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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 8th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rachna tries to stop KT that she doesn’t want to lose him. She will tell everyone about their love but not now. Shayl opens the door, Rachna was alone. She asks where had she been and why is she wet? She asks didn’t KT come to drop her. Gunjan comes there, Rachna sees her and they both hug. Gunjan says to shayl that she must at least let her sister take some rest. Shayl tells them to come inside. KT was hidden behind the bushes, he thinks I don’t understand why Rachna wants to hide.
Dadi was awake, she says that she saw him and Rachna seemed like fighting. He tells Dadi that he wanted to drop Rachna but she didn’t want so.
Gunjan brings food for Rachna, she asks how everything in the village was, Mayank didn’t tell her anything. Gunjan cries that she failed and could

bring no change. Rachna says that I know my sister is not amongst the ones who fail.
At night everyone comes out why light has electricity is again cut off. They all say that they cant live without this electricity. Prabhu calls the electrician, and complains about the electricity cut off. They are worried that the electricity will come tomorrow. Shayl suggests that we must sleep on the roof tonight. Everyone is disturbed by the mosquitoes. Gunjan says that she will tell them what is happening. She goes and fixes the electricity. Seema asks was this so easy? Gunjan says she needs to fix another thing. She comes back and says that toilets are ready to use now. Mayank asks that was this you. Gunjan says that you could survive this for 2 hours, but the people of Birpur live like this for ages. I wanted to help them but you people didn’t let me, the female there aren’t safe because they haven’t the basic rights. Mayank asks that did someone help her there; he tells her that she won’t go there alone. Gunjan says that after I have done so much, still you are saying this, and then I am speechless.
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Gunjan was in her room, shayl comes there. she says why isn’t Mayank understanding what I want to say. Shayl tells her to come along, gunjan goes behind her. outside in the hall, she tells Gunjan to spread the light in the whole hall with one candle. Gunjan lights it but says how can it light the while hall? Shayl says it is okay, we will light more candles. They light the candles. Shayl tells her to sit and says that like one candle cant spred light in the whole hall, likewise only you cant change the condition in the village. She asks that does those people want this? You should light something in their minds first, so that they also ask for these rights, because until they don’t ask for this, it cannot take place. Gunjan says that to do this, she will have to go their first. Shayl says she will manage this.
Gunjan is leaving as the family greets her. Mayank says I will drop her in the way. Seema says she doesn’t like it that Gunjan is going alone, but Gunjan tells her to take rest and drink a lot of water. Rachna hugs her, Gunjan says she will take all the details about the ‘Nanhay’ flowers that are blossoming and winks.
Mayank comes to office and says come on Mayank Garg as finally you are meeting boss today. A man comes to take Mayank, he goes nervously. In the office, he enters and says Good morning, I wanted to meet you for long to thank you on the confidence she has on him, he will never give her any reason to complain. The chair turns, Mayank sees the boss and asks You? Here? He is disgusted and says that Charu, you came here even, will you leave stalking me. He says that this is his office, and his new job. She must leave here, and holds her hands dragging her. An old man comes and takes Charu by shoulder, the secretary introduces them; they shake hands. The old man says that I am the owner of this boss, but the company is managed by my better-half, my wife.

PRECAP: Charu comes to Mayank’s office, and says that I gained this life very much difficulty, so don’t take it away. But we can start a new relationship here and holds her hands to him

Update Credit to: Sona

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