Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 8th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 8th May 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 8th May 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Shail telling Aakash that their children would not have to suffer more. And ask if there is still problem for mayan union. Aakash says that he is not interested in their love story. And suggests not to waste her love and time for Mayank. Mayank tells Gunjan that her father is right and thinks about her well beings and Mayank requests Aakash for one chance to give him so that he can do his level best to give best life to Gunjan and will not marry Gunjan until he gets success and aakhash him self will not give her hand to him. Aakash runs from there without giving him answer.

Aaditya goes back to Australia with his family cheering all when Gunjan , Aakash and Shail apologized them. Mayank says Gunjan again that god is favoring him giving her back to

him. And tells that he has decided that they will not marry until he gets success. Aakash sees them and rush from them, holding Gunjan’s hand and scolding Mayank.

Shail asks Rachna to fix button to cloths, suddenly rings Rachna s mobile, Rachna sees Vihan’s name on screen, Shail asks her to receive call, Rachna excuses that Chhaya is calling. Rachna receives call saying hello Chhaya, Vihan is confused so Rachna utters mummy and Vihan gets that why she called him Chhaya. Asks Shail for water, Shail goes so Rachna asks reason to call, Shail gives her water and Vihan tells her “I love you Rachna” . Rachna again coughs suddenly, Vihan and Shail asks her for coughing. Vihan asks her for date. He tells her that he kept promise not to disturb her and now her turn. Rachna says him to go to hell and she would cut the call. Vihan tells her that she could cut the call but not him because he is on their terrace. Rachna gets shocked and screams, Shail sees her. Rachna tells him that she would not come to terrace. Vihan threatens her that he would come down so Rachna gets agree.
Aakash in anger packing bags asks Gunjan to pack her luggage too. Gunjan request him that she cannot leave as she loves Mayank so what he has some problems in his life. And she says Aakash that Mayank would solve them soon. Aakash says her that he is not interested in Mayank or his problems. Dayal comes there and requests Aakash let Gunjan to stay at Garg house. And he also has one daughter and knows very well that he is worried for Gunjan s future only. Dayal says that Gunjan has become now their daughter after death of Sneha. Aakash asks Dayal that If he would give Rachna s hand to jobless guy who is not apt for her. Dayal agrees with him. And requests him not to back with such anger. Aakash agrees Dayal and demands that Mayank should stay away from Gunjan . Mayank overhears all this.

Precap: Mayank Gunjan on terrace taking phere with Gunjan and Gunjan hugs him.

Update Credit to: smruti1981

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