gunjan are talking about Rachna s Delhi tri and keep complementing each other.Rachna tells her she is amazed by her dad s support while Dayal is telling Shayl that he cant believe its the same Rachna who was tensed about Vihaan. Gunjan is talking about her blog and then says she wants to do something and asks for Rachna and Chaya s help but backtracks saying Shayl might not like it. Rachna tells the new confidence in her is all due to Gunjan and she will be a part of the andolan.
Rachna sees her trophy and hugs it in her room when her phone rings and it is Vihaan. He tells her not to hand up and asks her if he cant congratulate her. He tells her he was present during the final round and also tells her he had made a rocket out of the pamphlet Rachna

says she does not know how to thank him but cant talk and hangs up .

Next morning Seema sees a pamphlet which asks people supporting the cause to meet at a ground , she is furious and questions Gunjan . She discourages Gunajn even uses harsh words Gunjan says she wont back out even if it ruins the family name.Rachna tries to support but Seema shuts her and Gunjan says she cant turn back now Seema leaves but decides she wont let her step out of the house. Rachna consoles Gunjan and leaves.Mayank comes in anad tells her its a win win situation and she should smile

Seema assembles the elders and tells about Gunjan s plan when Shayl supports her she asks them to stop Gunjan and that s her decision and if Gunjan leaves the house she will see her dead face, Gunjan Rachna Mayank overhear this and Gunjan wants to go but Seema orders her to stop the tamasha. Mayank wants his mom to support her and so many girls think her DIL will show them the way .Seema says that Gunjan is not a leader or fairy who can fulfill wishes and when Gunjan was in trouble in Mumbai no one came to help her. Each one for his own.Gunjan is dejected that she was unable to change the thoughts of her family members. She announces she will not go

Rachna wants Gunjan to ignore what happened but she says she needs to change Seema s thoughts first . Mayank and Rachna decide to go Seema does not protest much . Shayl comes and Seema says she stopped Gunjan but she cant stop them . Mayank taunts her that she has no issues if the daughter goes but has lot pf problems if her daughter in law does.Seema thinks that she will never let Gunjan go.

PRECAP : Mayank calls Seema and tells her to send Gunjan and asks the people around him to raise their voices. they abuse Gunjan and Mayank tells Seema that these people might even come to the house and the only solution is to send Gunjan . prabhu thinks that this is the only way to convince Seema and she gives GUnjan permission. Gunjan hugs Seema.

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