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Rachna is shocked to see her zerox in the photo and thinks about the reaction of Lucky’s dad. She says who would accept that this is not her, she resembles her a lot. The workmen ask her what to do with it. She tells him to take it away. She gets Mayank’s call who asks where she is. Lucky’s dad comes there. She stammers, but asks Mayank what is it about. Mayank says it is something really important, the plan of fiancé has failed. She asks how?, and looks at Lucky’s dad. Mayank tells her the whole story and says he wants to meet her. Rachna promises, sure. Lucky’s dad says, work and phone along, all women are the same, and make so many lovers that can’t control them. He leaves.

Gunjan gets ready in front of mirror and says she will say if his fiancé is able

to marry him or not. Her phone rings, it was Adi. He was about to says something, but Gunjan tells him that the girl is coming here today and she wants to check her out. Adi asks is she his real fiancé. He suddenly came to college, and is always seen with her; he never told anyone that he has a girl friend. Doesn’t she feel it is all weird. He hangs on, but Gunjan gets suspected saying Adi is right. Adi says that Mayank will leave him mad, there is something wrong with him. He heads to go and see.

At home, everyone stands waiting. Gunjan comes downstairs, they get attentive towards her. Shayl says she is looking really nice, Gunjan thanks her and says she had to get ready as Mayank’s fiancé is coming. They all smile, when the door bell rings. She heads to open the door, Shayl says she will see to it. Mayank says he will open the door instead. Gunjan says she will open the door, as she said. Gunjan is shocked to see a girl in saree outside. Mayank thanks God, while Gunjan smiles at her. Mayank comes to them and asks Bindia to come inside. Shayl repeats it is Bindia. Bindia says Namaste to him, and says he had invited her so she had to come here. He calls her inside. Bindia touches the feet of everyone at home, Gunjan blinks. She touches Gunjan feet as well, Gunjan asks what she is doing. Bindia asks for apology and asks for Rachna. Gunjan asks she wants to touch her feet as well. Bindia says she has a good sense of humor. Gunjan smiles. Bindia asks who is she. Mayank says he forgot to tell her that she is Gunjan, his best friend but she is more of Rachna’s friend. Gunjan forwards her hand saying hi, but Bindia doesn’t take it and instead joins hers. She says if she is Mayank’s friend, so is hers, she was happy to meet her. Gunjan smiles pretending, Bindia asks didn’t she feel happy.

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Seema sings appreciation songs of Bindia. She stands up saying no, Mayank and everyone asks what is it about. Bindia says she can’t let Mayank stand and sit by herself. They all laugh, while Seema boasts about her. Shayl also appreciates her. Mayank looks at Gunjan’s dislike for her. Gunjan asks Bindia about their love story. Mayank and Bindia starts together. Bindia says she had kept a monwrat and to break it she needed Prasad; Mayank knew what kind of Prasad she wanted and brought it. She still remembers the day, when he gave her the precious blessings which she had to accept, in form of Mayank. She asks Seema if she can wear dresses like her after the marriage, she likes ghoonghat. Seema happily allows. Gunjan’s dislike was obvious, and thinks this all is really true, Mayank is engaged to this girl. They all celebrate it. Mayank gives Bindia a full 5000. She says her friend was saying, she might have to come a few times also, she happens to be busy she he must tell her first, and asks if he has saved her number. He says he has saved it, and she leaves. Mayank prays that she must not have to come again and again.

Gopal kaka keeps wet cloth on Lucky’s forehead who was ill. His dad looks at him, Kaka asks if he called the doctor. He tells him the doctor said the medicine will take sometime to work. He says the time Divia has left, Lucky has been like this; she must have cared about her son if not him. But all women are the same. Kaka turns to him and says why shouldn’t they call the girl who resembles Lucky’s mother. His dad says never. Kaka says it is for the sake of Lucky. His dad says why would she care about Lucky. Kaka says she daily comes to home for Lucky and look after him, though it isn’t her duty. Maybe she will come, if he calls her.

They all sat together. Mayank asks did she like the girl. Gunjan says she feels strange that he liked such a girl, so shy and typically Indian. Seema says they think she is right for their house. Gunjan agrees but says anyone can fit anywhere, if he wants. Mayank says this means she didn’t like the girl, Gunjan says it isn’t like that but Rachna asks what it is like. She asks what marks she gave to her bhabi. Gunjan says she doesn’t think Mayank and she can stay together. Mayank stands worried, while Rachna asks did she reject her. Seema and Shayl also appreciate Bindia. Prabhu says she must not pluck the faults now. Aadi comes there. Mayank asks Gunjan what kind of girl he should marry. Gunjan says he should marry a modern girl, which makes him speechless not who keeps monwrat herself. Shayl asks should she be like her. Gunjan is speechless, then turns to Rachna and says she is hungry and takes her inside. Seema comes to hug Mayank, and appreciate him. Aadi listens to this all and thinks something is cooking here, Mayank uncle is flat on Gunjan which can be dangerous for him. He thinks about making a plan. He wonders if this fiancé thing was a drama, and leaves with a raised eyebrow,

Gunjan thinks about Mayank and Bindia, as they had food together. She asked Bindia to ask for one thing, could she kept a nirjal wrat of her Mayank. Bindia says she surely can. Mayank said how sweet of her, and hugged her for being so sweet thanking her. He asked Gunjan why is she interfering with their work, when Rachna brought her back from her thought. Gunjan thinks what she has to do with Mayank’s life, why is she overthinking.

PRECAP: Lucky’s dad come to his room, and keeps pillow on his mouth to kill him. Rachna stops him calling from behind. She says she won’t keep quiet anymore.

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