Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 7th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 7th February 2014 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 7th February 2014 Written Update

Part 1

The episode starts with Rachana returning home and seeing Mayank and Gunjan hug. Gunjan asks her why is she back home early from work. Rachana says that Kabir asked her to get some rest. Mayank asks her what’s the problem and Rachana says that she doesn’t know how to face people and they think that something happened between her and Kabir and wonders how to tell people the truth. Gunjan says that at times one has to move on in life. Gunjan tells her to let the world think what they want to and to just concentrate on her work and prove them wrong. Gunjan then tells Rachana to go get some rest. Rachana goes up and Gunjan tells Mayank she hopes Rachana gets over it soon. Mayank nods in agreement. Mayank is talking on the phone to his boss and

says he will reach in a while. Gunjan asks where he is going at this hour and he says that he has to meet a client somewhere away from the city near the highway. Gunjan says what’s the need to go at this hour and to go in the morning but Mayank says he has no choice as his boss said so. Gunjan still insists that he shouldn’t go but he tells her not to worry and that he’s taking the car and not his bike and will be back soon. Gunjan grumbles to herself that once he’s decided he does as he pleases. Seema comes and asks Gunjan where is he off to and Gunjan says he’s gone out on some office work. Seema asks her why didn’t she stop him. Gunjan says she did but he wouldn’t listen as he’s stubborn. Shail assures her that he will be back. Prabu comes and tells the family that the newspaper printed an apology regarding the article about Rachana and Kabir saying the news was false and it was due to the reporters fault and action is take towards him and that they apologise for it. Dayal says that Rachana will be happy reading the news. Gunjan gives Rachana the paper and says its specially for her.

Part 2

Rachana reads the news and says at least there is some good left in the world and that she’s glad the reporter was fired. Gunjan says its disgusting what kind of things they print for their benefit and says that Kabir’s punch proved to be good and handy. Gunjan calls Mayank and he tells her to hold while he puts his bluetooth piece. She asks him why didn’t he pick up her calls and he says let him meet the client first and then he will talk to her and also will bring a surprise when he gets back. He tells her he got to hang up as he needs to contact the client. Meanwhile there is a wedding procession where the bride’s father tells the band to play well as he’s happy that his daughter is getting married and wants her to be happy at her in-laws. Mayank is talking while driving to his colleague. The groom and his friends are on a bus and the friends are teasing the groom. He says he can’t wait to meet his family. The father of the bride spots the bus and says that he must welcome his son-in-law grandly. He tells the groom whose name is Madhav that his daughter’s dream will be fulfilled today. Madhav asks why is he here when its cold. The father says that he had to come but was worried if anything would have happened to Madhav. The father starts crying saying that he can’t believe that Madhav is really here. He tells everyone to take his bags but one bag is left on the road. He tells the band to start playing.

Part 3

Gunjan and Seema in the room worriedly waiting for Mayank. Mayank thinks of calling Gunjan but thinks he will do it after meeting the client. Madhav realises his bag is missing and spots it on the road. He tells his friend he’s going to take it. His friend offers but he says he will take it. Mayank is driving and puts on some music. Madhav is taking his bag and the father tells him to be careful. He drops his bag and Mayank sees him on the road and brakes but he ends up knocking him. Mayank gets down and sees a bunch of people standing. Mayank sees them standing near Madhav who has bled and is lying on the floor. Mayank is upset that the he was the cause of the guy’s death and that he kiiled him. The father thinks what will he say to all. All the people there are angrily looking at Mayank and tells him to look at what he has done and that this boy was someone’s son. Mayank apologises to all saying that he didn’t do in on purpose and says to take him to the hospital in his car. They scold Mayank and tell him not to dare touch Madhav. The people say that Mayank he’s no more because of him. The father says that he lost his son-in-law and how will he face the family and what
will he say to his daughter that her groom died because of a carelessness.

Part 4

The guy says that before the girl could get married she has become a widow. Mayank says that he doesn’t know how the car when out of control and that the car hit Madhav before he could do anything. The father laments thinking that his daughter will not be able to handle the news well and starts crying. The men all think of taking action into their own hands and decide to take Mayank’s life and start taking sticks. They are about to hit Mayank when he tells them to stop and tells the father what kind of justice is this and tells him to tell them to stop. The father is still in sorrow thinking of his daughter’s plight. The men come forward to attack Mayank and says that he is a murderer. The father then tells them to stop and says what will they get out of it and that Madhav won’t come back by doing this and that he is only worried about his daughter and is afraid she might take her own life. Mayank tells the father that he will do as he says and the men says that Mayank is just like a city guy trying to bribe his way. Mayank says that he was not even thinking of it and that he is agreeable to whateve punishment they give him. The father says his daughter must be in her wedding attire and waiting for her wedding procession. Mayank says that its his fault and because of him a life is lost and is ready to do anything. The man tells Mayank if he is brave enough to go and tell the daughter what happened and another guy says its easy to say but not to do. They show a girl getting things ready for her groom and asking her mother. Her mother says that her daughter is one in a million and whatever she does is good and the girl asks her mother why is her groom not here and asks if he will come.

Episode Ends

Precap: Mayank and the villagers are coming to the house. The girl assumes Mayank is her groom and touches his feet and then says that from today they will be husband wife and Mayank is shocked.

Update Credit to: happygirl123

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